Jun. 6th, 2017

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Yeah, it was fricking freezing today -- the high was a mere 53F. With the breeze, I ended up needing my winter coat and hat! Nonsensical! And it was off and on raining too -- fortunately the rain tended to be off or just spitting when I had to walk up to work/walk to the bus stop, but still. They're saying that tomorrow is supposed to start off just as raw, but then rapidly improve, and by this time next week we could hit 90. I will believe it when I see it, but damn I hope they're right. I'm about ready for decent, summery weather again. The littler glimpses we've been getting here and there just aren't enough!

Work was okay -- mostly parish reports. Did my exports, cleaned up some CAP stuff while I was at it, then ended up doing a bunch of little projects for one of my bosses. I made an attempt at getting everything put together for the GL, but I didn't have time to actually scan the checks or run the summaries before the early dismissal. Fortunately my supervisor was planning to stay later anyway and took over for me. I'm lucky in that we're all willing to help each other out over there! I'll be returning the favor at some point, I'm sure.

Got out at 3 today, which entailed a walk up to Kennedy Plaza to catch an earlier bus. Got home around 4:30, and then at about 5 we headed out to get dinner at our favorite little pizza joint in Westerly. I drove up and back, and happily it all went very well. Roads were fairly quiet except for a small crush of "just getting out of work" at about 5:20 or so, and even that went pretty smoothly. And of course dinner was great -- I ended up suggesting we actually get a PIZZA for a change (usually Dad gets a hamburger and Mom and I get some sort of sandwich or spinach pie), and we got the House Special -- onions, green peppers, pepperoni, sausage, and black olives. Like we have at home! Pizza was a bit messier than I'm used to (different crush and thinner sauce), but still delicious. And it didn't take forever too -- we were back home by 6:30. Excellent dinner out. :) One of the sad things about moving further inland is being even further away from that place, but we can always make the drive out if we really feel the need, I suppose.

Rest of the evening has been standard. Wrote some on "First Time" -- finished up Alice's and Victoria's conversation. Still feeling like these first two sections need to be fleshed out more, but hey -- first draft. Caught up on various websites. Reviewed a fic, answered some comments. Got my Valice Multiverse queue done, and a bit more on my VictorLuvsAlice queue. The usual stuff. Routine is good, I suppose.

As it stands, though, I really should get to bed. Work tomorrow -- though it's another short day, yay. We'll see how it goes! Night all!

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