Jun. 12th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor sitting in a coffin looking depressed (CB: I has a sad :()
Had a fairly decent Monday for the most part -- got through a few more days of maintenance from the processing people, took a few phone calls and got some stuff sorted, read some fanfic at lunch while hanging out in the air conditioning (high today was around 96F in Providence). Nothing to write home about, but decently productive. Well, decently productive AFTER my database program stopped acting like a turtle. I don't know WHAT makes it slow down sometimes, but it was just DRAGGING this morning, to the point where I had to shut it down for a while. (And let me tell you, trying to look up something for someone on the phone when your computer just isn't cooperating...) But even with that, I came home in a decent mood.

To find out the deed we're getting to the house is not the type we originally thought, and that there was a problem in paying for the appraisal.

Cue an evening of e-mailing, calling, and Dad being furious while Mom kept up a relentless stream of optimism. I kinda just went -- numb, in the middle of it all. Didn't know what to do or say without making things worse. We seem to have straightened out a thing or two, and I'll be talking to the appraisal lady tomorrow to get the payment thing straightened out. It's just -- that basically killed my drive to do anything for a good chunk of the evening. I did end up writing, but not on "First Time" -- rather, it was a planned additional chunk on "Fixing You." Specifically, a nightmare Victor has about feeling like Bumby. Turned out fucking creepy, let me tell you. I seem to be distressingly good at giving Victor bad dreams. (Hell, didn't I make a post on that once?) I comfort myself with the knowledge that "Fixing You" ends happily with a wedding, but still. Sheesh, me.

Anyway -- I'm all caught up on my websites, more or less, and I have nothing I need to do for queuing on tumblr, so I'm gonna finish up and head to bed. Night all, hope tomorrow's better!

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