May. 9th, 2017

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Work went fairly smoothly -- Parish Weekly reports went out on time, I got another import in, chipped away a bit more at the maintenance -- you know how it goes. Parents picked me up at four, and from there it was off (via some very roundabout roads thanks to Mom trying to avoid traffic (and not really succeeding)) to see the houses! There was one in North Providence and one in Cranston. To sum up:

NP House: pretty much move-in ready, decent-sized rooms, nice sunroom, fairly private yard, decent-sized basement, garage and carport; two trees overhanging the house that would have to be moved, only one bathroom, on a hill, across from a high school

Cranston House: in the nice Garden City area, decent yard; roof needs repairing, wiring is all old and almost none of the sockets have grounding (and one of the ones that does was put in upside-down), wallpaper is HIDEOUS (yes I know that can be taken down but still), kitchen is badly designed, rooms are small, the washing machine hook-up is duct-taped together, the house directly behind you has a tarp as part of a roof, neighborhood is apparently slowly going downhill

So yeah, as you might imagine, we crossed the Cranston one off our list. Too much work for not the best neighborhood. North Providence, however, we're going to put in an offer on -- contingent on what's going on with the tree situation, of course. Dad wants to get an estimate for how much it would take to get rid of them should our offer be accepted. (He's also reasonably certain our offer's not going to be enough, but we're all willing to give it a try, so in we go.) We'll see how it goes tomorrow!

Downside of all this house investigation is that we didn't get home and eat supper til about seven -- no time for "Fixing You" tonight! Though I did get in a little writing, by revising a piece I'm planning on posting Thursday on my tumblr (Coffee Shop AU) stuff. And the Valice Multiverse was fairly quiet activity-wise, so that helped keep things from getting too stressful.

As it stands, though, I still have a few things I want to answer before turning in for the night, so I'd better get on those sooner rather than later. Night all, sleep tight! Wish us luck on the house situation!

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