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2017-07-24 11:22 pm

Until Your Rapture Falls To Pieces

Yes, finally started playing Bioshock today! Though Steam didn't make it easy -- had to go through multiple updates when I first tried to boot the game up, then the game didn't actually start, then Steam was running so jerkily I decided I was going to watch YouTube videos instead, and then I had to go through one more update before I could FINALLY get the game to properly launch. Ugh -- makes me wish I'd just found a disc copy.

Game itself plays fine, though. I'm about an hour into it, past a lot of the opening tutorial bits and slowly navigating my way through the underwater city. Which still looks pretty cool for a game about -- 15 years old now? *checks* Nope, 10! Released for Windows and XBox August 2007. So hey, I'm actually starting this series in time for the 10th anniversary. Cool. :D There's actually a Remastered version out now that updates the graphics that I could download for free through Steam, but I went looking online and -- apparently it looks a bit prettier, but it's a glitchy mess. I'll stick with Classic Less Glitchy Mess, thanks. It does still look cool. I'm still getting used to the controls, though -- they're not that dissimilar to the "Alice" games, but I'm having a bit of trouble coordinating my current plasmid and my weapons -- you switch with the right mouse button and attack with the left, and I tend to just hit whichever button I pressed immediately beforehand. Running through the EVE like a leaky faucet right now. The game does come with support for an XBox 360 controller, which I bought (or, well, I had my parents buy me for Christmas one year) for A:MR -- I might change over next play session and see if that works any better. (It has the vibrate feature too, which I love. :D Nothing to sell the immersion of smacking something like a rumbly controller.)

Other things that I accomplished:

-->Some heavy editing on an AU snippet that I ended up queuing for Thursday on my tumblr -- ended up getting a LOT longer than expected. At least I'm being productive? On things other people would want to see, no less?

-->Watched the latest AT4W episode, of a silly manga about an adventuring party that decide to become monster gourmets while on a quest to save the main character's sister from death inside a dragon's belly. Review was fun, but the storyline segment -- holy HELL! D: It's -- just go watch the episode, or look up a transcript, or something. You thought the shit had hit the fan last week? It's splattering all over a WINDMILL this week! Eeeep. . .

-->Watched my final Helloween sets -- The Illusion of Gaia, a SNES RPG that deals with mythology and legend in a semi-educational and surprisingly-dark way. Two sets in and already we've been confronted by a ghost ship, and one of the main character's friends has been eaten alive by a monster fish. Also the hero nearly starved to death while adrift at sea for a month with a runaway princess. It's heavy stuff. But fun, especially with Helloween's commentary. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

-->Watched one of The Sim Supply's Parenthood sets -- The One Where James Is Constantly Yelling At His Sims For Being Stupid. XD His own fault for being determined that Max have siblings! This family is such a hot mess, I swear -- at least he's doing a good job of ruining Max's childhood. I wanted to watch the next one in line, but simply ran out of time. It's a half-hour long -- maybe I can sneak it in tomorrow? We'll see. . .

And that's about it. I'm feeling reasonably caught up on YouTube now, and some other things that I wanted to do. Tumblr queue is all set until the beginning of Friday, and I already have an idea for what I want to do past that, so -- yeah, in a good spot, I think. Pretty good Monday, all told, even if the weather was miserable.

I do have work tomorrow, though, so I kinda have to wrap it up here. Night all, sleep tight!
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2017-07-23 11:21 pm

Okay, NOW We Have Progress

-->More self-indulgent snippetry, though I've more or less wrapped up what I wanted from them, so tomorrow I can start working on actual "going to show people this" fic again

-->Watched all of Helloween's current S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat sets (one last night before going to bed, the others this afternoon -- the Zone has thrown an emission at Helloween every time, and he had to survive a merc ambush and the world's longest and most tedious 'escort protection' quest, but he got an awesome new anomaly scanner and some great new guns, and has made something of a name for himself in killing evil beasties) and his last two Nier: Automata sets (a curious chunk of the DLC examining the trials of a broken machine called Plato 1728 who formed a "friendship" with a doll and slaughtered everyone around him when the doll was destroyed, leading the other machines to be afraid of dolls and destroy them -- which ended in a MUSIC VIDEO of doll destruction, of all things; and a sum-up of all the "joke" endings he didn't get previously). This just leaves his new 8-bit Saturday RPG, The Illusion of Gaia -- two sets, both about an hour. And tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, so I should have plenty of time to catch up. w00!

-->Got out and about for a bit! The weather was beautiful today, and I couldn't stand spending all my time in my room. So I took a quick hike up the road to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and got myself a frozen hot chocolate. Nummy~ And my parents got a gift card from a couple of their friends for DD, so it didn't even cost me anything. :) And it was nice to walk around and explore the neighborhood a bit. Don't particularly like that there's no sidewalks, but what can you do.

-->Played Sims 4! Left it a little late, but it did happen. Emmett had the day off, so I had him go out on a date with Nikal. Got Silver status, mostly because, once again, things went well until Nikal randomly got up and left, then rejected Emmett's attempts to flirt once he found her again. And then she later started flirting again with him on her own. This hot-cold thing is starting to get on my nerves -- I honestly think I might have one of them "just friends" the other. It's really not worth the aggravation at this point. (If you're wondering how I got Silver when she was rejecting flirts, the main goal is just to socialize with your date. That I achieved easily. It was the smaller goals that gave me trouble, and I kinda gave up fulfilling them when I got irritated by Nikal's attitude.) Emmett also bought an observatory (cheaper than I expected!) and got himself another pretty sky print. So that was nice, at least. :)

-->Skim-read my friend Helen's latest Dirk Gently fic -- it's kinda long, and I had the videos to catch up on, but I read enough to really enjoy it and look forward to a second, more thorough read. :) And there's a delightful little shout-out to A:MR in one chapter that made me giggle.

So yeah, pretty good day over all. :) I still need to answer a few things, and there's some videos left in "watch later" that I'd like to watch (including Sim Supply's latest Parenthood sets), but progress has been made! Yay~

Okay, off to do the other things I need to do. Night all!
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2017-07-22 11:21 pm

Even A Full Day Doesn't Mean More Done!

Admittedly, this is because two things popped up that I wasn't expecting:

-->Mom asking me to clean the living room and my bedroom after I finished my breakfast smoothie (took a little over an hour)

-->Going out with my parents while they picked up some stuff for the house and getting dropped off at Newbury's for a bit to see if they had the BTTF comics (again, nothing! Really should just order them from from now on) (took about two hours)

Add in more usual distractions, such as:

-->Writing my self-indulgent snippetry for writing times,

-->Catching up on websites not YouTube,

-->Getting stuck on TV Tropes for a while,

-->And the Saturday MST3K episode (The Loves of Hercules, one of the new ones -- decent riffing for the most part, and some funny sketches, but I'm starting to think they just have no clue how to really end episodes -- the last skit went on way too long in my opinion and made little sense),

And it is any wonder that I didn't watch nearly as much as I thought I would, or play any videogames? *sigh* To be fair, though, I did finally get a chance to see the latest episode of Atop the Fourth Wall, and -- whoooooa nelly. I mean, the review itself was bad enough ("Ultimate Power #4," aka the comic that moves at a glacial pace and gets Linkara's dander up with how much traced art is in it), but the plot -- worst fears confirmed, people. Worst. Fears. Confirmed. Man, next Monday's episode had better have some good news. . . (Actually, this is what led me to get stuck on TV Tropes -- I had to check the series' page to see if the new information had gotten updated yet. It has.)

Other accomplishments include a Valice Multiverse queue (after so long on TV Tropes, and not being caught up at ALL on regular tumblr, I wasn't feeling active RP), and my parents FINALLY getting my other curtain rod up -- sort of. After a lot of fuss getting the hooks into the wall, the actual curtain rod itself is -- wobbly. Mom already had to use a big dowel to lengthen it, but the dowel's actually just a TINY bit too short -- there's a connection, but also a big dip at said connection because the end of the dowel is only JUST in the curtain rod. Currently it's all taped together, and they're going out to get other stuff for the house tomorrow anyway, so they'll get a longer dowel along the way and fix the situation.

Other than that, though, it's been kind of a lazy Saturday. Which, to be fair, I can't complain about -- I was just hoping to get through more of the video backlog, you know? Suppose I still can, not like I'm going to bed just this moment. . .but I need some time to catch up with tumblr first, so let me get on that. Night all!
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2017-07-21 11:18 pm

Half Day Doesn't Mean More Done

I mean, I got a respectable amount done at work -- credit card reruns and rejects, a direct debit, catching up on maintenance, stuff like that. After work, though, I was full of plans for unpacking my room and getting my address changed everywhere and everything.

And then we ran into problems with Cox.

Okay, to be fair, I did either get my address changed on pretty much every site that needed it, and talked to Fiscal at work so they can change my paystubs and get my health insurance updated. But then Mom told me I needed to log into my new Cox account (all the utilities and stuff here are in my name, because, well, legally my house) and gave me all the information to do so --

And my password doesn't work.

Cue me and Mom trying to reach someone to ask what's going on (we've already had a problem with Mom trying to log into my account on her computer, only for it to take her directly to her and Dad's old account) and being stymied at every turn by automated phone menus and chat-room waiting times. I wanted to just reset my password, but Mom was insistent we not have to do that. We eventually gave up on it -- we'll probably try again tomorrow. *squeezes bridge of nose* So many problems with this damn company. . .but they've got a monopoly around here, and apparently the only other choice, Verizon, is about the same or worse. . .

Anyway, that threw off my day a bit. I did manage to clear out one box, and get a few things sorted out of the others -- mainly, old story journals. And school journals, I discovered -- I ended up tossing those. (Though I kept a couple of old Creative Writing stories.) I also got my financial papers safely tucked away, so that's good. And spent a lot of time putting some old BTTF II trading cards into plastic sheets. What can I say, it was kind of calming to sort through them. Tomorrow I'll see about at least getting my toys into safe places so I don't have boxes everywhere while I'm waiting for this bookcase headboard of mine to appear. I also wrote some more on my self-indulgent fic snippets (some Alicey stuff this time), and did some more couples for that ship meme on my main tumblr. A Doc/Clara and Chelley double feature, and Good old Artie and Trixie from the Telltale BTTF Game. Good times, good times. . .

I'm not at all caught up on tumblr, though, and I haven't watched anything on YouTube. (Listened to a lot of music while getting my journals organized, but no watching.) So I'm going to attempt to tackle those two things before hitting the sack. (Don't think I'm going to get to queuing anything on Valice Multiverse. Just -- not in the mood. And rather tired to boot.) At least that yard sale I was assuming I'd have to get up early for isn't happening until NEXT weekend now. I shall relish the chance to actually sleep in for a couple of days.

Right -- getting on tumblr. At least it hasn't been super-busy today. . .night all!
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2017-07-20 11:17 pm

Another Hot Thursday

Not that I had to experience much of it -- the joys of working in a climate-controlled office and having my own new air conditioner at home. And living in a house that generally stays pretty cool. Got a fair amount done -- credit cards, direct debits, some RP replies, some PM replies -- the usual. Also some more of my self-indulgent snippets, because why not? Nothing really earth-shattering to report. Did some cute memes over on tumblr as well -- if you want to see me natter on about my OTP or my lesser known BTTF kids ship Jules Brown/Marlene McFly, give those a read.

Half-day of work tomorrow -- looking forward to it. There's some important stuff I need to get done -- namely, looking up places where I need to change my address, and getting these damn boxes finally unpacked -- but given I took next Monday off, I should have plenty of time to catch up with my videos, and even watch some new stuff too, maybe-hopefully. Depends some on how active I'm going to be in this weekend yard sale we have coming up. . . And I'd like to get to a Newbury's too, since it's 25% off comics through the weekend, and I'd like to catch up on my BTTF ones. . .

Well, that's something to figure out in the morning, I think. Right now, it's time for bed. Night all!
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2017-07-19 11:24 pm

Fairly Decent Wednesday

If super hot and muggy -- very glad that I was able to spend most of my day in the air conditioning! But yeah, day went by, at least. Got the last of the parish reports done at work -- conquered the adjustment report that was giving me a problem and finished off the exports (we had to tackle those as a team since they were so large). Got a few other things done too, like pledge billing and confirmation e-mails and all that. Yay productivity, I suppose.

At home, I did some more of my self-indulgent snippets, got a lot done on my main tumblr queue (helps that I had some posts prewritten -- I'm up through Saturday right now, and I already have Sunday's posts lined up! Nice to be ahead. :) And then it was mostly just catching up on various websites and the like. Nothing particularly high-stakes, so -- yeah. Quiet night, but I'll take that.

So I should probably go ahead and hit the sheets. Two more days of work -- well, one and a half days. :p Man, I'm really going to HAVE a half-day at the end of the week now. . . Which is good, because not only do I have unpacking to do, I have a shit-ton of Helloween to watch. So much STALKER, so little time. . .but for now, bed. Night all!
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2017-07-18 11:26 pm

Long Day

Final Parish Weekly Reports are taking longer than first anticipated -- I expected the exports to take a while (and made good use of the time by getting some fanfic reviews and some new verse stuff for my RP blog on tumblr done), but what I didn't expect was a TON of adjusted gift reports to do. I've done like thirty and there's still a good chunk to go! Not to mention my supervisor was struggling to get the actual reports themselves exported, since they're so big this time around (the final report is an all-in report, you see). So it's all bleeding over into tomorrow. Darn it, I was supposed to get pledge billing done too. . .tomorrow afternoon, I hope. Ugh, be glad to have it over with. There's only so much squinting at lines and lines of adjusted gifts a girl can take.

Not much else to report about the day. Did some more on my self-indulgent snippets (plus a birthday fic for someone on tumblr), organized a box of stuff that's going to get sold at our yard sale this weekend, did my Sims 4 post for tomorrow on my main tumblr and set up my RP queue on ValiceMultiverse. Got to come home at the proper time today, which was nice. :) Really, when the traffic cooperates, it's great to have such a short ride home. Makes me feel like I can actually get more done. (Whether I will or not is up for debate, of course.)

Anyway, need to get to bed here. Wish me luck with those reports tomorrow! Night all!
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2017-07-17 11:36 pm

Monday Strikes

It wasn't particularly bad on my end, I have to say -- work was fine for the most part, with plenty to keep me occupied right up to the end. (Last minute gifts and suchlike for the end of the campaign year -- always a bit of a scramble.) And it was nice getting up at seven instead of six, and having a bit more time to just chill and get caught up with stuff before work.

After work, however. . .well:

-->My hoped-for earlier return to the house was short-circuited by traffic and Mom needing to stop off to get food for supper -- not the biggest deal, but still, not what I wanted from my first work day at the new place

-->More significantly, we got our first new internet/TV/phone bill, and it is WAY higher than expected. Apparently we did not get the bundle deal we were supposed to get. *grumps* So now we have to go a Cox store and get that either fixed, or downgrade to just getting the internet service and live without the other two. (Not really an issue, as we all have cells and our "TV"-watching consists many of YouTube/Netflix on the TV, but still.)

-->An important spring in the back of Dad's truck broke, which significantly throws off our ability to move more stuff (namely, bookcases) to the new house, and is an extra expense we weren't planning on. Dad's going to see if he can rent a truck to haul stuff, but it threw off the mood of the whole evening.

-->And getting a washer and dryer is going to be more of a hassle because apparently we need a special plug for a dryer? Something that we don't have, anyway.

So yeah, the problems continue to pile up. :( Moving sucks, seriously.

Okay, some positive things to end on:

-->I have successfully baked my first batch of muffins at the new house! They came out a little darker than I'm used to, but they seem fully edible, which is all I truly want.

-->I have cleared out my inbox and answered some posts from a friend on tumblr, so yay there! I also got the pictures for my next Sims update posts on tumblr ready.

-->Wrote another page on my self-indulgent "comfort" fic, which is probably what I'm going to be focusing on this week as we navigate the bullshit. It's writing, and it makes me feel good, so that's all that matters.

Well, that and getting some sleep -- final Parish Weekly Reports day tomorrow! Gotta brush my teeth and head to bed. Night all!
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2017-07-16 11:02 pm

Settling In -- Sort Of

Me, having my smoothie this morning: Okay, Sunday! Since Saturday was such a mess of moving and getting injured, I should probably spend the day either a) catching up on the videos I want to watch, or b) unpacking!

My Brain: Or you could get totally obsessed with typing up a snippet of a story you're probably never going to show anyone else because it caters so specifically to your tastes (specifically your interest in hypnosis) that it's basically just for you.

Me: . . .Or we could do that, yeah. . .

Well, uh, on the plus side -- more than caught up on my writing from the past week? ^^; I mean, it's totally self-indulgent subby Victor, but it still COUNTS, right? . . .I promise I'll get back to stories I mean to show other people soon. Just -- I need a bit of fic that's just for me. The particular scenario I'm writing has been like a comfort fantasy for a while now, and it's nice to get it down in proper words.

I DID watch a few videos -- namely:

-->Helloween doing 9S's DLC arena from Nier: Automata -- robot control! With a side of angst, of course. And ending on a curious cliffhanger featuring a mysterious invitation. . . (Technically I watched this yesterday, but I didn't mention it, so. . .)

-->Helloween and Rufert finishing off Dead Space 3 with the incredibly short DLC "Awakenings." The tone of the DLC is much more in-line with what Dead Space is supposed to be, but it still featured annoying "too many waves of enemies" shooty sections, hilarious party bodies, and a bleak as hell ending. Also it was only an hour long, which neither man was happy about. Meh. Ah well, it was a fun LP, at least.

-->Linkara reviewing more Tandy Computer Whiz Kids! This time, the Kids look up a dude on the computer to see if he's a wanted criminal and are showered with accolades. Also the plot involves a kid being randomly kidnapped for unknown nefarious purposes. You know, for kids! :p Linkara was in fine form -- he is just so done with how stupid and repetitive these comics are. Sometimes, you really just want to give the guy a hug.

-->Plus a random WhatCulture video about movies that deserve "cult classic" status, only one of which I've heard of. (Though I did hear it was good -- Dark City, for the curious.)

I also restarted my main tumblr queue with some stuff I already had liked/drafted -- I'll be restarting the RP queue on Wednesday (or, well, Tuesday night FOR Wednesday), I think. Gives me an extra day to look over my predrafted replies and make sure I've got as many people as possible. Also got some new fics from my "Dirk Gently" friend to read and review. . .ah, and now that we're settled into the new house, I think I can actually watch the show! Hell, maybe I can even watch it on the TV -- I'll have to see if Contour obliges.

On the moving front, all my clothes are now here at the house -- my new room has TWO closets (his and hers?), so I've put all my "summer" stuff in one, and all my "winter" stuff in another. I need new hangers for some of my "winter" pants, and a new bag for my special BTTF jacket (I finally ditched the old one as too dusty and old), but other than that, looking good! We also hung up my posters (BTTF II, Corpse Bride, Alice, and a "signed by Christopher Lloyd" Addams Family), and we've got the rest of my pictures in a couple of boxes to be hung up later. I should have everything I'm planning on keeping here with me now. All still in boxes, but I'll fix that as the week goes on. I'll have a bit more time in the afternoons, after all.

And now that I think I may have FINALLY won the fight against a fly caught in my room (damn thing was so fast I couldn't swat it -- I had to resort to getting the vacuum cleaner and wildly trying to suck it up), I'm going to bed. At least with the new house I can get up at 7 instead of 6, so I'm not missing quite so much sleep. Night all!
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2017-07-15 11:02 pm

Exhausted And Bruised

Writing this from the new house, and -- well, it was a day. The morning was absolute chaos -- me running around emptying my bed drawers and trying to pack up all the remaining shit on my bookshelves, my parents having to cancel their original truck reservation (the company wanted us to drive to the Mass border to pick it up!) and get a new one and wrestling with various pieces of furniture. The drive up to the new house was all right, but then we got there and started unloading stuff, and --

Well. Not only was it hot, while I was trying to help my parents get the couch through the front door, I ended up getting knocked off the front step and into the bushes. Got all sorts of bruises, a good-sized scratch on my back, a scrape just beneath the back of my knee, and two slightly-bleedy scrapes on my left thumb. Fortunately Mom already said that I didn't have to go back tomorrow if I didn't want to -- she'd pick up my clothes for me. I initially was like "no, I really should go, get my own crap," but -- I'm just tired, and I need some time to actually settle in. And heal up so I'm actually semi-presentable for work.

So on that note, I'm going to go brush my teeth and go to bed. At least I finally have my music back. If I can find my CDs, that is... G'night.
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2017-07-14 11:09 pm

Tired Yet Again

Though less grumpy at least -- being with your own computer, listening to your own music, does seem to make all the difference. Got out at 12 after a morning checking out potentially-deceased people (both doing the normal obituaries, and starting a project where we make sure that people a system tool tried to mark as deceased really ARE deceased), played on my iPad until about 12:45 (they changed the bus times on me -- at least I got caught up on tumblr), then came home around 2 (after a quick stop-off for a Snickers). Got the latest batch of airtime for my phone, then started another round of packing!

And, for once, my hoarder tendencies have actually HELPED me! You see, for reasons I cannot fathom now, I kept a lot of the old boxes/packaging for many of my larger toys. So once I started discovering them in my closet, I went "what the hey" and repackaged everything for the move. I'll dump the boxes once everything's at the new house and on shelves, but right now they're useful. I've packed up all my minimates, all my Corpse Bride figures, my A:MR Alice figure, and a good chunk of my BTTF toys. I still have a fair amount of stuff to go, but the main bulk of my bookcases has been cleared out. I mainly just have to do the top shelf on each one. I also have to do my desk, the drawers under my bed, and my clothes, but -- one thing at a time. As Mom reminded me, we do have until the end of the month to get out of here.

Not much else to say. No writing yet, but I'm hoping to push out at least a drabble or part of a snippet before midnight comes. I can stay up a little later/sleep a little later thanks to the weather tomorrow morning being a bit iffy -- supposed to rain, and Dad wants to wait until it clears up before we start doing serious moving. The goal is that we'll be mainly living there by the end of this weekend, and just coming to this place to pick up stuff, but we'll see how things go. Still, it would be nice to finally just make the switch. Feels like it would be a load of stress off my mind to just -- be in the other house, finally. With my stuff to make it feel like home. But again, we'll see.

Right now, though, I'm either going to get some writing done, or I'm going to watch some Helloween and Rufert play DS3's DLC. Because that's up now and it would be nice to catch up a bit on my videos. Especially funny Helloween ones. :p Either way, good night!
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2017-07-13 10:58 pm

Well, At Least It's Not Hot And Muggy Tonight

Instead it's cool and rainy, which -- isn't IDEAL, but should at least make it a bit easier to sleep. Which I need, frankly -- it's been a rough week in that regard. Hell, it's been kind of a rough week in general with gearing up for the move. My parents have been doing most of the actual prep work with me at my job, but still. It seems like whenever I get out of work, I'm immediately thrust into some sort of bullshit pertaining to the whole mess. (See: yesterday's rug thing, Tuesday being jerked around regarding when they were leaving the house/what was happening for supper).

Today, happily, wasn't too bad -- though being told I could bum around on Mom's computer, only to have Chrome go "Not Responding" on me twice in quick succession was damn frustrating. (Turns out her computer does this if it needs to update.) Also, we ended up having dinner up there -- pizza from one of the local pizza joints. Thick crust, which I appreciated, and it tasted good. We huddled around the little gate table on stools and such (I got the one "real" chair) and watched an episode of "8 Out Of 10 Cats" on the computer. Not bad, but I really would have preferred our usual food set-up at home. I felt cramped and out of place the whole time. At least I got lunch out of the deal.

Not anything else to say -- once again, we got home too late for me to do anything writing-wise. Not like I have much energy to be creative anyway. . .really hoping to find some time tomorrow, even with packing. Not holding out much hope for anything this weekend. Though I do have two headcanon posts I've been working on for tumblr, so I guess that counts for SOMETHING. And an RP reply which I suppose I should post before I head to bed. I spaced out on the PM I owe, unfortunately, so that's going to have to wait.

So yeah. G'night, sleep tight. Tomorrow's doing the rest of my room, and then -- moving. Wish me luck!
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2017-07-12 10:38 pm

Tired And Grumpy

It's another hot & sticky night, we spent about three hours this afternoon/evening looking for a rug for my new room (fun fact: 9x12, the size Mom insisted that we get, is basically almost nonexistent these days. We lucked out in finding something vaguely gray in a Job Lot), we ended up eating dinner almost at 8 o'clock at night (and we almost went out to eat, but our favorite little restaurant was MOBBED), and basically thanks to how late we got home, I couldn't get any writing done. And work had some pretty hefty boring bits. At least I got a lot of money moved to where it should be and was able to talk to my supervisor about using my lunch break to catch an earlier bus on Friday so I could have a bit more time to clean up the rest of my room.

Point being, I am not much in the mood to talk, and really should be getting to bed soon anyway. Damn move. . . Hope you guys had a better time of it. G'night.
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2017-07-11 10:36 pm

Wore Out Tuesday

Was tired most of the day today -- I blame it being kind of muggy last night, coupled with the usual "stressed out about moving" stuff and my usual penchant for going to bed later than I ought to. Fortunately, today was Parish Weekly Reports day, so I could take it a little easy during the exports. Got all my comments drafted, and even did some reply drafts for when I get back into the tumblr RP scene (because it pays to plan ahead some with that). So that's a good thing. Hoping to be a little more awake tomorrow, though -- got cash gifts to investigate and rug-shopping for my new room after work.

Not much else to note, really. Weather was miserable this morning, but managed to clear up this afternoon (which is good, as I had to walk home from the bus stop -- parents were ripping up the old carpet at the house all day. Hence the rug-buying tomorrow). Bus driver in the morning was annoyingly slow at times; one in the afternoon was a speed demon that genuinely worried me at times. Got another chunk written on "First Time," in which I got to reference some new knowledge on how shit early "modern" condoms were. (The things I look up for this fic. . .and Victor and Alice tend to keep going off into tangents instead of doing any do. Which, I guess makes sense, as I headcanon Alice as pretty much asexual and this particular Victor is a trauma victim and I don't see him as having a crazy-busy libido anyway.) Caught up on the tumblr and -- yeah, that's about it. Not a very exciting life. Which I suppose is a good thing when you're on the verge of moving. . .

Well, anyway. Got two things to answer to clear out my inbox, then I should try to hit the sheets and hope tonight is a better sleeping night. See ya!
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2017-07-10 10:39 pm

Productive Monday Back

Maybe not as much as I might have liked, but I did get a new import in, the GL done (after a few stops and starts thanks to little errors), and I'm all caught up on the maintenance from the processing company. So w000 there. My parents had a productive day too -- the carpet is up in my room and theirs, and they've finished painting the living room. My room and theirs need touch-ups, though -- apparently the paint we got is unfortunately kinda shit and peels/chips pretty easily. Meh. At least all the colors look nice. Mom's also cleaning off the stove so we can see if it's usable -- if so, we don't have to worry about reworking the kitchen right away. (It would take a lot of finagling, since the stove is smaller than the modern normal, and the sink larger. Figures, huh?) And cable, internet, and telephone are all installed in the new house, so that's a good thing. Busy but good day all around.

Of course, it was also kind of a long one -- I mean, work was work, but then I was sitting around at the house for a bit while Dad loaded up old carpet to toss later and Mom scrubbed the stove, and then we had to take the back way home because the highway was jammed (also all the lunatics were out driving today, I swear -- we must have nearly gotten hit at least twice). So I ended up getting home LATER than normal thanks to that. *sigh* Not having any tumblr commitments at least helped me still get some writing in (more snippet stuff), but between that and the weekend being a fairly long slog of work of some sort, I'm feeling kind of wiped. And this upcoming weekend is when Dad is hoping to basically move us in to actually start LIVING in the house, so. . .and then there's a yard sale weekend, and I'm basically already pooped just thinking about it all. When can I go back to playing Sims and starting Bioshock plz

Ah well, nothing for it but to just push onward. *nods* And fortunately I've already emptied out my inbox, so I'm ahead of the game. We'll see what I can do tomorrow with Parish Weekly Reports day. Night all!
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2017-07-09 10:36 pm

Dusty, Shreddy Sunday

Things NOT to do in the future -- save all my paystubs from a job I quit like SEVEN YEARS AGO. Or every bank statement I ever got. (Though fortunately I CAN'T do that one again, since I do all my banking online now.) I spent like TWO HOURS this morning shredding an entire garbage bag's worth of old financial papers. I've got the remaining piles down to a dull roar (aka nothing earlier than about 2012 at most), but MAN, that was rough.

Also rough -- going through all my books, movies, and CDs and sorting out the ones I'm getting rid of from what I'm keeping. The former pile is a lot bigger than the latter, let me tell you. My watching and reading habits have changed a LOT in the past five years, and there's stuff I haven't touched in AGES that I'm now either selling, donating, or dumping. As for music -- well, I've ripped just about everything I want to my computer now, and honestly I do most of my listening on YouTube via various official and unofficial videos, so. . . Admittedly, my Dad expressed an interest in going through what I'm getting rid of to see if there's anything we should keep on the family level (particularly DVDs to watch while working out), but that's not quite the same thing as having them gathering dust in my room in particular.

I also made a short start on my toys -- didn't get far as the shredding and the books (and the dusting -- I must have gone through five socks wiping up all the dust on one particular bookshelf. . .yes, socks. I don't know what it is about the ones we buy, but they pick up dust a treat), but I got all my loose BTTF minimates dusted and lined up on a clean shelf. (I have 28 of them! That number jumps to 36 if you include the ones I bought but never opened because there really just wasn't room on the shelf. (37 if you count Copernicus as a minimate instead of an accessory.)) Damn, they made a lot of these little bastards. . . And that's just my BTTF-mates. I have another shelf FULL of the damn things. (And, actually, I'd like to get one last set if possible -- the 2016 Ghostbusters. I want the girls to hang out with my classic 80s Busters. AFTER we move, though.) Not to mention my Corpse Bride figures, and my Alice stuff. . .there ARE a few toys I'm planning on getting rid of, but most of them are coming with me to the new house. Because yay toys. (What, I like having all sorts of little dioramas -- and given the bookcase headboard Mom's planning, I'll suddenly have plenty of shelf space for them. Maybe we can print out backgrounds for them!)

Despite spending my day dumping stuff into boxes and dusting with socks, I did get a few other things done:

-->Wrote some more of a snippet of my new "Dirk Gently But Not Really Since It's Just The Bart & Ken Parts" AU -- I SHOULD be working on "First Time," I suppose, or getting back to "Fixing You," but this is where the muse is now, and it's low-pressure since it's just a snippet. (Although one of my friends expressed deep interest in reading this stuff, so. . .medium pressure, perhaps.)

-->Watched Helloween's latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Priypat set -- much was accomplished in the way of artifact hunting, getting cool new suits, hunting chimeras, and investigating downed helicopters. Oh, and dying. The chimera was a nasty beast and took out Helloween twice before he managed to beat it, and a minefield in front of the helicopter blew him up a fair few times. He took it in his Helloweeny stride. XD I really do love him and his LPs.

And now, it is time for bed. Because I do have work tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too stressful or too boring. . .night all!
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2017-07-08 10:53 pm

Fruitful Painting Day

Spent the day at the new house helping the parents clean it up and start painting rooms -- my room's now completely painted (a really nice shade of purple called "Night Music"), and my parents' has had the first coat put on. Mom also scrubbed the bathroom, and I cleaned the baseboards and sanded down some rough spots in the living room. Not too shabby, right? My parents are going back up there tomorrow to do the second coat on their room and paint the living room while I clean up my room and finally get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need anymore. The ideal situation would be us actually living in the place by the end of this upcoming week -- we'll see if we manage it! The house is pretty much livable, it's just a matter of fixing all the most immediate problems (mainly new paint, some new doors, getting the garage in order, and updating the kitchen and bathroom a bit.

Only other thing to report on is watching the Jack Frost episode of MST3K -- a Russian-Finnish production that mashed together a bunch of fairytales apparently just because. (I learned later looking it up on TV Tropes that it's meant to be a comedy; still a mess. And the translation into English does it no favors.) Good times, with some good riffs and skits. Of course, I could be biased -- JF is a Sci-Fi era Mike episode, aka how I was introduced to the show. And I always tend to prefer the version I was familiar with first. . .

Anyway -- while stay home means getting to get up a little later, I still want to get up earlier than usual so I'll have plenty of time to clean off my toys and box up the stuff suitable for yard sales and/or the dump. At least I don't have any too pressing responsibilities at the moment. . . So I'm gonna go back to reading TV Tropes for now. :P Night all!
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2017-07-07 10:46 pm

Officially A Home Owner

Yup -- all the paperwork is signed, the down payment paid, the keys given from seller to buyer. I officially have a mortgage and my own house!

And between a day of absolute pouring rain and poor Mom getting a sinus headache midway through the closing that turned out to be a real killer, we couldn't actually do anything with the house today save take another walk around it and drop off our painting supplies for the weekend paint-a-thon. Whoops. Fortunately, it's not like we have to move in that minute, and we're hoping to make up for lost time tomorrow. No sleeping in this weekend, but then again I didn't expect to.

So yeah, closing this morning, then we went out for lunch (because food is important), then we went home so Mom could sleep off her headache after taking some medicine. I've spent most of the afternoon watching various YouTube videos, though I did also write a snippet of a new AU I came up with, so at least that's something. No video games, though -- I'm probably not going to have any time after today anyway, and I figured starting Bioshock in the new house would be a decent way to "christen" it. :p Just trying to keep the stress to a minimum here, and while I love gaming, it can be very stressful sometimes. (Just ask Helloween -- he just had a hell of a fight against two mutated dwarfs that kept beating him up telekinetically in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat. At least he didn't crabwalk and clip through the scenery in disturbing ways like one of the NPCs at the start. XD) Binge-watching YouTube videos and the like seems like the way to go right now.

Anyway -- I gotta get up fairly early again, so I'd better wrap things up here. Got a thing or two I'd like to answer, if possible. . . G'night all, sleep tight!
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2017-07-06 11:11 pm

Almost Time. . .

After a small "cripes people you have to tell us how much to bring to the meeting" moment with the lawyer, it looks like we're ready to take the plunge. Tomorrow we go have one last walk-around the house, I sign five million pieces of paperwork, we eat, and then -- well, it all TRULY begins. Painting, looking at the floors, moving furniture, going through all my junk. . .this is going to be a HELL of a busy weekend. And busy week. *deep breath* All for the good, Vic, all for the good. . .

Well, let's see what's happened this last Thursday before all hell breaks loose:

-->Work was pretty quiet -- a lot of maintenance and suchlike. Pretty typical of a Thursday. Fortunately nothing too boring.

-->Did some more on "First Time" -- Alice has used her magic to solve my problems, and I got to make a very silly Discworld joke. Life is good. :P

-->Watched some videos, including the final set of the main DS3 game from Helloween and Rufert. Rufert, as it transpires, is very bad at "flying through the rings" and they had to replay a certain part like five times. XD Poor Helloween's "why are you constantly FAILING" was hilarious. XD And then it transpires Hells hasn't even BOUGHT the DLC they're planning on playing yet. . . While this whole LP has proved just how silly DS3 really was, I'm looking forward to the DLC nonetheless. Someone apparently told them it redeems the main game a bit, and it's sure to be fun with Hells and Rufert playing it. XD

-->Did the Valice Multiverse queue for Friday and made up some hiatus notices so nobody wonders where the heck I'm going for the next week or so. I'll probably have some time to catch up with tumblr, but I'm not making it a priority. I gotta focus on doing the actual moving for now. I can't guarantee I'll always have a post here during the move too, but I'll do my best! Just don't panic if I miss a day or two.

And now I've got to finish off a couple of comments before heading to bed. I may not have work tomorrow, but I've got something equally important, and I need to be rested. At least I can get up a little later. . .night all!
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2017-07-05 11:00 pm

Slightly Nervewracking Wednesday

Mostly because it was really busy at work -- I had two GLs to complete (the first one of which got a last-minute addition and adjustment thanks to a check that should have been added in on Monday but was forgotten by my supervisor), plus there was the Parish Weekly Reports to do, and direct debits, and daily confirmation e-mails, and -- yeah. Plus I had to call the lawyer to confirm exactly the amount we need to bring to the closing (she didn't know at the time, as she was still looking over the paperwork; hopefully the e-mail I need will appear tomorrow), and one of the people working on it left a voicemail this morning asking to confirm my date of employment and my active employee status, which, uh, leaving THAT a little late, ain't you? Cripes. . . At least the day went by fairly quickly.

Other things of note:

-->Dad's birthday today! (As well as Huey Lewis's and Claudia Wells's.) I gave hm the rest of the coffee I'd bought during the Father's Day/birthday run to Homegoods, along with a funny card I found at Staples. He appreciated both. And we got chocolate cake for dessert (with ice cream), yummy. :) So that was nice.

-->Wrote some more on "First Time." Victor and Alice having a silly argument about who gets to "go" first during tonight's festivities, and me remembering they have magic in time to solve a hilariously awkward problem I was having. This fic sometimes is a delightful mess. XD

-->Did some more of my VictorLuvsAlice queue -- you know, I'm far enough ahead with some of these ideas I could probably disappear for a week and no one would notice the difference. I think I'll probably still SAY, "Hey, I'm moving soon, won't really be available for a bit," but still.

-->Have discovered the Show "Eight Out Of Ten Cats," a show about statistics and polls featuring various comedians and hosted by Jimmy Carr. Funnier than it sounds, trust me. So now we have something else to watch at night! Finding good shows on YouTube is tough, let me tell you. Especially when stuff disappears for copyright violations.

And now I should answer the stuff in my inbox and hit the sheets. A day of work, and then -- well, the real work begins. *deep breaths* Night all!