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Okay folks, here it is -- have a sporking!
Click the LJ-Cut, Frank )

Gotta love the bad fanfic, right? Hope you enjoyed!

*guitar twang*
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It hasn't been the best week overall (though today wasn't too bad, and Kickassia is proving to be fantastic), and I'm in the mood to mock. So -- allow me to present a short, horrible crossover fic from the Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas section on
Adventure HO! )

Yeeks, that took longer than I wanted. I gotta hit the sack! Night!

Oh Lordy

Oct. 18th, 2009 10:34 pm
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I found this while browsing the web, looking up "flower language" (just curious as to what Victor might want to give Alice in a bouquet that wouldn't involve roses), and I just KNEW it had to be snarked. This is from Victorian Bazaar, a very poorly formatted and rather goofy site. I think it sells Victorian-themed stuff, but after seeing the way some of the pages look, I wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. Except to make fun of their little story here. Take it away, Victor and Alice.
Blythe and Thomas, A Romance for the Ages )
Yeaaah. Interesting, eh?
And now, I gotta get ready for bed -- time to put on the flannel sheets again. *sigh* It was SNOWING up in Foxboro today! *scared of what the hell the weather will be like on Halloween*
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Okay, last night's power outage has not repeated itself, so time for snarkings. :D Victor and Alice take on the text of a joke paper made to look like a 1894 treatise about proper sexual relations, and a list from the May 1955 edition of Housekeeping Monthly about being a good wife. Take it away, you two:
It's -- Essay Sign? )

Not much else to say except that Linkara was in fine form tonight. Did you know there was a KOOL-AID MAN COMIC?! Ooh, the things people will do for cash. . . .
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-TD: About time, huh?-
Yeah -- stupid printer problems. I've been waiting on this for months! Anyway, the book itself looks great. It's even got a few extra pages in the back with some of the images they previously offered as donation wallpapers. :D And the bookplate sketch is AWESOME. Since my scanner is being a little bitch, you'll have to settle for pictures of it after we framed it:
Gil Is The Best )

While that's the obvious highlight of my day, I have to say that Linkara was pretty damn awesome today too. He took on "Batman: Fortunate Sons," a 1999 graphic novel about Batman and Robin fighting this crazed rock star. It's basically about how everything connected to rock is evil.
-M: *jawdrop* WHAT THE HELL?!-
-M2: That's screwed up! Is this one of those idiots who thinks rock is from the devil or something?-
I don't know! Maybe he likes Jack Chick! (Somebody has to.)
-Martys: *fume, muttergrumble*-
-VD2: Moving along, how's the fanfic coming?-
Got some more written on "When Worlds Collide," got the first prompt of 30 Dances written in my notebook. I should also mention I've gone back and put tags on a lot of the fanfic in my memories -- I wanted an easy way to identify all of it, particularly the prompt fics. I'll be including all the tags on this entry so you guys can click back and see what's what.
So yeah, today, all told, has been pretty good.

Which means tomorrow's probably going to suck. *braces self*
-HD: Oh, don't be so negative.-
I can't help it. You've seen what happens when I'm happy!
-D: Go play some more Spymaster and try not to think about it.-
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-RPD: It certainly seems so.-
Heh, yeah. [ profile] revison_doc update yesterday -- I finally started work on the Morte's little flower shop. And today we have a [ profile] eurekasims update, with Emmett hitting the town. He's really starting to annoy me, ya know.
-TD: How so? He's a Sim -- he's at your beck and call.-
Yeah, if only his love interests were. He's met another two-bolter, Meadow Wood -- she's at the BOTTOM of the list of two-bolters!
-TD: I fail to see the problem.-
The problem is, I kind of like Meadow! It's like everyone I like gets immediately shunted to the bottom of the list.
-VD2: Well, if he just met her --
*shakehead* relationship scores have nothing to do with it -- his top two in the attraction contest aren't even friends.
-RPD: That would be Debbie and Katherine, right?-
Yup -- Debbie the Stupid and Katherine the Argumentive. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to download a buyable wishing well and have him wish for a girlfriend.
-D: Well, nothing says I have to find a significant other in college.-
I know, I know. And my original plan was to have you be a single dad to Plant!Marty. Still, I want you to have love.
-VD: *smile* We appreciate the sentiment.-
On the plus side, I did a little poking around Riverblossom Hills, and I think I found you an appropriate house. Will need some conversion, I think, but with a little work. . . .
-RPD: *surprised* Not building it from scratch?-
Well, I was looking at the Seasons Strategy Guide, and I got interested in the designs. And like I said, I'll be modifying it.
-OD: *tentacles chitter* Now we're all curious. Pictures?-
Maybe tomorrow or the next day.
Anyway, here's an interesting quiz for you lot -- I saw it over on JournalFen (where I go to check out the HMS STFU): docsgirl took the free personality test!

"Wants interesting and exciting things to happen. A..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Mine's pretty accurate -- funny how you can get that from colors.
-M: You know, if you're looking for *stumbles a bit* psychoanalysis, you had my Doc marry a shrink.-
LOL, I know, but given she comes from my own head, she might not have a truly objective opinion.
And, to vent a few of the frustrations I've had today. . . .
Miss These? )

-DW: And yet again, lives up to its nickname of "The Pit."-
-VDM: Was anyone else picturing them with really high-pitched voices?-
Yeah -- ouch, huh?
-HD: *grabs SporkDoc and SporkMarty and gives them biscuits* For a stellar performance in the face of absurdity.-
-SporkMarty: Don't you mean "adversity?"-
-HD: That too. Tea?-
-SporkDoc: I think we're going to need something a little stronger. Thanks anyway.-
I suppose I should go write myself. Got a "summer" drabble I need to finish, after all.
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Good news!
-TD: You stopped stalling on the "Boy Genius" edits?-
No, you still get to poke me on that. However, you get a new story to poke me about now too.
-VDM: O.o? I thought you weren't starting the sequel--
Starting with title ideas.
-VDM: Oooooh, the Narbonic one. . . .-
-TD: Really, that's your next project?-
Sure, it's been on the brain. I just wish I had a title.
-TD: Hmmmmm. . . .-
-HD: *starts looking for one under the bed*-
LOL, let me know if you find anything.
-D: How's everything coming with your regular writing?-
Managed a page and a half on "From the Ashes Reborn" -- which is amazing, considering BOTH my regular coworkers called out. . . .
-VD: . . . We won't ask.-
Don't worry, a great game of Jetpack Doc put me back to rights. Though I'm tempted to give them a taste of their own medicine and call out on Friday.
-VD2: As long as you spend it semi-productively, we won't complain.-
Heh, didn't think you would. Anyway, that combined with yesterday's rewatch of MST3K's "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders" put me in a certain mood.
-M: *grin* Grab the sporks?-
Grab the sporks!
A Sporking We Will Go )

-VuM: Where do you FIND this stuff?-
Just gotta know where to look. I ALMOST did the Jennifer/Lorraine fic in the M section, but I just didn't have the stomach to read it.
-J: Thank God for small favors.-
Well, now that that's out of my system, I believe I'll mosey on off. We have a [ profile] revison_doc update if you want to see -- April, Dave, and Linda.
-RPD: They'll be graduating soon, won't they?-
Yup. Things are gonna get interesting -- people will finally be moving into subhoods!
-DW: Oh, Vic -- *pokes me and points to a bunny*-
Oh, yes -- [ profile] gigs_83, would you take this thing and give it a good home or something? I read Doc's Uncyclopedia article a few days ago, and it mentioned him being a time lord. Since then I've had this idea of the Doctor being Doc's father.
-D: O.o Why do you want our mother to have an affair?-
Do you want to be related to Elias?
-D: . . . Point, but still. . . .-
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Work was annoying again (though not to the level of yesterday), my knees hurt because I managed to trip and fall on the way to work, and I'm pretty sure I'm PMSing. Boys, suit up:


Ahhh. It may have been short, but I feel better already.
-VD: Glad to hear it. Now can you write your own capitalized and puncuated fanfic?-
I believe I can. Got a lot done on "Boy Genius" 2.0 today to make up for not getting to it yesterday.
-TD: *beam* Glad to hear it.-
And I have that fanart to work on.
-OD: Yes yes yes.-
-DW: Any ideas for the current [ profile] backtothefanfic challenge?-
Sort of -- I was thinking of doing Prompt 1, since I kind of already covered Prompt 2 with "Homecoming." Hmmmm. . . .
-HD: Well, it's Clara's birthday in just 26 minutes and 42 seconds. Hopefully that will provide inspiration.-
*fingers crossed*
-RPD: Did you update [ profile] revison_doc?-
Yup -- Marie and Daniel are happy elders now. Had a nice little birthday party. Tomorrow, I'm trying for Otto and Rosie's wedding.
-VD2: Interesting. . . .-
Anyway, fic time. See y'all later!
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Though RPD can't complain, I did get a nice [ profile] revison_doc update done. Julia Von Braun is now an employee at the McFlys' Baker's Dozen.
-RPD: Would have been happier if you'd made it to Eureka as well, but this will do nicely.-
-D: I suppose we should have seen this coming -- how on earth are you supposed to write anything if you're on an MST3K kick?-
-TD: On that note, what the HELL were you watching this morning?-
LOL, that's right, you've never seen Manos: The Hands of Fate. I couldn't resist -- after seeing the boys on YouTube. . . .
-VD: Well, how do you propose to get it out of your system?-
How else?

Push the Button, Frank! )

Not as bad as some of the fare out there, but still pretty pathetic.
-D: I fear the BTTF section of sometimes.-
It's not all bad. There's a mix -- some good stuff, a lot of average stuff, and some bad stuff. Like any other fandom, really.
-VD: "Jewels" and "Vern," really. . . .-
-OD: *tentacles hiss* That was PATHETIC. I mean, leaving the "e" off "Verne" I could understand, but -- *headdesk*-
Don't worry, most people do know it's Jules and Verne. You'd have to be a real idiot to think Doc would name a boy "Jewels."
-M: As in family?-
*groan* That was bad.
-VuM: Well, it's 2:30 in the morning.-
What?! Holy crap! Well, um, I guess this is good night, all! *runs off*
-VD2: You'd better write tomorrow!-
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Yesterday, I slept in until ONE O'CLOCK in the afternoon. Today, I spent the morning cleaning my room and watching an MST3K, and after dinner we watched another MST3K. As you might imagine, productivity kind of went out the window.
-D: *rolls eyes* Figures.-
-VD: At least your slept debt should be mostly taken care of.-
Yeah, I know. Yayz for that.
And lo, I wasn't completely lazy. Not only did I manage my usual with "Past Amnesia," I also got two things uploaded:
Hoverboards 1885-2015
Chapter 8 of "BTTX-2: Time of the Spider"
I've also taken a peek inside my stats -- not only is TeenDoc my favorite at the moment, he seems to be everyone else's favorite at the moment. "Teen Doc" has gotten 3098 hits and 13 faves on
-TD: O.O Wow.-
-VDM: . . . . You know, I'm starting to believe you could conquer the world.
-VD2: I'm afraid to ask who was number two?-
For hits, "Eight Arms to Hold You" with 1372. For faves, "BTTX" with 11. I guess people like Marvel crossovers.
-OD: I'll say. But 1372 to 3098?!-
-DW: I wonder what the reaction would be to "Boy Genius?"-
Probably a loud chorus of "huhs" from people who don't read the the comic. :( I'm happy with the Yahoo Group and my website -- less chance of possible Foglio stumblage. They're forbidden from reading fan fic, you know.
-D: Idea infringement and all that?-
Yeah, basically.
-H: I don't think you'd have to worry, your ideas are pretty far out there.-
Even so. . . .
I should also mention two [ profile] revison_doc updates, from the Mortes and Shaws. The twins are expecting a birthday, and it looks like Sarah Von Braun is down to her last day of life. *whimper* I'm gonna miss you, Sarah. . . .
-VD: *wince* Just have to remind myself -- better this way than in a painful car accident.-
-TD: Or shot to death by her husband.-
-VD2: Great Scott, you even outdo us on angst.-
-E: That's NOT a good thing.-

It's That Time Again )
Whew! Sporkilious. Enjoy all, I'm off to bed. Gotta get up at a decent hour to go to my aunt's. I promise I'll do more writing tomorrow, guys.
-DW: And don't forget about that Legacy Challenge idea.-
I know. *tries to poke away the idea about doing it herself with Emma Heterobach*
-TD: Three injokes for the price of one!-
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-OD: You to do something with "Hoverboards!"-
-D: You to finish up "The Originals!"-
-VD: You to do more with "V.D.!"-
-VD2: You to write more Drabbles88!-
-DW: You to actually act on this "Doc's first drink" plotbunny!-
-TD: You to -- Wait, you're doing everything I want you to do. Never mind.-
-D: *annoyed* And while you're at it, stop playing favorites.-
I'm not! It's not my fault "Boy Genius" is the big project at the moment.
-VD2: . . . Yes it is.-
-VD: *pokes* "V.D." is also your big project, start doing some more revisions!-
-MF: And just finish up "The Originals" already. The "Musevolution" plot bunny is getting kind of annoying.-
-M: I want to see "Hoverboards" too. You've already got the better sketch.-
*points* Hey look, Whose Line? Greatest Hits.
-M2: Where?-
-VD: Stop trying to distract us!-
But it's easier than working! I'm not really that lazy, I'm working on "Boy Genius" as TeenDoc said. And I have been making pretty good progress with "Past Amnesia."
-D: All right, we'll give you that. But can't you do something with any of your other projects?-
Let me see what happens this weekend. I'm taking the weekend off from "Boy Genius" to work on other stuff.
-DW: Good. The Teen Doc ideas are really dominating at the moment.-
-TD: What's wrong with that? Technically, I belong to all of you.-
-OD: Not in your current form.-
I promise you, after "Past Amnesia" I start on "The Gift and the Curse." I've still got a bit of a Marvel Mood going on.
-OD: Oh, good. But can you give us some fan art too?-
I'll try, I'll try. I know you guys deserve more attention. *hugs* But come on, let's watch a bit more Whose Line? together first.
-D: All right, but only because the show produces such amusement.-

Actually, It's Time For-- )
And now to try and write at least another Drabbles88 entry before these guys poke me to death.
-TD: You can't think of anything for Brown?-
I'm trying, I'm trying!
crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (In a sarcastic mood)
-D: That's rather overkill, isn't it?-
Well, I want to get stuff DONE. Poking around with "Unsolved Mysteries" (the evil Jill fic) and "Big Teeth" isn't good enough for me! I need to "write" write! And stop reading [ profile] deleterius and HMS STFU beforehand.
-VD: That probably would help, yes. So what do you plan to do?-
Well, I will allow myself some fooling around on the web time. But I'm reserving two hours on Saturday and Sunday (probably either right before or right after I play Sims) to just plain write.
-VD2: Well, or edit.-
Either way! *pokes self* Come on, get your get up and go back!
-DW: Your get up and go's still here -- otherwise you wouldn't be producing so many plotbunnies. It just seems to be rudderless at the moment.-
-TD: Well, when it comes to typing at any rate. Your actual written work doesn't seem to be suffering too much. Even yesterday, you wrote SOMETHING.-
True. I suppose I'm not COMPLETELY useless when it comes to fan fic.
-D: Is it anything in particular that's hindering you with your writing?-
Editing is just plain old procrastination. Actual writing is annoying little writer's blocks preventing me from getting to the juicy bits. Example -- I know how to do Jill's breakup, I've gone over it in my head at work -- I'm just not sure how to get there.
-OD: I must admit, we rather support anything that keeps Jill away from us.-
This is just delaying the inevitable. *prods the story* Work, darn you.

On a lighter note, here's the update from the Hill Valley Tannens. Biff and Jiff have crossed an important threshold -- some red hands and a tickle, and they're best friends.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
-M: Tannens best friends with ANYONE? I'm impressed.-
So am I. They spent the early morning hours doing creative stuff, though Jiff also took the chance to work out a little.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Then it was time for breakfast -- and for Biff, a drink. Don't you love that beer belly of his?
-VM: Uh, NO.-
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Jiff headed off for school, and a little while afterwards, Biff went to work. Buford passed by as Biff got in the carpool. Ended up stealing Biff's paper.
Free Image Hosting at
Jiff was the first home. His grades now at C+, I decided to have him do a little homework. Jiff cares just enough to keep from failing.
Free Image Hosting at
However, I never realized that a Sim who never learned to study takes FOREVER to do his homework. He ended up leaving it at 90% complete because his fun was bottoming out.
After abandoning his homework, I had him greet Joey Baines to satisfy a "meet someone new" want.
Free Image Hosting at
He and Joey didn't talk much, as Joey went straight to Jiff's bass. To fill his fun, Jiff did the Dance of the Dork.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
-M: *snrrk*-
-M2: That's bad. *giggle*-
Yeah, I know. Biff returned home with a promotion to Con Artist and Komei -- the work boost made them friends, which is good. Jiff sent Joey home, then turned on the radio and started smustling.
Free Image Hosting at
I had Biff join in after a bath -- however, he joined in while still in the bathroom, which meant he couldn't see who he was smustling with. Which led to some amusing expressions:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Then it was time for Biff to work out -- he needs a Body point (and two mechanical points) to get a promotion. Out of curiosity, I had Jiff act as his Personal Trainer. He got awfully pissed at Biff.
Free Image Hosting at
Eventually Jiff shooed him off the machine and did some working out himself. Biff alternated between cheering him -- and crying his eyes out. O.o
Free Image Hosting at
He actually temporarily trapped Jiff there with his sobbing, so I ended the session and sent Jiff to bed. Biff got his Body Point, then went on a mysterious late-night mission.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Yup, he stole his gnome back (though I don't recall him getting a gnome stolen). Then it was off to bed for him.
-J: Interesting day.-
Yup, though I wish Strickland had wandered by. Ah well. Another time.
Random shot of a pretty rainbow over Hill Valley:
Free Image Hosting at

Tired Enough To Try It )
-VD: . . . That's got to be a troll.-
I don't know -- she is on the message board, and she types like that ALL THE TIME. She also has two other stories -- "Jennifer Parker's Diary" and "Jennifers Youngest Daughter," written in the same style.
-OD: *tentacles headdesk* We're sure she's not eight?-
*goes over to her profile on BTTFOnline* She lists her birthday as June 10, 1988. That means she's roughly two years younger than me -- about 17.
-M: *facepalm*-
Yeah, I know.
Well, I really need to ged to bed. Night all, enjoy the spork, and I dare someone to create an icon that reads: "Your stupidity makes (Doc Brown/Marty McFly) emo."

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