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I didn't actually do anything with my room (save make a note that the Sims 2 game discs need to be discarded and talk a little with Mom about how to make my new headboard once we're in the new house), but I did get a few things done:

-->Finished off the latest chapter of "First Time," yay. Coming up is more sexy shenanigans -- or, well, what passes for sexy with me. I shall endeavor to make sure they at least enjoy themselves.

-->A nice walk outside as the weather was lovely. Hot though, whew! But I can take hot -- it's summer, hot's meant to happen.

-->Caught up on Helloween and Rufert's DS3 set (mostly running around fighting endless waves of baddies (while having to scream at each other because everything loud) or Rufert trying and failing to remember Grimace from McDonald's name while flying through space fighting an alien sphincter), and his latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat set (had to hunt down a thief who yanked his stuff from his box, went bloodsucker hunting, cleared out a bandit camp to save a hostage -- all quite competently too!) Good times, and it's nice to be ahead on videos, given this upcoming weekend is going to be busy as shit.

-->On a similar note, watched Linkara's latest episode too. Another "it's pretty good but has some flaws" comic ("Superman Vs The Terminator #2" -- Supes actually ends up in the future fighting Skynet directly, and the Supergirl of the time takes on Terminator-battling duty), and another somewhat-worrying storyline segment. Linkara still has one ally in his fight against Vyce, but his other friends are planning on sabotaging some of his systems to get him to back off his extremism. . .ooh, this is not going to end well, I think.

-->Just did the Valice Multiverse queue -- pretty busy one. Also making plans for taking a hiatus for a while -- I'm not going to be in an RPing mood at all during the move. I should be able to make one more day of replies before it happens, but then, tumblr in general is going to be "view only, and that's if I have the time" for a bit. (A lot of things might end up that way for a little while, in fact...)

-->And just finished up answering a bunch of comments, so I'd better get to bed. Work tomorrow -- oh, this is going to be a weird week. Gotta call the lawyer, though, make sure we know just how much we need to bring to the closing. . . *deep breath* Okay. Night all!
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I meant to do this at 10:04, but -- TV Tropes. ^^; I wanted to read the Chrono Trigger page now that Helloween has finished playing it. What can I say, I like the game and its characters.

Pretty decent day today, I gotta say! In (rough) order:

-->Easy ride into work, which was nice -- got in with a little time to quickly check my e-mail before starting, in fact!

-->Work itself was pretty simple -- just a lot of last-minute adds for the end of the fiscal year. Putting on checks and stuff. Can't complain.

-->And we got out early at 3, w000. Got the bus home, made it by about 4:40.

-->Finally got the clear to close from the bank! Had some papers to esign, which I did as soon as we'd all looked them over. Projected monthly payment and closing costs are actually LESS than estimated, which is a pleasant surprise! Suddenly this whole mess feels like it's finally, truly happening! w000~

-->Result of this? Homemade sundaes! Traffic was too bad to go out thanks to the 4th being tomorrow (and it being hot -- I've no doubt most ice cream place were mobbed), but I pointed out we could get some whipped cream and make our own. Add in homemade chocolate sauce and some mini M&Ms, and you had quite the tasty treat. :D

-->Got another chunk done on "First Time" -- Victor and Alice are due a slightly embarrassing chat, but it'll lead to some cute bathing together and snuggling. I like it when they snuggle. :)

Aaand -- that's about it, really. Tomorrow's likely to be spent at least partially in prepping some of my stuff for packing and transport, but I still intend to watch Linkara, at least. And Helloween's got another set of him and Rufert vs DS3. Gotta find time to fit that in. Right now, though, I should catch up on a few of the things I've been neglecting while TV Tropesing. And watch a video or two just for fun. Night all, sleep tight!
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-->Sunny and HOT today -- definitely summer weather. Kinda missing AC at the moment, but my fan's doing a decent job keeping me from melting, at least

-->More "First Time" -- complete naked has been achieved! A little touching is on the menu, then they'll be going to bed. Going any further is for the next night/chapter.

-->Finished Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines! Harry successfully made it past all obstacles without dying, though it was a close one in that final boss fight. I probably wouldn't have made it without the help of a) a human commando shooting the fucking bat-monster while I was constantly being hit with slowdown effects and battling other Gangrels and b) sweet, sweet Fortitude. Every other run I do of that game is now going to feel like hard mode because I won't have that. :( But I persevered, and Harry walked out of LA as an independent badass. Go Harry. :) I plan on playing at least once more in the future (gotta do the Malk run, at least!), but for now, it's onto the Bioshocks!

-->Watched Helloween's last Chrono Trigger set -- Lavos is defeated, and the protagonists have all returned to their own times! Or, well, that was the idea until Crono's mother went through a closing time Gate. Ooops. Welp, good thing they have their own time machine now! XD Really nice little game -- I'm glad Helloween chose to LP it. It's nice to see sweet, fun RPGs populated by great characters.

-->Watched Linkara's Robocop Vs Terminator episode -- Comic was pretty decent, save for Miller's purple prose, as Linkara said. The storyline segment. . .damn it, Linkara, did you have to make Moby's "We Are All Made Of Stars" so creepy? D: And seeing the others one by one walk away from him. . .oh, this is going to end in a shitstorm. *on the edge of my seat*

-->Did my Valice Multiverse queue and my main tumblr queue -- up to the first half of Thursday! Nice to be ahead, especially since things are going to get chaotic soon. . .

-->Aaand that wasn't quick at all and it's almost midnight and I do have work, so I'd better skedaddle! Night all!
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Signed the papers that needed to be signed, and faxed them to the Nationwide office with the help of a Staples fax machine. (Also got Dad's birthday cards from me and Mom, so that worked out.) I also finally got my online account with them properly set up, so that was good. Hoping that's all behind us now. Just want this whole thing to be over with already. . .

Other things of note this Saturday:

-->Weather was kind of icky all day -- humid, but not really hot. This is the worst weather to attempt to get comfortable in. :( Plus it was cloudy and blah like it was going to rain, but it didn't. Hoping tomorrow's an improvement.

-->Got another bit done on "First Time" -- some tickling was had :) I love writing them as playful and silly. They're very cute when they're tickling each other and just telling each other how much thy love the other. It's nice.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Marty invited Jennifer, Emmett, Victor, and a random NPC friend, Sonya, out to Discotheque Pan Europa for a Dance Party. It went well -- both Marty and Jennifer got dancing skill, everybody busted some moves, and Jennifer managed to advance another notch on her Aspiration! Nice, no-stakes party for everyone to enjoy (literally, it's just "send your Sims somewhere to dance." No goals or rewards). Good times, good times. . .

-->Marathoned all of Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets, plus his second Nier: Automata weapon stories set. There were many attempts on his life in the Zone (a few that even succeeded, hence why he saves so often), but Helloween defeated them all through a combination of skill and panic-firing. XD He's moved onto the next map in the game, and I'm curious to see what adventures he'll have there. He's already murdered a bloodsucker who was lurking right in front of home base. The weapon stories were depressing as always, though it was nice to see both versions of the original Nier getting a nod (if you weren't aware, there's two variants on the character thanks to there being a Japanese and a European version of the game. The games are functionally identical, but in the Japanese version (I believe it's called Replicant), Nier is a young man looking after his sick sister, while in the European (Gestalt) version, he's an older man looking after his sick daughter). Just makes you want to give all the characters involved a hug even more.

-->More new MST3K -- sadly, the skits are back to being largely unfunny. I mean, they're not horrible, just they rarely hit the mark for me. (Though Crow eating his emotions in the first one was amusing.) The movie itself, The Land Time Forgot, was another one of those that takes too long to get to the actual plot, then rushes through it. Riffing was good, though. If nothing else, the theater segments tend to be on the mark.

-->Currently doing RP while trying to keep up with main tumblr and answer stuff I never got around to yesterday. You guys know the drill by now.

So yeah, better get on the rest of that. Night all!
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As promised, I have fic! Secundus-based fic, as is currently standard. Just some fluffy silliness, but we all like that, right?

She's A Dog Person Too )

Rest of the day has been all right, for the most part. I've had to deal with the first day of my period, of course, and dealing with the insurance for the house continues to fill me with rage. But work itself wasn't too bad, and I finally got to see The Lego Batman Movie with the family tonight. Funny stuff! "Oblivious Jerk Man-Child Who Really Does Care Deep Down" Batman is my favorite Batman. XD And I liked the more heartfelt moments too. For a loving parody, it does a good job of showing just how badly his parents' deaths screwed Bruce up. And Robin was adorable XD I can recommend it as a worthy spin-off of The Lego Movie.

As you might guess, movie time means TV Tropes time afterward -- I'm currently chowing down on the movie's page set. Hey, it's Friday night, and my period means I'm not really in a talky/writey mood. Might as well embrace the lazy. It's gonna get busy next weekend, after all. . . Night all!
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House buying woes + PMS = not a good combination. I was all wound up today because of everything that we've had to fix at the last minute (and I'm still not convinced on the insurance stuff) and the fact that I've been waiting and waiting to get my frickin' period already. Now that it's finally shown up tonight, and that means I can have it done and over with and maybe feel a little calmer about things. Maybe.

Work day was okay -- we had our meeting about the new capital campaign that'll be starting next year. No early dismissal afterwards, meh. But I did get both free barbecue (ribs, pulled pork, and sausage, plus potato salad), and free cake (the CAP manager is officially being replaced (though not fired -- she has a job in the diocese proper now, like what happened to me) and so had a little leaving-the-second-floor-because-that's-the-school-office-floor party). So that was nice. And there's enough leftovers of the former (plus extra sandwiches from ANOTHER meeting one of my other coworkers had) that I should be set for lunch tomorrow too! So yay, two days of free food! I can dig it.

Also, back to writing today -- got another page on "First Time," with Victor and Alice being snuggly and romantic and a bit silly. Something I really needed today. Fortunately my friend Helen on tumblr also came through with one of her cute Brotzly fics that's even cuter than normal this time around :D I don't know if any of you know anything about the 2016 "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" but I'm linking it anyway because I can.

Okay, gotta post one last comment and suchlike, and then hit the sheets. One more day to go. . .hopefully it'll be all right. Night all!
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Rather standard, fairly boring work day capped off with yet more house-buying problems (in this case, having to pay for the insurance binder before it could be sent off to the bank, which they did not warn us about before -- I mean, I expected to pay them, I just thought they'd send the binder off anyway while getting the bill settled? That's what the e-mail implied?). It should be settled now, again, though I'm not sure how much I trust that. And between having to deal with that and needing to make muffins, I once again had to skip writing. I am not liking this trend at all. *grumbles* At least I made some progress with getting more of "Rabbit Hunt" onto AO3. Small steps. And I was able to increase my main tumblr queue out to the first part of Saturday, so that's something too.

Not much else to report, really. At least tomorrow has two things going for it:

-->Free lunch (the boss is ordering in barbecue food, for reasons unclear to me, but hell with it, I like barbecue)

-->Small possibility of early dismissal (there's a big meeting for everybody from 2 to 3, and rumor has it we'll be allowed to leave after it's over) -- would be nice to get home about an hour earlier (depending on traffic, of course, which has been shit in the afternoon all week so far)

So yeah, we'll see how that goes. Weather also supposed to be nice, or at least decently summery, so that's good too. Will roll with it. For now, g'night.
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I'd caught up with tumblr, I'd done my ValiceMultiverse queue, I'd caught up with my websites, and all was right with the world.

And then -- this ask: "So what's your first Valice fic ever that truly shipped them? Not the Forgotten verse, but the drabble types."

Cute me spending what had to be a good hour and a half scouring my journal archives trying to find out when exactly I started shipping my favorite OTP, but also when I first started writing fic about them. I didn't really succeed in either, but did you know that I've been shipping Valice SINCE 2008? I mean, I remembered I got into the pairing through wanting to put them both into the old Beyond The Rift community, but -- HOW DID THAT GET TO BE ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO?! I just -- I -- when did this become my life?! I'M NOT READY FOR VALICE TO BE TEN YEARS OLD TURN BACK THE CLOCK

. . .maybe I'm just annoyed because I seriously don't remember when I gave into the ship and thus can't give the couple a proper anniversary next year. *sigh* Ah well.

In other news, Parish Weekly Report Day at work! Took up most of my time, but got everything I needed to get done for it in the end. Also found time for an import and the daily confirmation e-mails, go me. Also had to contact some people about how the mortgage stuff is going -- found out the insurance binder isn't done yet, but apparently will be tomorrow, so -- we'll see how that goes. I swear, every time I think things are going okay, another bump in the road appears. . . Just hoping it's settled now and we can just proceed to closing.

And now I really have to go to bed -- though not without answering at least a few of those e-mails inside my inbox because it's getting freaking ridiculous, it really is. *sigh* One day I'll be on a healthy sleep schedule again. . .until then, g'night.
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Weather was absolutely gorgeous today -- I got a walk at lunch, and it was just nice. I know Sunday was good too, but I wish we could have had this weather on Saturday. Would have been a hell of a lot nicer than that rain we had the first half of the day. . .which we're apparently going to get again tomorrow. Meh. I mean, I know rain is important, I don't want a drought, but still. We need longer streaks of dry weather. Especially since it's supposed to be a wet weekend too. Hmph.

Day itself was fairly quiet -- my supervisor's on vacation, so we're down a person. Fortunately there was only one thing I could possibly call a crisis, and I was able to get that resolved once one of my other coworkers told me where to look for the stuff I needed. Tomorrow's going to be interesting, though -- Parish Weekly Reports. I've gotten used to having help with setting them up, but now a large portion of it is on me. Fingers crossed I get it all done in one day. . .

Wrote some more on "First Time" when I got home -- up to Victor actually seeing the scar. He's a little O.O about it, as you might imagine. But we're getting up to the sweet stuff. I foresee much cuddling in the near future. :) I also went ahead and started putting one of my stories, "Rabbit Hunt," up on AO3, under a new Forgotten Vows AUs series. You see, somebody messaged me about my website being hard to read for them, and asked if I could put it up on AO3. As I don't want people to kill their eyes trying to read my stuff, I said sure. I'm actually now thinking I'll probably move all my website fic over there eventually -- I think I like AO3 better than Weebly these days, and it wouldn't be hard since they have a rich text editor I could copy and paste into. And I could put more and better comments on my chapters and such. . .

But that's for the future. Right now, I have one last PM to answer, and then I really have to hit the sheets. Can't be too sleep-deprived tomorrow! Night all!
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Really nice, really warm Sunday -- just near perfect weather. I got out for an early walk, and it felt great. :) And we had our ice cream about an hour after supper -- went over to a little place called Swirls Scoops (or possibly Swirls & Scoops, wasn't paying that much attention to the sign). Mom had a small cone of blended coffee and vanilla soft-serve, while Dad and I had hot fudge sundaes -- him a large with chocolate soft serve, me a medium with Mississippi Mud Pie regular ice cream. Yummy :D If only it weren't Sunday and I could look forward to another day like this. . .but, well, gotta work for the money. . .

Wrote the first draft of my Gigs gift fic today -- definitely be ready by Friday, though I'll do another pass before the day actually comes. Just a bit of cute fluff. :) After that was Bloodlines, in which I finished penetrating Ming-Xiao's temple and took on the boss-lady herself!

Thanks to Fortitude and a well-stocked flamethrower, she was pathetically easy. She didn't even get a chance to clone herself! *points and laughs* After that was a stop by Mercurio's to pick up ammo (I almost got the body armor he sells, but figured I didn't need it with Fortitude in my life), and now I'm currently fighting my way up LaCroix's tower. I tried to convince Chunk (the front guardsman) to skedaddle while I started my campaign of terror and blood, but for some reason, after ducking and covering, he started shooting at me! O.o Fortunately I was able to chomp on him and leave him in a trance in a side hall. I really didn't want to kill the poor guy -- but hey, it was a good top-up. Currently about halfway to the second boss battle, I believe. So next weekend, I should actually finish this game off! Will have taken me about a year, all told. Wow. . . Been a good ride, though. :)

Rest of the day has been mainly YouTube videos -- listening to Helloween read the weapon stories of the Nier: Automata swords, large and small (they are all depressing), investigating creepy horror game bathrooms (goodies in the toilet! *finger guns* Also death and gore and general unpleasantness), seeing Max Power's family desperately struggle to pay their bills in the latest Parenthood set (made it at the last second!), and how various game designers screwed over their Kickstarter backers. Fun times! Though more proof that I am way too easily sucked in by YouTube. Gotta start blocking out my time more effectively. . .

Ah well. ValiceMultiverse and VictorLuvsAlice queues are done, I just did my nightly tumblr reblog spree, and answered all my reviews/PMs. Time to hit the sheets. One full work week ahead -- with my supervisor off for most of it. Should be interesting. . .night all!
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Yeah -- woke up this morning to heavy-as-fuck rain and intermittent thunder. . .but by lunchtime, it had all headed out, and the rest of the day was sunny and hot. And kinda steamy -- it's dried out now, but there was definitely some humidity earlier in the day. Ended up staying in, but at least I got to hang out comfortably in a tank top. First time really this summer. :) Nice to have the weather change for the BETTER on a weekend for once.

Things Which Happened Today:

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- Alice confessing to being nervous about showing Victor the burn scars, Victor assuring Alice he'll still love her. We're not actually up to the actual scene where she shows him, but I already have an idea of how it'll go (and did a little research on Victorian clothing to determine just how much she'd have to take off). So that's coming along nicely.

-->Played Sims 4 after purchasing Parenthood and updating the MCCommandCenter mod. Victor and Alice were the first to make use of the new content -- Victor taught Emma the importance of saying "sorry," improving her conflict resolution, while a later hunger tantrum affected her emotional control. This is gonna be interesting. Emma is also confirmed as a total Daddy's girl, though admittedly that's probably because Alice is the breadwinner in the household and thus is out of the house a decent amount of time at work. She does like doing flashcards with Emma, though. Victor, meanwhile, is the fun parent -- he and Emma have a talent for making each other Playful. It's frankly adorable. I love my OTP family. :)

-->Watched "Travel Man" over lunch -- 48 hours in Seville. Pretty city, and Richard's commentary remains amusing. We've got a decent chunk of episodes to cover, so we're set for a little while when it comes to supper entertainment.

-->Watched Helloween's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets, in which there was much death and quicksaving as he hunted artifacts, investigated helicopters, located dead people, and took on a mercenary camp all on his lonesome. Good times, good times. Despite severely upping the difficulty at the beginning, he seems to have a handle on life in the zone. At the very least, he's figured out how to best use the quicksave. XD And there were some fun party body times too.

-->Watched the seventh part of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP -- Max Power is now a child, and has made enemies with a random woman passing by so James can continue to tank his values. XD He also now has a sister, called Flower -- and I got to see what having a baby at the hospital actually looks like! Pretty cool. :) And the awful house they're all living in just continues to get more and more chaotic. It's all great. XD

-->Watched Sidehackers on MST3K with dinner -- an early Season 2 episode that changed the way the gang vetted movies for the rest of the series. Mainly, they started watching all of the movie instead of just a choice chunk. Because, when they went to riff this one, it surprised them with a graphic rape scene, or so TV Tropes tells me. Obviously the movie as shown on the show cuts that bit out via the gang leaving the theater for a host segment. It was a really dull, stupid, and depressing movie, and thanks to it being such an early episode, the riffs were still hitting their stride. There were some good ones, of course, but I don't know if I'd call it one of the shining stars of the series. Though Mike Nelson's appearance as the movie's villain was damn hilarious. XD (Yeah, I guess it's obvious Mike's my favorite host -- blame it on him being my first host.)

-->And I'm currently doing some RP on Valice Multiverse while prepping myself to dive back into my regular tumblr as well (as I have once again neglected it -- but I know a friend has been posting fics on hers, so I gotta at least track those down).

So yeah -- not too bad a day, honestly. Definitely pleased by the turn in the weather. Hopefully it'll stay this way tomorrow. We have ice cream plans. :) For now, though, good night!
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Though fortunately I managed to avoid the worst of the humidity thanks to being in the air-conditioned office all day. I only got a taste of it when using a bathroom that had the windows opened -- yeeks! No thank you. And it was winding down a bit when I got on the bus to go home. It's still a bit more humid than I'd like, but the temperature is decent (especially with my fan on), and we'll see if these fabled thunderstorms roll in at any point to clear the air. Supposed to get some rain Saturday morning, at least...

Had a reasonably productive day -- spent most of it whacking down a certain parish's roster maintenance. They always send super-thick packets that only have one change per page. Gets annoying sometimes. *sigh* But at least it's getting done. And I managed an import at the last minute, which was good. Next week's gonna be busy, though -- my supervisor's on vacation for most of it, and that includes Parish Weekly Report day. Eeep O.o I know I'll survive, it's just gonna be a LOT of work on that day. At least the next week I only have to work three days, even if they're broken up oddly. (4th of July being on a Tuesday and all, and the closing being on the 7th.)

Wrote some more on "First Time" -- Victor and Alice are preparing to be unclothed in front of each other, and Alice has just remembered "Oh crap, that means he has to see my burn scars." Fortunately I have sort of already done this scene with DeadGirlsLikeMe and Save_Us_Alice in the past, so I already know that Victor's going to be okay with them. I'm also planning on including a tickle fight, because while this fic touches on some of the heavier, angstier bits of their pasts, I want it to have a good leavening amount of fluff as well.

Allowed myself to fall down a TV Tropes hole for a while, because yay TV Tropes and yay Friday evenings when I don't have to go to bed before midnight. Have dug myself out now, though, and am working on some actual productive stuff. Just did some of my queue for VictorLuvsAlice, and I'm about to start on ValiceMultiverse. Replies were not quite as overwhelming today, thankfully. I like my threads, but having them all fire at once, especially on a work night. . .whew. Even with pre-drafted replies to most of them, it was kind of tough.

Well, anyway -- time to go be productive some more. Night all!
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ValiceMultiverse had an EXPLOSION of activity -- I had to increase the size of my queue slightly to fit it all in! Having most of my replies drafted really saved my bacon/sanity there, let me tell you. (Especially since two of the threads tend toward the "writing novels at each other" genre.) Still took a while to sort everything out, especially since someone messaged me a meme, then proceeded to reply to said meme before I'd even seen it, leading to some confusion when I logged on until I figured out what had happened.

But the queue's set, as is Friday for VictorLuvsAlice -- have some dreams that invaded Victor's waking world during his stay in Mallow Hallow's Astralfield. Only sort of caught up on my tumblr dash, but I have some stuff in drafts that's ready for reblogging later, so that's good. And Nebby liked her birthday present, so that's good too. :) Also got in some writing on "First Time" -- cute "Alice carrying Victor into the honeymoon suite" scene is a go XD They really are adorable together. Falling into this OTP may have been a complete accident, but I'm glad I did.

Okay, time to hit the sack now that I've answered everything I can possibly answer. Supposed to be a muggy one tomorrow, bleh. . .but I should be in the air-con for most of it. And now that the house is more reality than dream, I'll have to consider the packing question this weekend. . . Just two more weeks as of tomorrow! Still doesn't feel quite like it's gonna happen. . .

But that's something to ponder later. Right now, sleep. Night!
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Paperwork's all in, and the insurance lady is doing her thing -- so hopefully soon enough this whole mess will be done and dusted. I've taken the closing day off officially so we can get all the paperwork signed and see the house and all that jazz. Just a couple more weeks, it feels better now that I'm not stressing over every little thing about this mess.

Day was largely unremarkable -- got the credit card reject letters done, handled the duplicates that always pop up in pledge billing, even got some maintenance done. And I got a walk at lunch, which was great, because the weather was lovely today. Low 80s, sunny, mostly dry. Pretty much ideal start to summer. *sigh* Why is it always on work days that things are nice? At least I can get out and about for a little while. Oh, and a lady from the newspaper part of the Diocese gave us all daisies for helping her out with a big project, so that was sweet. :) Mine's sitting on my desk, near the window but not right in it (apparently they shouldn't get direct sunlight). Tis pretty! And I brought my squeezy Girl Genius wrench in too, so now I have something to squeeze when I get stressed. Should help during the tougher moments.

Came home at around my usual time, and polished up my friend's gift fic -- that's in the tumblr queue now, ready to go~ And I have an idea for the next one in the line up (watch this space, Gigs!). Had a nice supper of meatball sandwiches -- we've sadly run out of Big Fat Quiz now, but have discovered a new show, hosted by Richard Ayoade, that looks pretty intriguing. (Still kinda annoyed that we're locked out of Aisha Whose Line because of the episodes screwing up, but what can you do?) Have spent rest of evening catching up on comics and the like, and am about ready to do my nightly reblog spam and hit the sheets. *whew* Good to have a day like this, honestly. Needed the breather. Hopefully it'll last a little while. For now, g'night!
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Not that getting it didn't involve more stress than necessary. Apparently Mom saw an e-mail saying it was up on the bank site, but when I checked my inbox there was no e-mail, and nothing on the site. So Mom and I were baffled and freaking out a bit, until I finally called the bank lady and had her send it directly to my inbox. And then there was some weird legalese we were all baffled over until we called the bank lady AGAIN tonight and discovered it was really nothing. I just -- there is NOTHING about this process that has gone smoothly, I feel. We're all cranky about it at this point. But it appears we're finally over this hurdle, and once we have our insurance in-hand, we should be good to go. I assume. We'll see.

Nothing much else worth mentioning. Work was okay -- traffic was bad enough that I had to do 8:30 to 4:30, and our database program got slow as fuck again for a while, but at least I got all my tasks for the day done. Weather started off pretty miserable, but actually got pretty nice by the end of the day. (And despite everything, I got a walk in, so yay there.) No story writing, but thanks to someone asking about a new thread on The Valice Multiverse, I wrote a little novel of a starter featuring Victor in an asylum. And we had more Big Fat Quiz of Everything with supper, which was pretty freaking hilarious. So there's that, at least.

Right now, though, I really do need to get to bed. At least I know that in two weeks, half-day Fridays start again. Although the first one is going to be an all-day Friday for me, I believe, since it's the house closing. . . My preferred Victor/Alice wedding date. Seriously hoping it's a good omen.

Okay, really do have to get to sleep -- night all!
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Seriously, it was another day of nothin' but fog -- bleh. And tomorrow's not supposed to be much better either. In fact, the majority of the next two week is supposed to be cloudy with highs in the low 70s. Meh, I say -- meeeeeh. I really wish we'd have truly nice weather for more than just a couple of days in a row. This constant teasing wears on you.

Called bank this morning -- apparently, we have a letter, but it never ended up in my inbox. I am le frustrated. >( This shit is supposed to be all set by Wednesday, so it's annoying that everything is coming down to the absolute last minute. I mean, I'm glad that we have the letter we need, but come on! Fingers crossed it shows up tomorrow and everything from here on goes a little bit smoother...

Rest of the day has been pretty good, though. I:

-->Wrote some more on "First Time" -- finished another mini-chapter, with Victor and Alice talking. Feeling like everything's too short right now, but also reminding myself it's the first draft...just always want to improve improve improve. There will be time, Vicky, calm down.

-->Played some Bloodlines -- Yukie helped me get past the initial jerkwads guarding Ming-Xiao's temple, then I proceeded alone into the belly of the beast. Haven't actually reached the boss fight yet, but I'm close! The human enemies are just minor annoyances at this point -- the real trouble is avoiding the booby traps. Died once thanks to a corridor of rotating blades. Hopefully I'll do better next time!

-->Caught up on all my websites and such, because yay there

-->Watched Linkara's latest two episodes (the crappy "The Star Wars" early-draft comic, and the much more interesting All New Ghost Rider second trade anthology. He had a very interesting rant about why exactly he hates eldritch gods so much -- he is Very Much Into the importance of humans and what they do); LGR on the newest stuff pack (not worth the ten bucks, not surprised); Helloween's latest Nier: Automata extra (A2 goes through the trials of the robot Sand People, and fails miserably a few times thanks to Helloween being knocked off things), Chrono Trigger (Marle is reconciled with her dad thanks to Rainbow Shells, and the Chancellor outed as a literal monster), and DS3 co-op sets (almost to the end -- boys praised the art design of the last area, but were largely unimpressed with everything else. Also, they're doing the DLC, so that'll be cool). Good YouTubey times~

-->Got my VictorLuvsAlice tumblr queue plumped up some more, which is nice -- caught up as much as I could with the dashboard too.

-->Answered a PM I'd been neglecting, because I had the time and felt I really ought to be productive for a change.

And that's about it! Busy day, but I got a lot of what I wanted done. Ah, three-day weekends -- good for the soul. *nods* But it's back to work tomorrow (and a busy day too -- Parish Weekly reports AND credit cards), so I'd best log off. Night all!
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Yup, that was the theme of today's weather -- rain and fog. Blech. It's annoying, it really is -- the weather gets nice long enough to tease us (usually during the workweek), then it turns back to this. At least it isn't as cold as it was before, but still. Just freaking miserable.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go out today. Here's what I spent my day doing:

-->Gave Dad his Father's Day gift -- he appreciated the coffee and the card, so yay there~

-->Wrote one of my owed gift fics, as I had an idea for it and figured it would be best to get started on it now (the birthday in question is this upcoming Thursday -- which works, as the fic is a Valice AU my friend Nebby (the birthday girl) came up with)

-->Played some Sims 4 -- Wheatley had another fairly productive day at work! No thanks to his coworker, who kept breaking the analysis machines. *shakehead* But he got to use some new equipment on patients, so that was good. Had to sell the basketball hoop at the house, though -- Chell was constantly canceling actions to go play with it. When I tell you to make bread, I expect you to follow through, missy!

-->Ate lunch while catching up with the last of The Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, since I'd been neglecting them

-->Video marathon! Also largely Sims-themed, though I watched some WhatCulture and RabbidLuigi stuff as well. Watched the next three episodes of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP -- Max now has a sibling, Angel Power, and the house continues to get goofier in design. XD At least James has finally allowed his Sims to start cleaning up the kitchen. Max is due to grow up in the next episode, and get a THIRD sibling to boot (James wanted a daughter to go with the two sons). It's an entertaining watch, especially since his stated goal is to make Max basically a hell-child with all negative values. Good times, good times. Also, he dances like a Sim in the last episode. That alone is worth the price of admission. XD

-->Aaaand around suppertime I got sucked into TV Tropes again. As you do. At least I have tomorrow off and don't have to get up early. . .although we do need to see what's going on with our bank stuff tomorrow. Damn it, I really hope it's good news. . .fingers crossed, everyone!

So yeah -- not a particularly exciting day, but at least I had fun. And hopefully there will be more fun tomorrow, no matter what happens. Right now, though, I have to extract myself from TV Tropes, do my Valice Multiverse queue, and see about at least trying to catch up on my VictorLuvsAlice dashboard. At least I'm ahead on THAT queue. . . Good night all, and sleep tight!
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It was kind of high-key gloomy most of the day -- you know, where it looks like the sun might be breaking through at points, and sometimes it just about does, but then it gets all cloudy again? Yeah, like that. Temperature was decent, but I could have used some sunshine. And less mugginess. I can already feel it building up again. Meeeeh.

It was a pretty decent Saturday overall, though. Mom and I went out after I had my breakfast smoothie (which today contained some pretty tasty mango, would recommend) to get Dad his Father's Day present. And birthday present, actually -- I'm getting him the same thing for both occasions (Kona coffee), while Mom got him fig preserves for his birthday (with the promise of making fig squares) and Costa Rican coffee for his birthday. Ended up not going to Trader Joe's, as I expected, but instead to a Homegoods where we were able to snag all the items for a pretty decent price. :) I was hoping to go by Newbury's to see if they had the latest BTTF comics, so we called ahead -- no dice, sadly. Meeeh. Unless I can think of another comics place I can visit, looks like those will have to come from as well. So instead we picked up lunch stuff at Dave's market, a couple of Father's Day cards at Rite-Aid (no birthday cards we liked) and came home. Not a bad little trip, and at least I'm set for presents for a bit! (Well, presents I have to buy -- have two fics to plan for the end of June. ;) )

Watched more Big Fat Quiz of Everything with lunch (British quiz show, hosted by Jimmy Carr, very funny), then it was on to fic-writing and video-watching. Got some more done on "First Time" (Alice and Victor talking about the famous "Instructions and Advice for the Young Bride" fake-article that I'm using for a bit of humor in the story), then moved on to catching up on my Helloween! Watched the Emil boss fights of Nier: Automata -- yes, you can fight him, and some of his clones, if you do the right things. It's depressing as all hell, but then, that's the Nier universe for you. Then there was more Dead Space 3 co-op, featuring Helloween giving us a summary of TV show Helix (which I looked up on TV Tropes -- it's a SyFy original series, which dear lord Helloween what did you do to yourself), multiple stupid deaths, much snarking, and interminable rope-descending-after-an-elevator sequences. Seriously forgot how stupid-bad this game could be... And then there was another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat video, where Helloween managed to kill a lair of bloodsuckers in the dead of night with only a bit of panic-firing when some wild ones snuck out and tried to take him down. Short but sweet. XD

After that was our MST3K feature -- new season, with the episode Starcrash! I'd read on tumblr before that Linkara considers this the episode where things really start to pick up, and I agree. The riffs so far have been pretty damn funny for the most part, but they were really good this time around. More importantly, though, this is pretty much the first time I started finding the SKITS truly amusing. In my eyes, they've been struggling with those in earlier episodes, but here, things finally started to click. And the celeb cameo was fun too. :)

Then it was shower time, then some WhatCulture videos and a ten-minute build by The Sim Supply (of a very cramped cube house -- not your best work, James -- but it was funny to see him constantly changing his mind on design decisions despite the clock running), then catching up on tumblr and doing a little RPing. Emphasis on a little -- quiet over on The Valice Multiverse. Hmmm. People must be busy this Saturday. *shrugs* I'm still behind on a bunch of other stuff, like the Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks, so not complaining too loud. In fact, I might just get on the former right now. . .well, after I do a Secundus Sunday post on VictorLuvsAlice before I forget/get too wrapped up in games and videos tomorrow to make one. *nods* Night all!
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Kind of a long day today -- spent most of it doing roster maintenance, since I'm more or less caught up with the processing company's. That does generally tend to make for a long day. But at least it was productive. And quiet -- no emergencies from the bank about anything today. Our realtor said that things should be okay now, and that this is one of the easier house sales he's done. Believe that when I see it... But we're taking the tack that no news is good news just at the moment. We need a break from the stress.

In other news, got a bit more done on "First Time," finishing up the Victoria chapter -- which isn't very long, but at least gives Alice a bit more good advice. Next up is her talking with Victor in the wake of reading her pamphlet, then we move onto the actual honeymoon. I really wasn't expecting this fic to be so long! But then again, I didn't expect the Forgotten Vows Verse to be so long in general, so I guess it's just following tradition.

Rest of the evening has been the usual Friday lazing around -- getting caught up on some things, neglecting others. I did manage to inspire a class-A angsty fic from my friend Auntie Keith on tumblr: My Mind Is My Own Worst Enemy; It Keeps Trying To Convince Me That You Are I want it known she ASKED for angsty prompts the day I submitted it to her, and I didn't expect her to make THAT much of a thing out of it. But hell, it is a thing -- poor Dirk :( Which of course has got me thinking of all the times I whump Victor... You know, Alice should be grateful her canon backstory is already so shitty -- I feel too guilty to hit her with the whumping stick all that often. At least my whumped Victor can take comfort that I love hurt/COMFORT and that he is often going to get all the snuggles after he gets his shit kicked out of him.

Okay, gotta attempt productivity here -- at least get the Valice queue done. Got a trip to take tomorrow too (Dad's Father's Day present run), so can't stay up all night either. So night all, sleep tight! Really glad I took Monday off now...
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Got the new quote from the new insurance company today -- looks all right, price is decent. Have sent it to bank to get approved (hopefully) and turned into a binder. We'll see what happens. At least it feels like something went RIGHT in this house-buying mess today.

Again, updating too late (one of these days I will learn the trick of getting myself focused earlier in the evening), so I'll just give you a couple of highlights:

-->Got a page on "First Time," though it was a bit of a struggle. Trying to figure out how to word Alice's thoughts on the prospect of sex (given I imagine her as on the more asexual side, not caring if she ever has it or not, but if she's gonna have it it's gonna be only with Victor) was harder than I imagined! Think I got it down now, though, whew.

-->Got my Valice Multiverse Queue done and more for VictorLuvsAlice (as part of killing my distraction was finally putting up the song I wanted for this Saturday)

-->Today was nice temperature and humidity-wise -- sunny, low 70s, dry -- good walking day. I could stand for the nights to be a little warmer, but I'll take it while it's here. (Weekend is supposed to get a hell of a lot muggier, from what I hear...)

And I really have to finish up all my shit, so I'll be bowing out now. Nothing really to report on anyway past that. Night all!

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