May. 13th, 2017

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I feel weirdly unproductive regarding today -- though maybe that's just because I stayed up fairly late last night and woke up at ten-thirty when I was starting to get used to getting up at nine. Or perhaps because I decided I didn't feel like playing Sims 4 today (dunno why -- maybe having to summarize the Epic PlantSim Journey of Fail earlier this week wore me out regarding it). Or maybe it was having to abandon properly catching up on tumblr because one of my UK friends went on a Eurovision posting spree and there's no way I'd ever get through it all (though that's also oddly freeing -- I think I worry too much about reading my dash on there sometimes). At any rate, a list of my accomplishments for the day:

-->Another page on "Fixing You," with extra "oh hey turns out none of these characters are truly straight" revelations (aka I worked in that Victor's on the bi side, while Alice is asexual but more pan romantically). Also came up with the reason Thirteen looks like a Dollmaker clone in Victor's head when he was anything but in the actual stories. Coming close to the climax here!

-->Did some minor room cleaning -- got the dust off my nightstand, my desk lamp, my standing lamp, and some pictures in one corner of my room. Not a huge amount, but it does make me feel a little better about my living space.

-->Watched Linkara's review of "Crisis On Infinite Earths." It looks like a pretty fascinating mega-crossover, despite a few flaws and starting the "event comics overload" he complains about in the modern day. Made me think of how much I like multiverses and characters meeting other versions of themselves myself. :) One of my first NaNoWriMos was a trip through my BTTF multiverse. And I've already planned a Forgotten Vows/Secundus crossover. Delicious~

-->Watched Helloween's Nier: Automata sets -- we're past Ending B (aka 9S's take on the events of the first part of the game), and starting on the second half. There's already been a huge shake-up when it comes to the cast, one of the main characters has more or less lost his mind from grief, and -- well, all the shit has gone down. I do not expect things to get any better as we progress. Damn it, Nier, why do all the endings after the first have to be depressing?

-->Also watched his latest Obscure 2 set -- this remains hilariously terrible. So much uncanny valley with the faces, and we've randomly gone into a Chainsaw Massacre house (and lost a party member to it -- I'm starting to think this is going to end up as a kill-em-all). Helloween ragging on it while also proclaiming his love for it is great, and I'm quite happy to have it as an antidote to the more serious N:A stuff.

-->Watched the MST3K Laserblast episode with the folks -- actually the series fauxnale! AKA the last of the Comedy Central episodes, before the series was picked up again by Sci-Fi. Interesting to see -- and damn was that movie terrible. XD It would have made an acceptable series finale, although of course I'm glad we got three more seasons with Mike. And of course now we have the Netflix revival with Jonah. We'll get back to those eventually -- there's a few more classics we need to watch first. :p

-->Current activity is doing some light RPing on tumblr while watching some stuff in my Watch Later queue so I'll have less to catch up on tomorrow -- since it is Mother's Day and we may want to do something. Speaking of which, I should get her present properly wrapped up. . . Gonna do that in just a sec. Night all, sleep tight!

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