Jul. 5th, 2017

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Mostly because it was really busy at work -- I had two GLs to complete (the first one of which got a last-minute addition and adjustment thanks to a check that should have been added in on Monday but was forgotten by my supervisor), plus there was the Parish Weekly Reports to do, and direct debits, and daily confirmation e-mails, and -- yeah. Plus I had to call the lawyer to confirm exactly the amount we need to bring to the closing (she didn't know at the time, as she was still looking over the paperwork; hopefully the e-mail I need will appear tomorrow), and one of the people working on it left a voicemail this morning asking to confirm my date of employment and my active employee status, which, uh, leaving THAT a little late, ain't you? Cripes. . . At least the day went by fairly quickly.

Other things of note:

-->Dad's birthday today! (As well as Huey Lewis's and Claudia Wells's.) I gave hm the rest of the coffee I'd bought during the Father's Day/birthday run to Homegoods, along with a funny card I found at Staples. He appreciated both. And we got chocolate cake for dessert (with ice cream), yummy. :) So that was nice.

-->Wrote some more on "First Time." Victor and Alice having a silly argument about who gets to "go" first during tonight's festivities, and me remembering they have magic in time to solve a hilariously awkward problem I was having. This fic sometimes is a delightful mess. XD

-->Did some more of my VictorLuvsAlice queue -- you know, I'm far enough ahead with some of these ideas I could probably disappear for a week and no one would notice the difference. I think I'll probably still SAY, "Hey, I'm moving soon, won't really be available for a bit," but still.

-->Have discovered the Show "Eight Out Of Ten Cats," a show about statistics and polls featuring various comedians and hosted by Jimmy Carr. Funnier than it sounds, trust me. So now we have something else to watch at night! Finding good shows on YouTube is tough, let me tell you. Especially when stuff disappears for copyright violations.

And now I should answer the stuff in my inbox and hit the sheets. A day of work, and then -- well, the real work begins. *deep breaths* Night all!
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