Jun. 23rd, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc in goggles and holding a big old plug with the words "feeling sparky..." (BTTF: feeling sparky/creative)
Though fortunately I managed to avoid the worst of the humidity thanks to being in the air-conditioned office all day. I only got a taste of it when using a bathroom that had the windows opened -- yeeks! No thank you. And it was winding down a bit when I got on the bus to go home. It's still a bit more humid than I'd like, but the temperature is decent (especially with my fan on), and we'll see if these fabled thunderstorms roll in at any point to clear the air. Supposed to get some rain Saturday morning, at least...

Had a reasonably productive day -- spent most of it whacking down a certain parish's roster maintenance. They always send super-thick packets that only have one change per page. Gets annoying sometimes. *sigh* But at least it's getting done. And I managed an import at the last minute, which was good. Next week's gonna be busy, though -- my supervisor's on vacation for most of it, and that includes Parish Weekly Report day. Eeep O.o I know I'll survive, it's just gonna be a LOT of work on that day. At least the next week I only have to work three days, even if they're broken up oddly. (4th of July being on a Tuesday and all, and the closing being on the 7th.)

Wrote some more on "First Time" -- Victor and Alice are preparing to be unclothed in front of each other, and Alice has just remembered "Oh crap, that means he has to see my burn scars." Fortunately I have sort of already done this scene with DeadGirlsLikeMe and Save_Us_Alice in the past, so I already know that Victor's going to be okay with them. I'm also planning on including a tickle fight, because while this fic touches on some of the heavier, angstier bits of their pasts, I want it to have a good leavening amount of fluff as well.

Allowed myself to fall down a TV Tropes hole for a while, because yay TV Tropes and yay Friday evenings when I don't have to go to bed before midnight. Have dug myself out now, though, and am working on some actual productive stuff. Just did some of my queue for VictorLuvsAlice, and I'm about to start on ValiceMultiverse. Replies were not quite as overwhelming today, thankfully. I like my threads, but having them all fire at once, especially on a work night. . .whew. Even with pre-drafted replies to most of them, it was kind of tough.

Well, anyway -- time to go be productive some more. Night all!

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