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It really depends on the original pieces, but overall I'm in favor. After all, I write the damn stuff. I find it's a good way to explore what happened after the movie/book/what-have-you, or (as I like to do) alternate universe ideas.

Sorry about the silence yesterday, was wrapped up watching the Chibi-Robo stuff. Finally saw all of Mort and Princess Pitt's arc, which was nice. I still wish I could have seen it on its own, instead of slogging through all the other side arcs to get through each of their parts. *shrug* What are you gonna do.

Spent the afternoon up at CCRI, taking the Accuplacer test so they can see what classes I should take. The English parts were okay, but I have a renewed hatred of math. Especially algebra.
-D: What is so bad about math?-
Nothing, if you're YOU. Me, I'm not mathematically inclined. I see (2x+7)(x-9) and go, "What do I do with that? And what's the point?"
-TD: And yet you seem to love us and inventions in general.-
Yes. Because I'm not the one having to figure out all the equations in building them. I can just look and go, "Ooh, shiny!" There's a reason I gloss over as much of the technobabble as I can in my BTTF stuff.

In other news, Nostalgia Critic did the Care Bears movie today. Funny stuff, but I'm REALLY looking forward to next week. Why?
God damn, do they pull out all the stops for their anniversaries.
-M: Think it's gonna top the Brawl?-
I dunno -- but I'm looking forward to finding out.
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My journal name's Doc's Girl -- who do you think?
-HD: Victor Van Dort?-
. . . Um, actually, now I'm kind of torn. Doc's manic and sparky and would lead to lots of grease-covered fun, while Victor's sweet and shy and could probably show me a good time with his piano-playing skills.

*gets out the "Threesomes Solve Everything!" sign*
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