Jun. 9th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
June 9th, day of my favorite Noodle Victorian and favorite Guitar Hero. :) Been rather a Victor-y day for me, watching some clips from CB and rereading the chapters in "Finding You" where Victor and Alice celebrate each other's birthdays, but I did make time to watch Marty's big "Johnny B. Goode" scene too. And I had a chocolate chip cookie with some ice cream as a celebration dessert. Om nom. :)

Day itself has been pretty good -- got some more maintenance done at work, whipped one of my Holistic Coffee Shop AU scenes into shape for later posting. Weather has DEFINITELY taken a turn for the better -- sunny and in the 70s today, except for a brief rainshower just before I had to go out and catch the bus. *shakes head* Figures, right? But the rain had already mostly stopped by the time I actually got out the door, so that was all right. And I'm currently sitting here with my windows open because it's still in the high 60s, so yay there. :) Tomorrow's supposed to be nice too, and Sunday's gonna bring on a burst of real heat. I say bring it on!

Not much else to report, really. It's been a low-key kind of day. Not that I mind. Though I do have a lot of stuff to watch this weekend -- The Sim Supply has a new Sims 4: Parenthood pack LP, and Helloween has started a new LP for one of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sequels. Plus more DS3 with Rufert. Promises to be a fun weekend, at least. :)

Right now, though, I gotta keep an eye on tumblr things -- I'm doing a little RPing on Valice Multiverse since, well, Victor's birthday. Might as well give him some activity! And I'm doing my queue for Saturday on VictorLuvsAlice as well. . . And I might find the time to sneak in a WhatCulture or OutsideXBox vid. :p Night all!

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