May. 15th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
-->Wretched traffic this morning, meaning I had to work an 8:30-4:30 day. You know it's going to be bad when you start off with an accident right when you get on the highway.

-->Work was FREEZING. Seriously, it was COLD in that damn building. Everybody was going around wearing coats and sweaters. We got my coworker June's space heater out again to heat the place so we wouldn't freeze. Damn automatic A/C changeover!

-->My Raiser's Edge program started acting up in a weird way -- weird enough that neither a reboot nor the support chat could offer any real relief. I found a workaround so I could go on with my day, but -- grrr. Hoping that gets fixed soon!

-->Generally miserable weather -- rainy and chilly most of the day. It didn't start warming up or getting nice until the sun was going down. Meh.

Okay, let's say some nice things about the day to balance it out:

-->Ride home, by contrast to this morning, was actually pretty easy. I much appreciated it.

-->Got another page on "Fixing You" -- nothing much, just Alice getting to know one of Victor's inner selves while Victor is amusedly confused by seeing what it looks like when they flirt from the outside

-->Auntie Keith wrote another Dirk Gently fic! I really do have to start watching the damn show. . .but the general theme of the whole bizzo is my jam, I gotta say. :D Good times, good times. . .

Okay, I gotta answer some PMs now and then hit the sack. We'll see if Tuesday's any better! Parish Weekly Reports day -- plus we're down a person because of a death in her family. :( Wish us all luck! Night all!

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