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Sims: I've updated the site I use for Restful Springs -- free free to catch up on Victor's Journal and Alice's Journal at your leisure. I'm going to try and get back into the habit of playing and giving you [personal profile] ink_sec_sims updates too.

Fanfic: Edited Chapter 26 of "Forgetting You" today, after a quick playthrough of the final battle to get me in the mood. Although it was my first time attempting it with the X-Box controller, I actually did pretty well! And it felt good to kill that fucker again. I also made a quick change to the description of the battle arena in Chapter 25 -- you see, I decided to look up at the ceiling for once, and whoops, it's NOT heavy steel being held up by those two pillars. It's a glass dome, and the pillars don't even reach it. So I corrected that once I got off the game. Serves me right for never looking up before. :P

DragonVale: Been doing a little island rearranging, have no idea how I want any of this to look anymore. >.< I'm just trying to maximize the available space I have for habitats! On the plus side, I've upgraded three of my treat farms, and I've won a few more races, including a gem and another piece of the Time Claw (plus a couple of duplicates I traded for cash). I sent Everest out to Quest, and he's going to be gone for a full day, so I'm probably getting another shard of Time Claw. Even if it's a duplicate, that's still a nice chunk of change. And if I finish it off, hey, great! One step closer to Kairos! On the breeding front, I have a Blizzard incubating, and Elsa and Jethro are most likely making me a Mine dragon. I also FINALLY got to summon the Epic Breeding Island -- Sneezy won the Gold in the Air event, and with that plus the gem I won racing and gems gotten from friends, I had enough to summon it. I'm now down to three gems, but that's the price I pay -- and it'll be worth it to have multiple breeding projects going on at once. The next phase of gathering gems will be dedicated to upgrading the Nursery to four eggs, then I'll upgrade the breeding cave, then the breeding island.

And now I'm going to sign Mom's card and wrap her present, so later!


May. 19th, 2012 10:36 pm
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Though we've got a new router, so upstairs wireless has been restored, hooray. Mainly, though, today was spent working on "Losing You," getting another update for Victor's and Alice's journals at the Restful Springs site, RPing on tumblr, and watching Helloween. Oh, and doing a little editing on "Secundus's" epilogue, though I want to give it another pass. A few parts of it feel like they need more tweaking. It's kind of hard to get in everything I wanted to get in.

Anyway, update of the day are new sections added to the above links, so check 'em out if you're so inclined. I'm back to tumblr/writing now.
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I've been a busy little beaver when it comes to celebrating. Observe:

-->Wore my official AMA shirt, and my Tim Burton's Alice Cheshire sweatshirt (it's been chilly lately)
-->Had a small waffle bowl of cake batter ice cream with M&Ms mixed in (yum)
-->Played Alice in her asylum in Restful Springs, and did updates for both her and Victor at the Restful Springs site. As usual, hers is the more interesting one.
-->Made a simple birthday graphic for my tumblrs -- not the best, but I like it anyway
-->Had Forgotten Vows give his Alice some cake and an umbrella, which she appreciated (yay for getting to play with Alice again a little)
-->Did the party for Alice over in the Inkwell -- Secundus Alice showed up and got a present too, just 'cause.
-->Had Butterfly Boy wish all the Alices he knows a happy birthday
-->Had Victor Plush wish his Alice a happy birthday on Twitter
-->Posted an Alice fic! Vorpal Blade -- I've been sitting on it for a while. I figured I'd clean it up a bit and put it out there in honor of the occasion.
-VD: Cripes, that's a lot.-
I know. And there's one more thing I'm gonna do -- post a 25 Foods!
25 Foods: Prompt 22 )

Enjoy that final bit of Alice-mania -- I have tags to answer, then YouTube browsing to do.
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Alice's group is easily the most entertaining, though it looks like Victor's group is slowly starting to catch up. The only reason I can think of for why the men were doing better than the women was the men apparently were getting more Grilled-Cheese related wants. We'll see how things go with their next week.

In other news, got to come home extra-early today, thanks to being able to catch a bus that leaves right after my math class. So nice to be able to hang out at home most of the day. Wasn't able to get a walk in, though. Wind was KILLER today. 50 mph gusts. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I need gum, at the very least.

Oh, and "Secundus" continues to go well. Making it a goal to get Chapter 17 up this weekend.
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-->Got THREE drabbles written for the [ profile] charloft prompt -- I originally thought up one for Lucy and one for [ profile] secundus_cast's Alice, but then I came up with one for Butterfly Boy too.
-->Finished off The Fifth Elephant -- good book. I like Commander Sam Vimes. :) And Fred -- ye gods, Fred. *shakehead fondly*
-->Ended up only having one class today -- my Fantasy Lit teacher never showed up, and I didn't have to attend Biology because I'd already finished all the work for it
-->Hit counseling, got the classes I really do need to take next semester -- and it went down so fast, I was still able to catch an early bus home!
-->Played some Sims in my extra free time -- Alice's half of the Asylum Challenge. And, to my great delight, ONE OF THE PATIENTS FINALLY HAD A BREAKDOWN. Read about it at the bottom of this page! And here's Victor's somewhat less exciting update at the bottom of this one.
-->I also got Chapter 14 of "Secundus" up! It's kind of short, but it sets up the villains.
-->Went out and got some fresh gum, and found a cheaper flavor that had a 50 cents off coupon stuck to it.

Tomorrow's Friday the 13th.

I'm going to fall down an open manhole to make up for all this, aren't I?

Well, anyway, enjoy the updates created by my small streak of minor good luck. :)
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The inmates are still proving to be annoyingly low-key, though both of them DID start stove fires today. Now if only one of them would wet themselves or something. Damn it, Sims, why are you suddenly smart?
Anyway, you can read up on what antics they did get up to on Alice's and Victor's journals. Enjoy! And keep your fingers crossed the real crazy will eventually come out!
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Doing the Asylum Challenge is actually easier than I expected. I haven't yet experienced any serious urges to try and click on the other characters. Nor have I gotten any major disasters or fights beyond those cooking fires at Rutledge. My Sims seem determined to get along, earn skills, and always manage to get to the toilet on time.

Everyone else has chaos, I get the most well-behaved "crazy" Sims ever. XD Ah well, we're only on Day Two. . .

Anyway, check out Restful Springs. Victor and Alice's journal pages have been updated, and I added a page about the challenge with some vital stats for all the characters.

And yes, I DID make all of the "crazy" Sims Grilled Cheese Sims in their second Aspiration. XD I couldn't help myself -- it just seemed too amusing not to do.
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And -- it was pretty quiet, actually. Most everybody seems to be getting along, a lot of the patients are happy playing games with each other and riding the gyrosphere until they get sick, and the only major "incident" was a stove fire at Rutledge. Well, two stove fires, but one of the patients actually took care of the second one. (Seriously! When the hell did Sims get smart enough to try to put out fires themselves?)

You can see the highlights in plot form at the website: here and here. Alice's LTW surprised me in a good way -- I never would have guessed for THAT to come up. XD Ah well, only thing to do is wait for the Entertainment job to come up in the paper.

Now, a question -- would you guys like an "outtakes" page on the site? Showing off some of the pics that don't make it into the updates? (For example, a shot of the second stove fire, which isn't in the main update because Alice didn't witness it?) 'Cause I can do that if you're interested.
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First, Chapter 13 of "Secundus" is up! The chapter where it all starts going to hell. Enjoy!

And I have another website up entirely -- Weebly lets you make two on the free account. Go ahead and peruse the site I'll be using for my double Asylum Challenge: Welcome To Restful Springs. There's some pictures up, including the pics of the crazies! I made a tumblr post all about them, so rather than repeating myself so late in the day, I'll just direct you thataway. Have fun!
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Have some pictures:
For All Your Asylum Challenge Needs )

Anyway, that's my major accomplishment of the day. I've also finally decided on a chapter break for Chapter 13, so look for that to be posted soon. Now the question becomes -- will Chapter 14 be Barkis meeting the Queen AND the Queen assaulting the city, or just Barkis meeting the Queen? If it's the latter, 14 will be rather short, but I feel like Victor's final butterfly dream should open a chapter. . . .
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-->Finished the cartoon adaptation of Soul Music the other day. Thoughts: a pretty good adaptation overall -- I especially liked what they did with the tour -- but I was kind of disappointed by the ending. It felt rushed, and they skipped over a lot of the more important bits (like the fact that killing the music just might end the universe). But at least we got the motorcycle. :D Also, they got Ponder Stibbons wrong -- if I remember, he's one of the few THIN wizards, and has no facial hair. This one was rather plump with a goatee-like beard. *shakehead* Ridicully and the Dean looked great, though. Now I just gotta check out Hogfather's adaptation.

-->Yes, I know I still need to post pictures of my new minimate DeLorean. I've been distracted by other things, sorry! ^^; I'll try to get one up tomorrow or the next day.

-->Got hit with a major inspiration boost for "Secundus." We're finally into the climax! I just got Victor captured. I actually rewrote part of this scene -- originally, Victor was captured by some of the Queen's tentacles. But looking up one of Alice's quotes when she first meets the Executioner got me to thinking -- why don't I write him into the story? So I did. This also means I gotta work in the Epic Footsmash -- I'm thinking Alice grabbing some defective "Eat Me" cake that allows her to grow, but only for a few minutes.

-->I promised you some pictures of Restful Springs, and so I shall deliver! Behold!
Restful Springs. It's Restful. )
Hope you enjoyed that look. Next time you should see the finished asylums. God, doing this challenge is going to be hard for me. I'm going to want to control the other Sims sooo much. . . . But hey, hopefully it'll be funny, at least. And have a happy ending for Victor and Alice.

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