May. 29th, 2017

crossover_chick: Alice (Wonderland) looking kind of confused (AMA: WTFery?)
In Things Got: those shoes I was looking for! Mom and I took a drive up to Westerly (with me going up and her driving back -- ironically, I ended up driving in the worst of the wet weather today as a result) and hit the local TJ Maxx, and FINALLY found a pair of white shoes in the right size with non-pinchy toes. However, this is partially due to Mom realizing that the reason we might have been having such trouble before is that my "weekend" socks are significantly thicker than my "work" socks. So we tried on some single-use stocking things the store provided for trying on shoes, and yeah, much better fit. Took the white ones because they fit with more of my summery stuff -- I'll be trying them out tomorrow as it's supposed to be warm, but not super-warm. Good to finally have those!

In Things Possibly Getting: A house.

Uh, yeah, remember that house in North Providence yesterday I mentioned us going to the open house for and actually kind of liking? We put in an offer and -- got accepted. It's still not a sure thing, of course -- we need to have a home inspection, and I've got to figure out what my next step is with the bank, but -- yeah. The long-heralded move might actually be happening. I'm -- as stunned as the next person. It would be so much easier to get to work, I'd have a bedroom actually capable of housing this big-ass bed of mine, and just. . .trying to keep it calm. Lot can happen between now and -- everything else.

Other things accomplished:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You," reuniting June with her mother and introducing her to Bonejangles. Dead orphans about to come on the scene, offering sincere congratulations and a present that will shock Victor.

-->Played Sims 4 -- McFly family! Kept it a bit quieter after the Weenie Roast of Doom, but Marty and Jennifer did watch a movie and fool around for funsies, and Jennifer had another club meeting to get a few more pranks in. Being a Renegade is fun :p

-->Watched a bunch more RabbidLuigi videos -- largely because Linkara's wasn't up. Yeah, he ran into delays, so. . .why is it when I had five days off my fave LPer goes on vacation and my fave internet reviewer experiences delays in getting his episode up? *facepalm* Minor problem, but still.

Okay, it's 11:30, so I've really got to get to bed -- back to work and my regular schedule tomorrow. Which may be changed in the near future. . . HOPING to get some sleep tonight. I'm keyed up. Wish us luck with this! Night all!

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