Jun. 21st, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
Paperwork's all in, and the insurance lady is doing her thing -- so hopefully soon enough this whole mess will be done and dusted. I've taken the closing day off officially so we can get all the paperwork signed and see the house and all that jazz. Just a couple more weeks now...man, it feels better now that I'm not stressing over every little thing about this mess.

Day was largely unremarkable -- got the credit card reject letters done, handled the duplicates that always pop up in pledge billing, even got some maintenance done. And I got a walk at lunch, which was great, because the weather was lovely today. Low 80s, sunny, mostly dry. Pretty much ideal start to summer. *sigh* Why is it always on work days that things are nice? At least I can get out and about for a little while. Oh, and a lady from the newspaper part of the Diocese gave us all daisies for helping her out with a big project, so that was sweet. :) Mine's sitting on my desk, near the window but not right in it (apparently they shouldn't get direct sunlight). Tis pretty! And I brought my squeezy Girl Genius wrench in too, so now I have something to squeeze when I get stressed. Should help during the tougher moments.

Came home at around my usual time, and polished up my friend's gift fic -- that's in the tumblr queue now, ready to go~ And I have an idea for the next one in the line up (watch this space, Gigs!). Had a nice supper of meatball sandwiches -- we've sadly run out of Big Fat Quiz now, but have discovered a new show, hosted by Richard Ayoade, that looks pretty intriguing. (Still kinda annoyed that we're locked out of Aisha Whose Line because of the episodes screwing up, but what can you do?) Have spent rest of evening catching up on comics and the like, and am about ready to do my nightly reblog spam and hit the sheets. *whew* Good to have a day like this, honestly. Needed the breather. Hopefully it'll last a little while. For now, g'night!

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