Jul. 2nd, 2017

crossover_chick: picture of Alice (Wonderland) in front of the swirling purple Wonderland tunnel (AMA: Alice down the rabbit hole)
-->Sunny and HOT today -- definitely summer weather. Kinda missing AC at the moment, but my fan's doing a decent job keeping me from melting, at least

-->More "First Time" -- complete naked has been achieved! A little touching is on the menu, then they'll be going to bed. Going any further is for the next night/chapter.

-->Finished Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines! Harry successfully made it past all obstacles without dying, though it was a close one in that final boss fight. I probably wouldn't have made it without the help of a) a human commando shooting the fucking bat-monster while I was constantly being hit with slowdown effects and battling other Gangrels and b) sweet, sweet Fortitude. Every other run I do of that game is now going to feel like hard mode because I won't have that. :( But I persevered, and Harry walked out of LA as an independent badass. Go Harry. :) I plan on playing at least once more in the future (gotta do the Malk run, at least!), but for now, it's onto the Bioshocks!

-->Watched Helloween's last Chrono Trigger set -- Lavos is defeated, and the protagonists have all returned to their own times! Or, well, that was the idea until Crono's mother went through a closing time Gate. Ooops. Welp, good thing they have their own time machine now! XD Really nice little game -- I'm glad Helloween chose to LP it. It's nice to see sweet, fun RPGs populated by great characters.

-->Watched Linkara's Robocop Vs Terminator episode -- Comic was pretty decent, save for Miller's purple prose, as Linkara said. The storyline segment. . .damn it, Linkara, did you have to make Moby's "We Are All Made Of Stars" so creepy? D: And seeing the others one by one walk away from him. . .oh, this is going to end in a shitstorm. *on the edge of my seat*

-->Did my Valice Multiverse queue and my main tumblr queue -- up to the first half of Thursday! Nice to be ahead, especially since things are going to get chaotic soon. . .

-->Aaand that wasn't quick at all and it's almost midnight and I do have work, so I'd better skedaddle! Night all!

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