Jul. 6th, 2017

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After a small "cripes people you have to tell us how much to bring to the meeting" moment with the lawyer, it looks like we're ready to take the plunge. Tomorrow we go have one last walk-around the house, I sign five million pieces of paperwork, we eat, and then -- well, it all TRULY begins. Painting, looking at the floors, moving furniture, going through all my junk. . .this is going to be a HELL of a busy weekend. And busy week. *deep breath* All for the good, Vic, all for the good. . .

Well, let's see what's happened this last Thursday before all hell breaks loose:

-->Work was pretty quiet -- a lot of maintenance and suchlike. Pretty typical of a Thursday. Fortunately nothing too boring.

-->Did some more on "First Time" -- Alice has used her magic to solve my problems, and I got to make a very silly Discworld joke. Life is good. :P

-->Watched some videos, including the final set of the main DS3 game from Helloween and Rufert. Rufert, as it transpires, is very bad at "flying through the rings" and they had to replay a certain part like five times. XD Poor Helloween's "why are you constantly FAILING" was hilarious. XD And then it transpires Hells hasn't even BOUGHT the DLC they're planning on playing yet. . . While this whole LP has proved just how silly DS3 really was, I'm looking forward to the DLC nonetheless. Someone apparently told them it redeems the main game a bit, and it's sure to be fun with Hells and Rufert playing it. XD

-->Did the Valice Multiverse queue for Friday and made up some hiatus notices so nobody wonders where the heck I'm going for the next week or so. I'll probably have some time to catch up with tumblr, but I'm not making it a priority. I gotta focus on doing the actual moving for now. I can't guarantee I'll always have a post here during the move too, but I'll do my best! Just don't panic if I miss a day or two.

And now I've got to finish off a couple of comments before heading to bed. I may not have work tomorrow, but I've got something equally important, and I need to be rested. At least I can get up a little later. . .night all!

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