May. 23rd, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Managed to keep the Dirk Gently clip-seeking to a minimum and actually focus a bit on catching up on tumblr and getting my Valice queue in order, as well as answering all my stuff. Go me. Maybe knowing I only have tomorrow to get through inspired me. . .

Busy day at work -- I keep getting projects pushed on me. From helping out the newspaper folks finding ID numbers, to putting in CAP checks, to doing credit card reruns, to the usual Tuesday Parish Weekly Report thing. . .yeah. And tomorrow's going to be more of the same, I'm sure, with a CAP workshop on top of it all. Meh. Just have to push on through -- and hope I don't catch awful accident-fueled traffic like I did this morning. Got in just past the deadline for me starting at 8. *grumbles* Never does much to help my mood when that happens. Hate traffic. At least the ride home was surprisingly smooth.

On the writing front, some more on "Fixing You" -- everybody's at the registrar's office, and Victor's about to see Alice in her wedding finery :D I love writing Victor/Alice wedding scenes, seriously. Happy fluffy times~ And they've more than earned it, honestly. I think I might be wrapping up this fic this week! Amazing. . .of course, then I have to let it sit for a bit before diving into the editing process. . . Well, give me a chance to get some of these scenes from other AUs out of my head.

And that's about all I have to say about things at the moment. Other than terrorism sucks -- I heard about the Manchester bombing at work, and there's a takeover of another city in the Philippines going on too. All my best to those currently trying to recover/survive. :( Hopefully the news will be slightly better in the morning. . . In the meantime, everybody try to sleep tight.

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