Jun. 16th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Kind of a long day today -- spent most of it doing roster maintenance, since I'm more or less caught up with the processing company's. That does generally tend to make for a long day. But at least it was productive. And quiet -- no emergencies from the bank about anything today. Our realtor said that things should be okay now, and that this is one of the easier house sales he's done. Believe that when I see it... But we're taking the tack that no news is good news just at the moment. We need a break from the stress.

In other news, got a bit more done on "First Time," finishing up the Victoria chapter -- which isn't very long, but at least gives Alice a bit more good advice. Next up is her talking with Victor in the wake of reading her pamphlet, then we move onto the actual honeymoon. I really wasn't expecting this fic to be so long! But then again, I didn't expect the Forgotten Vows Verse to be so long in general, so I guess it's just following tradition.

Rest of the evening has been the usual Friday lazing around -- getting caught up on some things, neglecting others. I did manage to inspire a class-A angsty fic from my friend Auntie Keith on tumblr: My Mind Is My Own Worst Enemy; It Keeps Trying To Convince Me That You Are I want it known she ASKED for angsty prompts the day I submitted it to her, and I didn't expect her to make THAT much of a thing out of it. But hell, it is a thing -- poor Dirk :( Which of course has got me thinking of all the times I whump Victor... You know, Alice should be grateful her canon backstory is already so shitty -- I feel too guilty to hit her with the whumping stick all that often. At least my whumped Victor can take comfort that I love hurt/COMFORT and that he is often going to get all the snuggles after he gets his shit kicked out of him.

Okay, gotta attempt productivity here -- at least get the Valice queue done. Got a trip to take tomorrow too (Dad's Father's Day present run), so can't stay up all night either. So night all, sleep tight! Really glad I took Monday off now...

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