Jun. 4th, 2017

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Was pretty nice this morning for a while -- both my parents and I got out for walks because we wanted to get in some fresh air before the rain hit. Good thing, too, because it didn't take long for the temperature to start dropping once we got back for lunch. And now the rain has started again, and it's supposed to be just generally miserable for the next few days. *grumble* I do not approve. At least I've got a couple of early-dismissal days to look forward to...

Not my most productive Sunday ever (I'm blaming that on my period amping up my general distracted nature on weekends to new heights), but I got some things done:

-->Wrote some more on the honeymoon fic (currently titled "First Time," but I want something better before I get serious with it) -- Alice is now talking about the subject with Victoria. Although I'm starting to feel that I'm not developing either the "bachelorette party" or this scene enough -- maybe I'm coming in too late? Hmmm. Something to ponder. Still, it's fun to write the awkward conversations that result from Alice looking for advice about her wedding night. It'll all end happily, at least.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Emmett day! Just another day at work -- which annoys me, since I missed another chance to send a Sim to GeekCon. *grumble* Would have been perfect for him too. . .why does THAT particular festival have to happen in the middle of the day? Next time it comes around, no matter which household I'm on, I'm GOING. It's the only festival I haven't been to (pretty sure, anyway). At least I got to try out the mind control function on the SimRay. :p

-->Watched Helloween's latest videos. The last set of Obscure II was surprisingly dark -- I mean, there was the typical cheese factor, and the whole thing ends on a "sequel please" cliffhanger, but there's two more deaths as well (not counting the boss battle), and -- yeah. Helloween still loved it though, and I do too. Gotta respect a game that embraces its stupidity. :p Chrono Trigger was all about the sidequests for the mad loot. Frog's sword has been super-upgraded, and Lucca's got a nice new gun. Fun stuff with time travel, including getting some ruins fixed by stealing tools from the future and bringing them into the past, and changing a character from miserly to generous by influencing his ancestors. The amount of love and care they put into this game is great. And there was a look at Tekken 7 which is a pretty fighting game I know nothing about but Helloween seems to enjoy, so yeah.

-->Watched Linkara's Flashpoint episode. It's an interesting miniseries, I gotta say. Pretty dark and disturbing, especially for poor old Flash, but there's some good ideas there. Agree with Linkara that it wasn't really the best way to launch the New 52 universe, though. As he points out, it's a very Flash-centric story, and something to reboot your entire line should really involve more of your characters. And as they are USUALLY, not Evil Aquaman and Evil Wonder Woman and Batman Who Is Really Bruce Wayne's Father. But still, it's cool to see just what happens sometimes when you muck around with time travel.

And I just did the usual run-around to catch up on some stuff and answer some things, and now I really need to go to bed because it is a full five-day work week. *sigh* Four-day weeks should be a thing. I think we'd all be happier if we had permanent three-day weekends. Welp, not gonna happen anytime soon, so -- g'night!

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