May. 8th, 2017

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Our realtor we're working with couldn't really get us in any sooner, and the second house isn't even a sure thing yet. At least I don't have to rush through it on my lunch break. . .we'll see how it goes. The first house is nice but has dangerous-looking trees around, which Dad thinks will affect the kind of offer the owner accepts; the second needs work but is in Mom's preferred area, so -- yeah. At least I'll get a chance to see the insides of these.

Work wasn't too bad -- just the usual Monday stuff. Caught some more mistakes made by the processing company -- and we've got a BIG import tomorrow, which should be fun. And then on Wednesday most of my coworkers are going to a Mass (the big boss's father died recently), so it'll be a skeleton crew with me and two others. Interesting week ahead. . .just gotta survive. And get my Mother's Day present sorted as soon as possible too. I know what I want to get, the question is getting out there to get it. . .

More writing on "Fixing You" -- am up to the big confrontation scene between Victor and Thirteen! This should be interesting. . . Also did some drafting for my main tumblr queue, as you do. Had to bump the number of entries per day up to three this week just to accommodate the saga of Emmett's attempt at the PlantSim challenge. I took way too many pictures. XD Ah well, they were all pretty good, so. . .and I really don't think anyone who reads my tumblr will mind.

Speaking of which, gotta finish up a thing or two there, then get to bed. Parish Weekly Reports tomorrow! Night all!

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