Jun. 24th, 2017

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Yeah -- woke up this morning to heavy-as-fuck rain and intermittent thunder. . .but by lunchtime, it had all headed out, and the rest of the day was sunny and hot. And kinda steamy -- it's dried out now, but there was definitely some humidity earlier in the day. Ended up staying in, but at least I got to hang out comfortably in a tank top. First time really this summer. :) Nice to have the weather change for the BETTER on a weekend for once.

Things Which Happened Today:

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- Alice confessing to being nervous about showing Victor the burn scars, Victor assuring Alice he'll still love her. We're not actually up to the actual scene where she shows him, but I already have an idea of how it'll go (and did a little research on Victorian clothing to determine just how much she'd have to take off). So that's coming along nicely.

-->Played Sims 4 after purchasing Parenthood and updating the MCCommandCenter mod. Victor and Alice were the first to make use of the new content -- Victor taught Emma the importance of saying "sorry," improving her conflict resolution, while a later hunger tantrum affected her emotional control. This is gonna be interesting. Emma is also confirmed as a total Daddy's girl, though admittedly that's probably because Alice is the breadwinner in the household and thus is out of the house a decent amount of time at work. She does like doing flashcards with Emma, though. Victor, meanwhile, is the fun parent -- he and Emma have a talent for making each other Playful. It's frankly adorable. I love my OTP family. :)

-->Watched "Travel Man" over lunch -- 48 hours in Seville. Pretty city, and Richard's commentary remains amusing. We've got a decent chunk of episodes to cover, so we're set for a little while when it comes to supper entertainment.

-->Watched Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets, in which there was much death and quicksaving as he hunted artifacts, investigated helicopters, located dead people, and took on a mercenary camp all on his lonesome. Good times, good times. Despite severely upping the difficulty at the beginning, he seems to have a handle on life in the zone. At the very least, he's figured out how to best use the quicksave. XD And there were some fun party body times too.

-->Watched the seventh part of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP -- Max Power is now a child, and has made enemies with a random woman passing by so James can continue to tank his values. XD He also now has a sister, called Flower -- and I got to see what having a baby at the hospital actually looks like! Pretty cool. :) And the awful house they're all living in just continues to get more and more chaotic. It's all great. XD

-->Watched Sidehackers on MST3K with dinner -- an early Season 2 episode that changed the way the gang vetted movies for the rest of the series. Mainly, they started watching all of the movie instead of just a choice chunk. Because, when they went to riff this one, it surprised them with a graphic rape scene, or so TV Tropes tells me. Obviously the movie as shown on the show cuts that bit out via the gang leaving the theater for a host segment. It was a really dull, stupid, and depressing movie, and thanks to it being such an early episode, the riffs were still hitting their stride. There were some good ones, of course, but I don't know if I'd call it one of the shining stars of the series. Though Mike Nelson's appearance as the movie's villain was damn hilarious. XD (Yeah, I guess it's obvious Mike's my favorite host -- blame it on him being my first host.)

-->And I'm currently doing some RP on Valice Multiverse while prepping myself to dive back into my regular tumblr as well (as I have once again neglected it -- but I know a friend has been posting fics on hers, so I gotta at least track those down).

So yeah -- not too bad a day, honestly. Definitely pleased by the turn in the weather. Hopefully it'll stay this way tomorrow. We have ice cream plans. :) For now, though, good night!
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