May. 3rd, 2017

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To be fair, I was queuing a pretty extensive birthday post for the Valice Multiverse (bunch of Victors thanking Alice for being in their lives and suchlike. . .and then Aperture Wage Slave Victor being confused since he hasn't met his Alice yet, and Queen Wins Victor being super-sad because his is dead). And doing a Thursday post for my main blog before that. . . Anyway, a few highlights from my day:

-->Another busy one at work. Knocked off two more days of maintenance, but there has been a "surprise, we found more April checks" notice from the processing company so THAT'S going to be fun. Phone was ringing nearly off the hook this afternoon with people calling in about their gifts. So glad I took Friday off...

-->Wrote more "Fixing You" -- Alice and Victor talked about him feeling like he's a burden for sharing his problems and guessed that the source is Nell basically telling Victor to be quiet and stay out of everyone's way almost constantly as a child. She's just morphed into her Colossal Nell form -- let the fight begin!

-->Almost done with the Monster PM -- meant to have it up tonight, but there is simply no time for that now. Well, this allows me to refine my final thoughts, at least.

Okay, and I really have to get to bed. Night!

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