Jun. 8th, 2017

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It was actually pretty nice the majority of the day! The sun was out early, and while it was rather chilly again this morning, it warmed up a lot faster. At the very least, I could wear my new "transitional" shoes without socks and not feel like I was freezing my feet off. Had to do long pants and a light sweater, though. Still, got a nice walk in at lunch, and was able to enjoy most of the day. Sadly, it started clouding up just as I was getting out to go home, and tomorrow's supposed to be pretty rainy. Still on the warmer side, though. And then this weekend is supposed to be the turning point for things getting properly summery. We shall see! I do hope they're right, though. I am DONE with the 50F weather.

Work wasn't anything too exciting -- mostly just me chipping away some more at the maintenance. Got a couple more days done, thanks to the files getting shorter after a certain point. Still things that need investigating, but at least it's going a BIT quicker now. On the home front, got some more written on "First Time" -- connecting the old beginning to the new one, and revamping bits that don't make sense now that it has a new beginning. I've decided this one's going to be purely Alice-centric, to help balance out "Losing You" being entirely Victor-centric (admittedly because that story's kind of a "how we got here" prologue for the CB cast entering the Alice world, but still). I think it'll work pretty well through her eyes. I also left a couple of fic reviews, and got my queues ready on tumblr for tomorrow. Have brought back a picture of Victor that I put a silly hat on in Paint because it's his birthday tomorrow and I can. XD Love you, noodle-boy! And I got the first Mallow Hallow snippet up on my website: Soak Hopefully it's enjoyable even outside of the context of the game! (I tried to explain things as best I could up top.)

And that's about it, really. Time to hit the sack, I think. One more day, then the weekend! Night all!

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