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May. 20th, 2013 11:31 pm
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So I'll keep it to a few quick bullet points:

-->Good RP day: FV-Victor's feeling indignant on the behalf of a friend and his roomie, and is trying to help a new friend with a most unfortunate situation involving her magic side in Mallow Hallow, and is continuing to meet all the people on tumblr. Butterfly Boy's trying to help a friend with her broken mechanical leg, and I'm thinking of throwing him into a [community profile] bakerstreet spring-themed meme. . . I should set up some sort of schedule for all my RP journals up here. To make sure they all get a chance to get out and about as time goes on. *puts that on to-do list*

-->Last of the Mallow Snippets: Dreams This one is the most tied to his actual threads in the game, and contains some light Valice feels near the end. So, yeah. Enjoy!

-->I also got For You Were Not The One up on my website. Yes, the oneshot gets an info page. I want to show off my covers without making reading the stories themselves clunky.

-->Weather got surprisingly decent today after a rather lousy start! I got in a good walk, and I'm finally wearing my light pajamas. :D Yay warm weather! Just hope it stays decent. . .

-->Worked some on Victor's Wonderland -- got write-ups for all of his Domains now! I'll post those later.

And that should be everything. Vicky out.
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Which is good, because I had ALL THE RP. SERIOUSLY. XD Butterfly Boy's tumblr woke up from a long period of quiet -- which is good, because it involved many Valice feels and suchlike. And Forgotten Vows FINALLY has an Alice on Tumblr again, so yaaay for that. But yeah, lots and lots of threads to keep track of. Good thing I mostly got my brain back. I wouldn't say I'm at the full 100%, but I'm about 88-95%, so that'll do for now.

Dreamwidth RP has been a little quieter, though I've found no less than three posts on [community profile] mallowhallow I'd like FVV to respond to. I've gotten two down, so that just leaves one to go. . . Also, I have fic! Your second Mallow Snippet for all to enjoy. :) I like doing these little snippets -- it's fun, and it keeps the brain going. I know I should be working on "Forgetting You," yes, but -- well, like I said, not full 100%. I should probably wait just a bit so I'm back up to at least 98% so I can do proper fic things.

Not much else to report, mostly because it rained today. And it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week. >.< Blargh. Crappy May is crappy.

And now I have more tags and suchlike to attend to, so I am off. Later!
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Okay, so it's an associate's degree in English from a community college, and I don't even have the diploma yet (they mail them to you), but still! Did the whole "pomp and circumstance" business with the robe and such, then the folks and I went out to eat. Outback restaurant, which we haven't been to in a while -- food was great, and our waitress was fantastic. :D Always nice to get a good experience there.

I also got some cash from my parents and my aunt and uncle next door. Which totals, together, $600.

Fucking hell, I was not expecting that. I mean -- I thought I was going to get a little gift card to a store or something. Not a month's buffer on my rent. (Which I really need, because I need to find a job while I decide about furthering my education. Mom's suggested online classes, which sounds great because that'll leave me free to do other stuff.) I mean -- wow. That's -- I hope they understand how much I appreciate it, I really do.

Of course, the price of the day out is productivity, but I've got some stuff I'd like to share with you. First up is some fanfiction I wrote for [personal profile] forgotten_vows, inspired by thinking about how he'd get settled into his new home. There's three stories so far that sort of serve as "hole-fillers" explaining a few things he did "off-screen", and Mallow Snippets: Soak is the first. Strongly inspired by me researching Victorian bathing habits, by the by. Victor's used to tin baths you drag in front of fires, not fixed-plumbing tub/shower combos. :P I'll try to get the other two up soon.

The other thing is more of a repost of something you've seen before: "Losing You" is up on my website. So if you ever want to read it there, feel free. I'll be adding "Finding You" sooner or later. Gotta get back to "Forgetting You," though -- I'll try and start on that again tomorrow.

And now I really should make an effort to catch up with my RP tags. Oh dear, that's the one really bad thing about being away all afternoon and evening. . . .
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