May. 25th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
The date of the failed (well, semi-failed -- they hold on for a whole day and the tyrant they were rebelling against DOES die, just not from their efforts) revolution in Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, generally considered to be one of the best, if not just the best, Discworld book. I adore it myself -- it's a fantastic story, stars one of my favorite characters, and has my absolute favorite moment in the whole series (Sam reacting to the birth of his son). And, delightfully, a post extolling the wonders and glories of the Discworld appeared on my dash today on tumblr -- reblogged it with some of my own commentary (basically defending people's right to read from the first book -- reading the series in chronological order seems to be frowned upon, but considering that's how I read them...). Good times. :)

Actually, the 25th of May seems to be a lot of things:

-->The important date of the revolution in Night Watch

-->The release date of BTTF Part III

-->"Towel Day" for fans of Douglas Adams and his work (saw a fair bit of that on my dash too thanks to my Dirk Gently-loving friend -- also, our Valice/Dirk Gently Coffee Shop AU has its own sideblog now XD)

-->"Ascension of the Lord" according to the Catholics I work for, which is why I got it off in the first place XD

It's been a pretty nice day, all told -- the weather was miserable, and I had a glitch or two with my Sims 4 (for some reason the hotkey for screenshots didn't work for a bit -- I had to exit out and restart), but I got a fair amount done:

-->Ended up starting the day by vacuuming my room. It needed it, desperately -- I had to clean the poor vacuum cleaner out again before I started on the upstairs hallway, Mom and Dad's bedroom, and the stairs. But now my carpet is clean and the cobwebs have been scared away. Progress!

-->Wrote the vows bit in "Fixing You," plus a little bit where Victor feels guilty over Alice not being a Liddell anymore, and her reassuring him. I'm planning to skip ahead to the trip Downstairs now -- and yes, it looks like Victoria and June are coming to visit. Though this may necessitate an added scene with Victor and Alice telling June they've met her brother and mother Downstairs earlier... Eh, add it to the list of things to do.

-->Played Sims 4, as indicated earlier. Had the brilliant idea for Victor and Alice to have a Weenie Roast party! Because why not, I haven't had a party in a while, and I had weenie roasts on the brain thanks to a comic I saw earlier in the week. What could go wrong?

THEY HAD TO PUT OUT FIRES TWICE. Neither actually got out of hand, thankfully, but as you might imagine Alice had some tense moments. (Though it also highlights that they need to put proper 'fear' emotions into this game...) And because I didn't manage to fulfill the main goal of roasting three hot dogs, the party was a bust too. Well, at least they got some good socialization out of it. And some new outdoor furniture. And Emma's doing well -- up to Movement Skill 3! I have already decided that one of her "adult" traits has to be Active as a result.

-->Watched the Chrono Trigger set from Helloween I had to skip last weekend because of time restraints. We got the title drop macguffin and managed to get our boy Crono back from -- death? Being erased from time? Something like that. So the party is complete again (in fact, it's gained a member -- one of the old bosses!), and now it's time to do a bunch of plot-important sidequests so we can take on the main villain. Good stuff.

-->Then proceeded to spend the REST of the afternoon watching RabbidLuigi videos, because hey, it's a day off and I had nothing better to do. XD Plus he's an interesting guy and I like what he has to say about games generally.

-->Project of the late night hours -- get my queue ready for Valice Multiverse and main tumblr. Which means getting a story up on my website and some questions answered. Plus I have a couple of PMs to get to. . .so yeah. Better to get to those! Night all!

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