Jun. 26th, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
Weather was absolutely gorgeous today -- I got a walk at lunch, and it was just nice. I know Sunday was good too, but I wish we could have had this weather on Saturday. Would have been a hell of a lot nicer than that rain we had the first half of the day. . .which we're apparently going to get again tomorrow. Meh. I mean, I know rain is important, I don't want a drought, but still. We need longer streaks of dry weather. Especially since it's supposed to be a wet weekend too. Hmph.

Day itself was fairly quiet -- my supervisor's on vacation, so we're down a person. Fortunately there was only one thing I could possibly call a crisis, and I was able to get that resolved once one of my other coworkers told me where to look for the stuff I needed. Tomorrow's going to be interesting, though -- Parish Weekly Reports. I've gotten used to having help with setting them up, but now a large portion of it is on me. Fingers crossed I get it all done in one day. . .

Wrote some more on "First Time" when I got home -- up to Victor actually seeing the scar. He's a little O.O about it, as you might imagine. But we're getting up to the sweet stuff. I foresee much cuddling in the near future. :) I also went ahead and started putting one of my stories, "Rabbit Hunt," up on AO3, under a new Forgotten Vows AUs series. You see, somebody messaged me about my website being hard to read for them, and asked if I could put it up on AO3. As I don't want people to kill their eyes trying to read my stuff, I said sure. I'm actually now thinking I'll probably move all my website fic over there eventually -- I think I like AO3 better than Weebly these days, and it wouldn't be hard since they have a rich text editor I could copy and paste into. And I could put more and better comments on my chapters and such. . .

But that's for the future. Right now, I have one last PM to answer, and then I really have to hit the sheets. Can't be too sleep-deprived tomorrow! Night all!

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