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Well, they're ALL cleaning Saturdays -- I'm trying to make that a habit so I don't have the same issues I had back at the old house -- but today was a little more intense because I also did the living room (at Mom's request). Nothing too major -- it still only took me like an hour to do both rooms, vacuuming and dusting -- but pushing around that vacuum does give you a workout. But hey, my room is clean for another week, and I even dusted my ceiling fan. So that's good.

As for the second part of the title -- not only did I play Sims 4 today, I marathoned the three most recent episodes of The Sim Supply's Parenthood LP! On my end, Marty was invited out to a surprise dance party in the Windenburg Ancient Ruins -- I had him accept and bring Jennifer along. They had a good time -- in fact, they got to woohoo in a bush. XD Jennifer STILL hasn't had the baby/babies yet, though. Darn it, woman, get a move on! I need to see who and how many kidlets we're dealing with! *shakehead* On The Sim Supply's side, Max is almost completely an awful person! XD He's gotten four of Max's Core Values -- Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, and Manners -- completely into the red, resulting in negative traits. All that remains is Emotional Control, and that's pretty darn close. Max also has a sucky fast food job now for after school, which James is actively making him do awful at. There are also plans for him to get a girlfriend, only to immediately lose her to his younger brother once said brother, Angel, ages up. Gotta make him as miserable as possible, after all! (The idea of this LP is that it's a "prequel" to one of his other ones, the Super Sim Challenge -- Max in that one is all about fulfilling every aspiration and basically doing EVERYTHING a Sim can do in the game. This series shows WHY Max is so obsessed with excelling -- he had a shitty childhood in a poor house with neglectful (if not actively cruel) parents, and thus had a bad start in life.) I'm looking forward to the next bit -- this LP is such a delightful little train wreck. XD

Pretty quiet day otherwise. Mom made brownies, which was nice. They're really good too, very chocolately. I wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- added a quick bit to Chapter 3, since I really wanted to set up Alice realizing she could take Victor to Wonderland and them making plans on when to do that, then moved onto the start of Chapter 4. Which is a super-creepy nightmare! No, seriously, I am going to have to tag the shit out of this, I think. There is -- disturbing imagery. Why am I so good at that in this universe, seriously. . . At least I know for sure this fic is going to end very happily. And we watched the Christmas-themed episode of the new MST3K with dinner -- which, amusingly, started off with a joke about watching it around Labor Day from the Mads. XD Awful Italian film about Santa nearly having to give up all his Christmas presents to a miserly fellow who somehow bought the North Pole and is now charging him rent he doesn't have. Did have one good idea I liked, though -- the idea that Santa remembered this one kid (now all grown up and a kindly lawyer), simply because he's the only kid who ever sent him a thank-you note. You could probably build something genuinely sweet and good around that.

And now I'm doing the RP thing, catching up on my main tumblr dash, and preparing to upload another chapter of "Secundus" to AO3. So back to work I go! Night all, sleep tight!
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Which held a few surprises, such as:

-->Newbury's has changed locations! It's now on the opposite side of the mall from where it was, closer to the escalators. Looks like a shoe store is going to have the old space. The new store is a lot brighter lit with more toys, but the comics section is looking damn sparse indeed. I actually DID find a BTTF comic, but it's one from later in the story than where I left off. I'm probably just going to have to keep ordering them off -- getting them in physical stores doesn't seem to be happening anymore. I did at least manage to pick up a new pair of sunglasses (my old pair got busted).

-->Dave & Buster's has rearranged the layout again a bit! A few games have exchanged places, and one of my favorites (a ball-tossing dino-themed game) has gone bye-bye. :( I managed to hit most of my other favorites, though. It was fun to go around and play there again. I've missed the trips I used to take up there. Have to figure out a new way to manage them now that I'm in a new house. (None of us are fond of trying to manage that parking garage!)

-->Dairy Queen has some new Blizzards! I went ahead and got the Triple Truffle -- what I assume was vanilla ice cream mixed with three different types of filled-truffle-type candies (fudge, peanut butter, and caramel). Pretty damn tasty.

So yeah, it was a good time. I also got my next dentist appointment set up afterwards, so that worked out pretty nicely too. One less thing to worry about.

Other things of note:

-->Took a short break from "Fixing You" to write a Dirk-Gently-AU-related piece (feeling kind of inspired thanks to all the people squeeing about the upcoming Season 2 on my dash) -- took a bit of pounding into shape, but I think I got it working. At least I'm still well-settled for potential AU Thursday posts.

-->Also taking a short break from Valice Multiverse -- just not really feeling the RP thing today. I plan to be on actively both Saturday and Sunday nights, so I think everyone will survive one night of me not queuing.

-->Played some Bioshock -- went hunting down some of the audio diaries I missed. Took me a while to find them, mostly because it took me a while to get back to where I started (they're near the beginning of the area). Got a few good splicer shots on the way back, at least -- I appear to have researched Leadhead Splicers to the max! (Or was it Thuggish? No, pretty sure Leadhead, since they're shooting at me.) Also a couple good Little Sister shots. Also found another safe, and all sorts of goodies lying around. I know I should be working on the main quest, given the whole "Ryan just killed the trees GIVING US ALL OXYGEN AND KEEPING US ALIVE" thing, but the game isn't penalizing me for taking my time, and I still have more diaries to find! Currently holed up in a Saturine lair, after machine-gunning the damn Houdini Splicer who lived there. Felt good, let me tell you -- those guys are BASTARDS.

-->And currently on the website/tumblr dash catch-up side of things. As I do on Friday nights. Actually, I haven't really started the tumblr bit, so I'd better get on that. *waves* Night all!
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Though, again, not a heck of a lot to say. Let's have a few bullet points:

-->Work was pretty dull again. Slowly chipping away at the last of that DeceasedFinder thing. On the plus side, tomorrow is an official half-day (last one of the summer!), and I've decided to hike over to the mall after work and spend a couple of hours in Dave & Buster's and wandering around Newbury's. I haven't been in ages, and I think stretching my legs over there will be a good break from the routine.

-->Finished off what is now Chapter 3 of "Fixing You." Basically rewrote the entire thing after the very beginning -- I think it's a lot better than what came before, but I had to cut a lot about Victor and Alice learning about magic. I moved the relevant paragraphs over to my "general notes" document on the series so I can see if anything can be salvaged for later chapters. Gonna start Chapter 4 shortly, which shall introduce Victor's POV -- and also the kind of nightmares he's been having. That'll be fun!

-->Caught up on tumblr things and did both my Valice Multiverse queue and some more of my Victor Luvs Alice one. Mostly ahead on the weekend now, which is good. :)

And -- that's really about it, except for me watching an Outside XBox video and dancing to some music on YouTube. *shrug* Not a very exciting day. But that's all right. Long weekend ahead! We'll see what comes of it. For now, should get some sleep. Night all!
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Not entirely sure what triggered it -- I think I'm just a little sick of rather boring days at work and the fact that it's been almost two months since we closed on this house and started moving in, and a huge chunk of my stuff is STILL in boxes. I'm tempted to take some time to unpack this weekend and put everything I can in the drawers under my bed, because at least then I won't have to sit here and look at these damn boxes. I mean, I know there's just a lot of work to do around this house in general still, and the books my dad sells for a living absolutely have to come first, but. . . *sigh* I don't know. I just feel like I've been shunted to the side while Mom and Dad fight about how many books Dad's accumulated over the years.

Anyway -- some positive things about today:

-->Got another page done on "Fixing You," finally coming to the reason for Chapter 3's existence -- Fixxler telling Victor and Alice he can get them Downstairs, and planning the big trip to see Alice's family again

-->FINALLY finished my reply to that huge PM I got a while back and sent that off

-->Posted the new first chapter to the Mallow Hallow Snippets, Arrival, and moved "Soak" to Chapter 2

-->Did the VictorLuvsAlice queuing (up to halfway through Saturday, and I definitely know what song I'm featuring) and reblog burst for the night

-->Watched a rather amusing video from rabbidluigi where he talked about the game that made his username an actual character (turns out he thinks it's pretty good! And not just for having "him" in it XD Or getting trips to Paris to play the demo because Ubisoft know a marketing opportunity when they see it).

So yeah, all that was good at least. And if I can get through tomorrow and Friday (however much there is of it), I've got a three-day weekend to look forward to. So that's nice as well.

Of course, gotta get through the next couple of days first. Hopefully tomorrow I won't have such a case of the grumpies. . .for now, good night all!
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Definitely felt like it today too -- high was in the low 70s, and it was kinda dull and cloudy all day. Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy. Feels almost like summer never was. :( Now I'm worried we're going to end up having an extra-long period of blah chilliness for winter. . .ugh, why can't I live in one of those places where it's warmish all year round? The only time I ever really want to see snow is on Christmas, and after we had one where it was 70 degrees out. . .yeah, I can live without the white stuff. Meh.

At any rate, not a lot to report about today. Work was the usual. Got another page on "Fixing You" -- Victor and Alice are trying out a pair of enchanted glasses that will let them see their (and other people's) auras. Did the Valice Multiverse queue and got a good chunk of the Victor Luvs Alice queue done. Finishing up catching up on the main dash and preparing for bed. Pretty much all the usual. I don't have a particularly exciting life. But then you guys all knew that. :p

Okay, time for bed -- still got three days to get through of this week. At least there are cookies, and a near-certainty we'll get to leave early in some fashion on Friday. Night all!
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Mostly because I made the mistake of reading a fic on my lunch break (Brotzly Soulmates AU) and -- well, my brain on my period isn't at its best anyway. My brain on my period AND suddenly wanting soulmate-style Valice fluff? *facepalm* Fortunately I managed to get through work all right -- a lot of it was pretty standard semi-mindless looking stuff up/importing things, so I could space out a little from time to time. Made concentrating during my nightly tumblr trawl a task, though. No getting ahead on the queue tonight! At least I have the pictures from Jennifer's "baby shower" all ready to go. . .and hey, I guess I have a topic for AU Thursday ready to go now.

Not really much else to say, thanks to being distracted by that fic. Did get a decent chunk done on "Fixing You," fortunately -- the gang is having a rambling discussion on how magic works and the Unseen University magic magazine I'm putting into this verse as an excuse to include Discworld characters and Fixxler's shop being a mess. XD It's fun. Feels good to get properly back into this story again. I may have a lot of AU ideas, but the Forgotten Vows Verse will always remain a fave. (Along with Secundus. I call them my big two for a reason.) And I've managed to get somebody else to possibly write an AU I came up with (getting the guy who likes my Valice and is a big BioShock fan into Bloodborne. Yaaay~). So that's one thing off my plate, I suppose. :p

Oh, and I got to watch one "Outside XBox Plays Hitman" video. Mike once again expertly killed someone via exploding duck. It's freaking hilarious how well that works out for him. (Not quite as good as the (later in their timeline) episode where he manages to damn near perfectly kill a chef with it, NOT killing anyone else despite the fact the chef had a crowd around him, and not getting caught, but still.) Good times XD

Okay, time for bed (if this fly in my room doesn't drive me mad first...) Night all!
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So it hasn't been the best of brain days. *bleh* I did get some stuff done, though:

-->Forgot to mention this one yesterday, actually -- watched another episode of the new MST3K, Carnival Magic. One of the worst, most meandering movies they've ever had on the show -- but had THREE BTTF-related riffs, so all is forgiven. XD. Seriously, though, one of the better episodes when it came to riffing and skits. Tom and Crow exchanging silly police jargon in one felt very true to the older version of the show. :)

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- took me a while to get going, but eventually I got in an explanation of some of the rules of my universe's magic, some Fixxler backstory, and the explanation of how Emily was able to take Victor Downstairs, as well as foreshadowing his later problem when it comes to actually leaving the Land of the Dead during the future visit. Good stuff~

-->Caught up on all my videos, including the latest Linkara (learned a bunch about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and things are getting even more tense in the storyline, eeep), Helloween's last Pripyat sets (after some fumbling about, he managed to get mostly good endings for all the characters he met (except Garry, but he tried)), Helloween's latest Illusion of Gaia set (temples filled with nasty and annoying monsters everywhere! Fortunately Will has a new friend to exchange forms with -- a super-awesome shadow warrior), and a video Hells made about his upcoming new LPs, his annoyance with YouTube's ad policies, and some drunken gushing over his fans (he is seriously adorable XD).

-->Played BioShock -- Arcadia is -- kinda maze-like, yo. I feel like I'm doing big bits of it wrong. According to the walkthrough, I've already missed some important audio diaries and will have to backtrack. . . But I'm getting good use out of the research camera now, and Winter Blast is proving useful in helping to kill Big Daddies and hack stuff. Now I just have to keep Andrew Ryan from killing the main source of oxygen in Rapture. . .in between picking up goodies everywhere. :p

And that's the main thrust of everything. I really have to get to bed -- work tomorrow, and I'm going to feel tired enough with this damn period in the morning. Night all!
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Beyond the usual of "changing my sheets and vacuuming my room (plus the bathroom at Mom's request)," I:

-->Got some more done on "Fixing You" -- I'm restructuring the whole conversation with Fixxler and Alice and Victor learning about magic. Flowing a lot more smoothly now, I think, and I'm having fun explaining how it all works. And having Fixxler have a minor freakout about Victor unknowingly meeting one of his idols. XD

-->Watched some videos -- there was one about the BBC Sherlock series and why it's not very good that I've been meaning to see (unfortunately LONG though -- like about two hours!); another episode of Parenthood by Sims Supply (Max trolled teh forums and his mom bought a bunch of unnecessary furniture at the flea market); a review of the new "Toddler Stuff" pack by LGR (he is not impressed, as you might imagine); and Helloween showing off a bit of the DLC for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which actually allows you to play as one of the villains! Fun stuff.

-->Played Sims 4 -- had Marty and Jennifer throw a house party as a "baby shower." It went well, but not perfectly -- got another Silver medal and another couch, which I sold. But they had fun. Weird thing is, though, I invited Emmett, but he never showed up as a guest. He DID show up as a random passer-by later, and I was able to get Marty and Jennifer to talk to him briefly, but I don't get why he couldn't come to the party? I swear I invited him before work hours. . .methinks my game is being a bit silly. Ah well, at least he and Marty are still maintaining their best-friendship.

-->Posted Chapter 4 of Secundus to AO3, yay! On-track with that.

And I'm currently catching up on my main tumblr dash while doing some RP on Valice Multiverse. Multitask mania. Tomorrow: more videos to watch (including the end of Helloween's Pripyat LP!), some more BioShock to play (let's explore Arcadia!), more writing (time for exposition that I can hopefully make fun!), and more queuing (because that's what I do). Good to have a plan. *nods*

Okay, back to the grind -- night all!
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Not without help, of course -- consulted a walkthrough of the game just to see if going back for that "Wrench Lurker" tonic was worth it, and discovered I'd missed an audio diary! Well, I couldn't have that, so I headed back out to look for it. Which led to the discovery I'd skipped a whole little mini-area in Neptune's Bounty! (Admittedly, I'd originally skipped it because people kept shooting at me. . .) Complete with a safe, new ammo, and other goodies. Even got some good shots for my research camera. Found my diary, loaded up, and headed back out. Did a save and tried once to get the tonic -- and quickly discovered that a) the Spider Splicer that attacks you in response, Rose, has a FUCKTON of health, and b) she's backed up by those goddamn Nitro Splicers. After a couple of deaths trying to fight them off, decided "not worth it -- I'm not even using the wrench as a weapon that much" and reloaded, carefully avoided the tonic, and made my way back to the fisheries.

Once back there, got me the last audio diary in the area, cracked another safe, then headed into Smuggler's Bay! Did the business with the submarine (including deliberately skipping what I was supposed to do to investigate the sub before everything goes tits-up -- I saw on TV Tropes that Atlas has a special bit of dialogue if you do this, asking if you can hear his family inside), collected everything that could be collected, got myself a new gene tonic that means anyone who hits me close-up is gonna be mega-zapped (finally, taking pictures honestly pays off!), and headed through to Arcadia once the dust had cleared and I'd healed myself up. I'm actually still at max EVE hypos, and for a little while I was also at max health kits! (That didn't last long once the sub got attacked, but I still have five, which is good.) So yeah, slowly but surely getting better. Currently parked in the Tea Garden while I figure out what to do and where to go.

Other than my gaming adventures, been a pretty quiet day. Work was kind of slow -- just more roster maintenance and the like. I did get some good writing done on "Fixing You," though -- Victor and Alice have made it to Fixxler's, and he's just dropped the bombshell that he's a real magician, and he thought Alice already knew about magic because of her natural affinity for the spell False Flesh (aka my explanation for Alice making herself look like her Wonderland self in the real world at the end of A:MR). Get to ramble on about my magic system now, yaaay~ Other activities included catching up on webcomics and watching more "Outside XBox Plays Hitman" -- Mike's "let's just murder things and think of a plan later" method is proving strangely effective with the elusive targets. XD Well, I guess when you find your niche. . .

And now my current project? Catching up on my VictorLuvsAlice tumblr dash -- which is looking like it's going to be a bit of a task. Thinking I might have to skip my usual Saturday queue for Valice Multiverse. . .we'll see how long it takes me to get through the various "yay the pink-haired prince" posts and other tomfoolery that has exploded all over it. Going to have to find some appropriately meaty reading music too. . . First, though, I should answer this one PM I've got sitting around from *salutes* You all have a good night!
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As I am running VERY late thanks to tumblr having all the LONGEST posts today on my dash, plus my own general distractedness coming back to bite me in the ass:

-->Work: typical day. Helped out with some imports. Generally did the boring stuff. At least I'm through most of the DeceasedFinder fun now.

-->Writing: Got some more done on "Fixing You" -- edited a nice-sized chunk, which was good at least. Even if it took up more time than I wanted. Also managed to post my new double-sized "Forgotten Vows goes to Rapture" AU: Welcome To Rapture (Twice, In Fact) Chapter 1 is the actual writing sample, Chapter 2 is the revised version of what must have been my first draft of the writing sample. They're not that dissimilar, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

And there's not really much else to report other than me getting my coat from the drycleaner, so yeah. Off to bed for my last "official" half-day Friday. (In quotes because they've so far always given us a half-day before Labor Day too.) Night all!
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I'm not that surprised, since I'm pretty sure I'm PMSing and my energy levels are some of the first things to go when I have my period, but it made the day at work kinda drag on. That plus all the roster maintenance and DeceasedFinder stuff. . .but it's the time of year for that, nothing I can do. And I did have an import to break up my day. Also got in a lunch walk -- still kinda humid, but much better than yesterday. That does mean I'm crawling when it comes to answering a PM sitting in my inbox, but -- well, not much I can do about that just now. Hopefully I'll feel a little better tomorrow.

Did some light editing on the end of the new Chapter 2 in "Fixing You" -- Victor strangling Splatter didn't need much in the way of revision. I did get in some more hefty writing/editing later, though -- I decided to redo the log sample I wrote when I took a whack at sending Forgotten Vows to the old [community profile] ryansgulch game because it seemed kind of -- meh. Probably because it was a first draft or there was a word count or something. . . *goes to look at my old application to see what happened and check the journal name*

. . .Okay, I just revised something that apparently didn't need revising, because there is an entirely different writing sample on his Dreamwidth. O.o The hell, where did I keep that one? I guess that's the one I should put up, given the circumstances. . .or maybe I'll just put them both up and say "this is the one I actually applied with, and this is the recently-edited version of the one I THOUGHT I applied with." I mean, it never got past me applying and being rejected, so it's not a particularly big deal if we have two versions of Victor landing in Rapture. (Both have him in the Memorial Gardens at the back of the Tea Garden, if you're curious. I thought it only appropriate he land in the cemetery. XD)

Anyway, beyond that, rest of my time has been spent mainly catching up on tumblr -- the new Dirk Gently Season 2 trailer just hit, and my friend in the fandom has been on a reblogging spree with her friends in the fandom dissecting it. XD Yay for friends getting stuff that makes them happy. Hell, I'm looking forward to season 2, and I still haven't watched more than a few clips of season 1 yet! Really gotta change that at some point in the future. . .

However, that is for the future. For the present -- sleep. Night all!
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It returned today with a vengeance -- Mom was saying something about it being like 100% when we left this morning. I have slight doubts, simply because I would think 100% humidity means "it's raining" and it never did that, but it was pretty thick and soupy today. I tried to take a walk at lunch, but was thwarted pretty early on. Ah well, at least I was able to use the time to draft RP replies and read stuff.

Nothing of much import to report from work -- did some credit card rejects letters, some roster maintenance, stuff like that. Mom was late picking me up (so to speak; I'm the one driving to and from work now, just she has to bring the car) because she forgot to clear the microwave timer after heating up some ground turkey and kept thinking the time was 2:26 -- she didn't realize her mistake until 4:24. And then, of course, there was heavy traffic, so. . .and then we had to go to Stop & Shop to pick up eggs since I had to make muffins tonight. *grumbles a bit* But we got home, and I got to be in the air conditioning again, and muffins were made successfully. And we had delicious meatball subs for dinner too, so that was nice.

Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- finished off my new section, so now I can go back to editing Victor strangling Jack Splatter. :D After that is meeting Fixxler, and then I think I might slip in that nightmare I wrote (or one like it) to show that Alice and Dr. Wilson aren't QUITE right in what's wrong with Victor. And then it's off to Burtonsville. . .slowly but surely pulling this together! I'd like to be able to post at least something from this before the year ends, but we'll see.

And after that, it's been mainly catching up on tumblr and doing the Valice Multiverse queue. Though I found time to slip in one "OutsideXBox plays Hitman" video. Three of the staff taking on an elusive target (basically a "one shot only" mission) -- and the guy who just tossed an exploding duck at the target first chance he got got the best score. XD And somehow caused no civilian casualties despite the target being SURROUNDED by people. It was great.

Okay, I really do need to get to bed now. Night all, hope you're staying cool! (Or warm if you're in the other hemisphere.)
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Not only did I get some more posts for my BioShock week on my main tumblr queued (including my ramble about my out-of-control AU Sea & Sky, which is now a double poly mess between both Rapture and Columbia); I also found a surprisingly sweet thank-you message to the fans from the official BioShock YouTube Channel! :) After watching it, I couldn't help myself -- I went ahead and loaded up the game for a brief play session. Didn't expect it to go well, since it was a mini-boss fight against a dude who had a turret and a security camera and lots of things that were iced over, but I looked up a few tips on my iPad. Chief of which was throw explosive barrels at him and hack the security camera to be on your side.

Did both of these things, Peach Wilkins turned out to be pretty damn easy. The turret gave me more trouble. And then -- oh, and then. His little patch of Fontaine Fisheries was a damn GOLD MINE. I am MAXED OUT on EVE hypos, and I have seven health kits! I haven't had that many in ages! Granted, it looks like I missed another tonic, so I'll have to go back to the Gatherer's Garden for that, but DAMN was it satisfying to find all those goodies. :D Now that's how you play BioShock!

In other news, solar eclipse was today! I actually managed to kind of see it twice, despite being at work:

-->My supervisor had the NASA site up, and they had a live feed of when the full eclipse happened in Salem, Oregon. So I got to see that via their cameras. Hell of a sight.

-->Then, around 2:30, it was RI's turn for a partial eclipse (we were out of the path of the total one). Pretty much the whole diocese headed outside, and one of the maintenance guys brought his welding goggles, so we could all actually look at the eclipse without blinding ourselves. I was a little nervous at first, but eventually took a look -- pretty cool, I gotta say! :)

So yeah, that was a nice way to break up the day. Glad I got the chance to experience it.

And in other other news, work on "Fixing You" continues, albeit at a jerky pace. I decided to go back and fill in some other information since Chapter 2 seemed to be moving too quickly to "Victor strangling Jack Splatter," so I established that the elder Van Dorts are back in Burtonsville, and hinted again at Victor not quite being himself. Also got to write a nice kissing scene between my OTP, even if it's tainted a little by the fact that I know Victor's feeling guilty whenever he looks at Alice with less-than-pure eyes. Ah well, that'll be better by the end of the fic.

And now, I really do need to hit the sack, I think. Night all, sleep tight!
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Yeah -- still hot, but a LOT drier. Could actually have my windows open! That's always nice. Even if my curtains tend to blow around a lot. Got the air-con on now, though -- still pretty warm out, and while it was okay for a while, my room was getting uncomfortable. Tomorrow's supposed to be way hot -- not sure about the humidity level, but 90 is pretty darn "yikes" even if it isn't humid. I guess summer isn't going down without a fight!

Things accomplished today:

-->More writing on "Fixing You!" I picked up in the new Chapter 2, and rewrote part of Victor and Alice's conversation to talk about them going to Oxford to visit her family's graves while they search for a way to get Downstairs. I find it mildly ironic to put in all this when I KNOW the fic's going to have them visit BURTONSVILLE first and find Alice's family there. . .but it's a good bit of chatter, I suppose. Not to mention I was planning on adding some Oxford stuff to this next draft anyway. Seems a shame to have all that build-up and not follow through.

-->More videos --
-Helloween's Illusion of Gaia set (Will's best friend Lance and his new girlfriend Lilly have left the party to look after Lance's ailing father, and his uncle Neil has left to run his parents' company (after discovering his parents were killed by vicious moon spirits -- also their company deals in slaves as well as other things), and then the main female character's pig deliberately sacrificed itself to stop her and Will (and their friend Eric) from being eaten by a starving village of natives. And it turns out the pig was possessed by the ghost of Will's mother. For kids!)

-Helloween's latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat set (Hells finishes up his missions for the scientists, setting up scanners, and getting a bunch of snorks killed in an anomaly -- he also finally sold some stuff he'd been hoarding, and is now busy moving the plot along by investigating why his military buddies can't contact HQ)

-The Dom's summary, review, and look at the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey (It sucks, he hates it, it sends awful messages and inaccurately portrays BDSM -- nothing I haven't heard before, but it is always mildly entertaining to watch people rage over this pile of shit)

-Games that were deliberately made worse because their developers were dicks about something (including Atari releasing a half-finished build of something just so they could avoid paying the guy who developed it -- backfired massively and ended up being part of the death knell for the company)

-->More BioShock (as apparently it should be written) -- I am starting to hate this research camera. If only because it takes up a weapon slot, awards more research points for being attacked when you take the picture, and when I press RB, my weapon doesn't always change immediately, meaning sometimes I take two pictures in a row instead of getting out my weapon and killing the people trying to kill me. *grumble* Still chewing through the health kits. On the plus side, I have opened up another Plasmid slot and gotten myself the Winter Blast plasmid so I can freeze suckers. On the minus side, I have entered a "no-weapons (except your wrench)" area and have already died once to a massive ambush of evil evil Splicers. *sighs deeply* I swear I like the game, it's just FRUSTRATING sometimes.

-->More queuing -- Valice Multiverse queue is done, and I got up to Wednesday done on VictorLuvsAlice. So that's good at least -- a few less things to worry about.

So yeah, a pretty productive Sunday, I should say. Now to hope this upcoming week is equally productive. Coming to the end of my half-day Fridays. :( At least I have plenty of vacation time saved up if I need extra time off. Right now, though, I do have work tomorrow, and I should be something approaching well-rested, soooo -- night all!
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And definitely hotter -- I only went outside for a little bit, to get a frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin, but MAN was that more than enough! It was definitely a day of horrible wet heat. I'm just glad our house up here stays pretty cool naturally -- and can be cooled even further just from having my parents AC on and a fan in the hallway to blow it out! My own AC has been blasting away to help out. And tomorrow's apparently supposed to be more of the same. Well, I have no big plans, so. . .

Despite the heat, I had a pretty good Saturday. Here are the major highlights:

-->Finally got the rest of my pictures hung up! Well, most of them -- one I ditched because, well, it was the poor man's version of the BTTF II poster, and now that I have said poster, I didn't see the need to keep it. This happily provided us with a mat to replace a janky one on one of my other pictures, and frame to replace a broken one on yet another picture. So it all worked out pretty well. Certainly gives the whole place a more lived-in feel.

-->Wrote my final Mallow Hallow snippet, detailing Victor returning to his own world. Felt good to do a wrap-up for that, and to look at the old threads again. (And revise my new "first" drabble because, oh hey, I did actually say what Victor was doing right before he landed in Mallow Hallow. . .) Though in a bittersweet way. . .four years since that game ended, wow. At least now that version of Victor has some closure. (Although -- hey, [personal profile] anonymoose_au, do you mind if I have Pinkie make a cameo in that last story? She and Victor became pretty good friends, and I kinda wanted to end things on a happy note of "Victor still has his communicator and it still works" with her contacting him. . .

-->Watched a bunch of videos, including the latest Parenthood set (Max has been made over into something somewhat less horrific -- only to soil himself with a badly-timed fart (YES THIS IS A THING IN SIMS 4), some "OutsideXBox plays Hitman" (they are HORRIBLE AT IT XD), and Helloween's latest Pripyat set (poor man had to become the Lord of Quicksave to keep a stupidly-fragile AI partner doing tests for the local scientists from dying to the wildlife/randomly spawned dudes. Best one was when said partner had completed the tests, only to die moments later from one last random batch of wild pigs. Helloween was raging, it was great XD). Ahh, good times.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Jennifer McFly is officially pregnant! :D And I switched one of the lot traits to "On Ley Line," so there's a chance she'll have twins! I ended up renovating their house to better accommodate the upcoming little one(s) -- not a lot of room to work with on their lot, but I was able to add a mini-hallway and split Jennifer and Marty's bedroom into their bedroom and a kid's room. Also upgraded some of their kitchen appliances and got them some new paint and wallpaper (too many of my houses are white on the inside!). Of course, now I have to stick with the family until the baby/babies are born, since I learned from Alice's pregnancy those don't pause when you go off-lot, but that's no big deal. Maybe I'll have a "baby shower" to fill the time. :p

-->And currently doing the RP thing while keeping up with my main tumblr and getting more BioShock Week posts queued. Spent a fair amount of time poking around the Wiki, honestly -- though getting too into the Infinite sections is a bit risky, since I'm trying to avoid too many spoilers. (Despite already knowing one of the big twists. . .but I don't have context for it or anything else, so I think I'm still all right to enjoy the game.) But it's still fun, especially looking up all the Plasmids and such. Looking forward to my next play session tomorrow. :)

Okay, time to go back to replies. Night all!
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Seriously, the air is THICK out there. We were supposed to get thunderstorms, but they never actually arrived. >( And tomorrow's supposed to be hotter than today, which ended up in the low 80s despite a predicted high in the mid 70s. Dunno about the humidity, but I hope it eases up! Otherwise, bleh. At least I have good air conditioning now.

For all that, it was a pretty decent Friday. Work was work -- took me longer than I thought to do pledge billing, but I got it done in the end. Got my new "first" Mallow Hallow snippet written once I got home -- though wow, it was WEIRD to go back to that community after so long, even just to check the premise and how new arrivals were processed. . . Sad, honestly. I did enjoy my time there. But some things are not meant to be. . .at least now I can properly wrap up Victor's story with the place.

After that was Bioshock! And yet more pointless deaths and chewing through health kits fighting a Big Daddy! The worst part was when I managed to kill it -- and then realized to my horror that IT CURRENTLY DIDN'T HAVE A LITTLE SISTER WITH IT. Cue the reload, aaargh. . . I DID manage to catch and return one of its proximity mines, though. I am very proud of myself for pulling off that timing. Currently I am investigating the wharf area of Neptune's Bounty, picking up lots of audio diaries about Rapture's past (including a heartbreaking one from the mother of a girl kidnapped to be a Little Sister) and getting myself a fancy research camera. Which I now have to take pictures of Splicers with. Preferably as they're trying to kill me. This game. *facepalm* I actually AM enjoying myself, it's just MAN they make this hard! I've grown to find the hacking minigame a relaxing break from everything trying to kill me. I'm actually going to miss it when it changes in Bioshock 2. Meh.

After that (and supper) were some videos (Outside XBox is also aware of Bioshock's tenth anniversary and did a show talking about the game), and now -- well, queuing time. Just did a bunch for my VictorLuvsAlice tumblr (including the start of my Bioshock Theme Week over there), and I'm about to get the Valice Multiverse one set up. Trying to be at least semi-productive over here. So, on that note, I shall take my leave. Night all, sleep tight!
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At least weather-wise -- hot, but not too humid. Got in a nice proper walk at lunch, which felt good. I need to get outside a bit more while the weather's good. . .maybe this weekend. Of course, I heard it's supposed to be at least drizzly tomorrow, with a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday. . . But we'll see.

Survived work well enough -- plenty to do, including a new stock gift. And, once we got out, I drove home from work officially for the first time! Was a pretty smooth ride for the most part -- just going along with the traffic, trying to keep an eye on the idiots. We ended up driving down to Stop & Shop to pick up dinner stuff again -- aaaand some asshole nearly pulled into the side of me exiting the gas station. Nothing happened, but I damn near had a heart attack. I swear to God, it really does feel like sometimes they're aiming for me. . .

Anyway, made it home and did some writing on "Fixing You" -- I think I'm going to split the previous Chapter One into Chapters One and Two. I feel like I've come to a break point after a thorough discussion between Wilson and Alice of The Issues of the Story. Exposition, yes, but hopefully the fun kind, like when Doc goes on a ramble in the BTTF movies. Will probably take a quick break this weekend to do those other Mallow Hallow snippets I want to do, though. Still technically Forgotten Vows Verse stuff! And this series is going up sooner. (Though I have a small cushion thanks to my Bioshock week next week.) Whatever keeps the gears turning!

After that was the usual -- catch up on websites, catch up on tumblr, get whatever queues need plumping up plumped (in this case, Valice Multiverse). Heck, I even found time to watch a few things on the Resident Evil series on YouTube. Nice to have a little destressing time. And tomorrow is another out-early day. Cooler and, as I said, rainer, but whatever. Mom and I have plans to hang up the rest of my pictures so they'll be out of our hair. Still no headboard/bookshelves. It seems like there's always another project to do. . . *grumble* Would be nice to finally clear out these boxes, but I understand some stuff has to come first.

And that's about it for now. Time to wrap up a few things and hit the sheets. Got a -- well, actually, it's not really a busy weekend at all. Not a lot of videos in subscriptions or the Watch Later queue, some definite ideas for what I want to do with my video game time, no big trips planned. . .and my parents should be out most of Sunday at a flea market. So that'll be nice, having the place to myself. :D So yeah -- fingers crossed this remains a nice weekend! Sleep tight all!
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As in, it didn't take long for things to start annoying me. Raiser's Edge was a piece of shit pretty much all day (I was constantly fighting runtime errors while trying to do things), I discovered all of my coworkers had problems that prevented them from enjoying their long weekend (sad, and also awkward since I had a pretty good four days off), some lady nearly backed into me while I was trying to get out of the Stop & Shop parking lot (Mom had to stop for some groceries, and had me drive home to keep practicing), and thanks to me not realizing Mom didn't actually mean the FIRST light after Lowe's, but the SECOND, and a snap decision on my part to let someone go that involved hitting my brakes a bit hard, I don't feel like I demonstrated the best driving skills tonight on our ice cream run.

. . .On the other hand, I DID get everything I meant to do done despite the errors, there were no accidents during any of my driving, and we did go out and get our ice cream. Dad and I got German chocolate soft serve with chocolate sprinkles in waffle cones; Mom a small coffee soft-serve in a plain wafer cone. It was good. :) Bigger than I expected, but tasty. I also got another good chunk written on "Fixing You" (got Dr. Wilson to outline Alice's Issue of the Story, and now they're working on Victor's -- they're not going to come to QUITE the right conclusion, though they're not going to be too far off either), and started putting the Mallow Hallow snippets on AO3. (Although writing up my post for the VictorLuvsAlice queue for Friday made me think that I'm going to add not one, but two stories to that particular little series. . . Just I realized that the current set ends on a pretty dark and depressing note (a bad nightmare of Victor's), and I wanted to do something nice to wrap it up. . .and that's making me think it needs a proper "how we got here" beginning. . . Argh, why am I always giving myself more projects. . .)

I also found a cool video of a Little Sister Alice mod for A:MR that I'm going to use for my Bioshock Week next week, plus a great cosplay of a Little Sister. So yeah, I guess all in all, it hasn't been that bad a day. Certainly pretty productive, despite the universe's attempts to the contrary. And we're technically already halfway through the week too. :p Gonna head to bed now before it gets too late -- night all!
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Well, mostly normal -- it is a very short work week. And probably a busy one, given we'll have a lot to squeeze into just two and a half days. But at least that should make it go by all the faster. Always a little hard to go back to work after a nice long weekend. . . But if I want to keep having money to pay off my mortgage, I'd better keep at it.

Notes on today:

-->Ended up not driving -- the plan was that I'd drive us to an ice cream place and back today as my trip, but the day ended up not being good for going out for ice cream (kinda cloudy and not particularly hot; just mid 70s F). It's all right, though -- I did a lot of driving in a lot of places this weekend, and the idea is that we'll go out tomorrow since it's supposed to be nicer and hotter, so I'm not missing out too much.

-->Unfortunately, driving time was taken up with "arguing with Cox" time -- my password STILL wasn't working for their site (also I'd somehow ended up going paperless with my bill). We think it's fixed now -- I finally got a verification e-mail for my, er, e-mail -- so fingers crossed. Real test will come when it's time to pay my bill, I suppose. Fingers crossed. . .

-->Did some writing/editing on "Fixing You" -- it's a bit slow going in parts, but I'm hammering it into shape. Refining a few ideas here and there, getting Dr. Wilson a little more involved, going over the issues that will be solved over the course of the story. . . Come hell or high water, I WILL get this thing done.

-->Played more Bioshock -- I officially hate Nitro Splicers and Big Daddies. Died SO MANY TIMES to this second "Rosie" model with the Rivet Gun and those stupid mines they can throw (and that come so randomly I can't try catch and return with Telekinesis). Did manage to slaughter the damn thing eventually, and save the Little Sister. Helps that I snuck past it first to get another Plasmid slot open and reequip my Incinerate! Fire really is handy. Also handy is having cover in a fight and being able to hack shit. I'm actually getting rather good at the hacking minigame -- and I've got a tonic equipped that gives me health and EVE for hacking, so that's useful. :) I also now have a grenade launcher, which should come in handy. >:D Currently working my way around to get a research camera for one of the NPCs, Peach Wilkins. Now when enemies attack me, I'm expected to take pictures! Fun. (I am enjoying the game, it's just -- it has some weird ideas sometimes.)

-->Watched another episode of Parenthood (the Powers go to a restaurant! The customers all start cleaning up plates because James forgot to lock the kitchen properly! Max ages up into a teenager and is the definition of a tool!), Helloween's latest Pripyat set (exploring a creepy lab with poltergeists, telekinetic Ewok-like things, and Controller mutants! Investigating flame anomalies at night! Discovering NPCs with plot armor can take a bunch of dogs to the ankles and a bloodsucker to the face!), and a stream he did of Alice: Madness Returns with American McGee present (American McGee apparently is not that good at playing his own game now that he's not a developer by his own admission! He also can't remember his own development process as the artbook clearly states that there was a set of weapons based on the tarot they considered, while he says it was pretty much always going to be the more kitchen-and-toy-themed set we finally got! I'm still not backing his new Kickstarter because I don't trust him after Otherlands!) So that ate up plenty of time.

-->Just did my Valice Multiverse queue -- short and sweet, but a friend did some cute fanart of one of her characters and shared it with me. So that was nice too. :)

And now I need to go to bed. Night all, sleep tight, hope I don't feel too overwhelmed tomorrow!
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That's what we practiced today in the driving lesson -- went up 295 for a bit, and Mom had me practice looking in the mirror and changing lanes. Did all right -- I'm always nervous that some asshole is going to appear out of nowhere and slam into me, but I can do the actual merging fine for the most part. Though I admit, I don't like 295 just because the speed limit there is 65, and traffic often makes you do 70. 60 is the top speed I generally feel comfortable at. Fortunately the brief bit of highway to and from work (which we drove as well, just for practice) is a 55 mph speed limit, so that's all right. Plus it's a short trip that generally involves just staying in one lane, so yay.

Other activities of note:

-->Revised one of my AU snippets for posting on Thursday, plus worked some on the opening to "Fixing You!" Added some stuff to the opening sequence, and made some notes on other stuff I'd like to change. It was rough getting started (kept rereading the same bits over and over), but once I got going it all started flowing pretty smoothly. Gives me hope we might see this story come out this century.

-->More Bioshock -- I'm officially in Neptune's Bounty! I have also killed two Big Daddies and saved three Little Sisters! I have also died a LOT! Seriously, Big Daddies are not to be fucked with -- especially the ones that don't have the iconic drills. The "Rosie" model that has a rivet gun and sticky proximity mines -- uuuuugh. Haaaaate. And it looks like I have to fight another one already! At least, there's one wandering around with a Sister, which makes me think I have to kill it to save her and get the ADAM. . . Does not help that the very first major room had a ton of Splicers in it as well. I have been CHEWING through the health kits, let me tell you. First order of business when I go back into the game -- find both a Gather's Garden and a Gene Bank, open up a Plasmid slot, and get my Incinerate! Plasmid back! Being able to set things on fire again would be so freaking useful. . . Also, apparently I can use the bathysphere to travel between locations I've already visited, so it looks like I can go back to the Medical Pavilion and open up that area I missed! (I tried to cheese it by stealing a Nitro Splicer's bomb and hurling it at the ice, but nope -- it's fire from your fingertips or nothing. Bleh.) So yeah, that's tomorrow's plan in the game.

-->Did my Linkara double feature: an issue of Asterix that was good, goofy fun with no storyline, and an episode of "Comic Book Quickies" that was good, goofy fun with a heck of a lot of storyline! A certain something has risen from the ashes, and a certain villain is proving to be fairly badass. Looking forward to more from this particular arc!

-->Also got another episode of the Parenthood LP from The Sim Supply -- Max is now at max negative Responsibility and Conflict Resolution, with Emotional Control probably the next to tank. He's also close to being a teenager, which should open up even more interesting possibilities. Mainly, though, the series is about James yelling at Sims for not doing as he tells them. XD I can get behind this. Mainly because it's a problem I can relate to.

And that's about it for today, as I did wander onto TV Tropes late this afternoon, and then spent a good chunk of the evening catching up on my main tumblr. Still, getting back into the groove with "Fixing You" does count for a lot, I'm sure. Right now, I'm going to go ahead and plump up my VictorLuvsAlice queue, then see about catching up with Comics Curmudgeon and Cake Wrecks (been neglecting them in favor of videos/video games/what have you). Still got one day where I don't have to be up at 7, after all. And then a super-short work week, which will be nice. :D So yeah, will attempt productivity. Night all!

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