Jun. 19th, 2017

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Seriously, it was another day of nothin' but fog -- bleh. And tomorrow's not supposed to be much better either. In fact, the majority of the next two week is supposed to be cloudy with highs in the low 70s. Meh, I say -- meeeeeh. I really wish we'd have truly nice weather for more than just a couple of days in a row. This constant teasing wears on you.

Called bank this morning -- apparently, we have a letter, but it never ended up in my inbox. I am le frustrated. >( This shit is supposed to be all set by Wednesday, so it's annoying that everything is coming down to the absolute last minute. I mean, I'm glad that we have the letter we need, but come on! Fingers crossed it shows up tomorrow and everything from here on goes a little bit smoother...

Rest of the day has been pretty good, though. I:

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- finished another mini-chapter, with Victor and Alice talking. Feeling like everything's too short right now, but also reminding myself it's the first draft...just always want to improve improve improve. There will be time, Vicky, calm down.

-->Played some Bloodlines -- Yukie helped me get past the initial jerkwads guarding Ming-Xiao's temple, then I proceeded alone into the belly of the beast. Haven't actually reached the boss fight yet, but I'm close! The human enemies are just minor annoyances at this point -- the real trouble is avoiding the booby traps. Died once thanks to a corridor of rotating blades. Hopefully I'll do better next time!

-->Caught up on all my websites and such, because yay there

-->Watched Linkara's latest two episodes (the crappy "The Star Wars" early-draft comic, and the much more interesting All New Ghost Rider second trade anthology. He had a very interesting rant about why exactly he hates eldritch gods so much -- he is Very Much Into the importance of humans and what they do); LGR on the newest stuff pack (not worth the ten bucks, not surprised); Helloween's latest Nier: Automata extra (A2 goes through the trials of the robot Sand People, and fails miserably a few times thanks to Helloween being knocked off things), Chrono Trigger (Marle is reconciled with her dad thanks to Rainbow Shells, and the Chancellor outed as a literal monster), and DS3 co-op sets (almost to the end -- boys praised the art design of the last area, but were largely unimpressed with everything else. Also, they're doing the DLC, so that'll be cool). Good YouTubey times~

-->Got my VictorLuvsAlice tumblr queue plumped up some more, which is nice -- caught up as much as I could with the dashboard too.

-->Answered a PM I'd been neglecting, because I had the time and felt I really ought to be productive for a change.

And that's about it! Busy day, but I got a lot of what I wanted done. Ah, three-day weekends -- good for the soul. *nods* But it's back to work tomorrow (and a busy day too -- Parish Weekly reports AND credit cards), so I'd best log off. Night all!

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