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Happy Birthday Gigs!

As promised, I have fic! Secundus-based fic, as is currently standard. Just some fluffy silliness, but we all like that, right?

"So. . .does he just keep going in circles like this forever?"

Victor snorted and shook his head. "No no. Sometimes he does figure eights, or tries to jump on things. He gets tired eventually." He looked again at his new pet, zipping around the kitchen on his stout little legs, thrilled with the simple act of running. "Very eventually."

Lisa giggled. "I can see why you named him Lightning."

"Well, technically I named him that because he has a zig-zaggy white patch on his forehead," Victor explained. Lightning, seemingly sensing he was the topic of conversation, ran under his chair, barking. "I wasn't expecting him to live up to it so -- enthusiastically."

"Well, he's still a cutie," Lisa declared, leaning over and patting her leg. "Come on, Lightning, here boy!"

Lightning responded immediately to the summons, bouncing up on hind legs to put his paws on her knee. Lisa scooped him up and held him in her lap as he tried to sniff every bit of her his nose could reach. "How come it took you so long to get a dog in the first place?" she added, scratching him between the ears and getting his stubby tail wagging even faster. "You're always going on about how Scraps was your best friend growing up. What was the hold-up?"


Ruff! Ruff!

Victor looked up to see Ferdinand bound past the window, his wide blue wings sending leaves and flower petals swirling through the air in mini-tornadoes. He turned back to Lisa with a grin. "Exhibit A."

Lisa blushed and fiddled with her glasses as Lightning yapped in Ferdinand's general direction. "Right," she said, shaking her head. "You know, you'd think I'd be the last person to forget that Ferdy's technically half-dog."

"It's understandable," Victor assured her. "Doc still jumps sometimes if Ferdy surprises him with a bark. Goodness, he even startles me sometimes. . ." He glanced fondly out the window. "But yes, Ferdinand was more than enough when Alice and I first moved in. Honestly, if Alice hadn't seen 'Corgi Puppies For Sale, Babbage Heights Apartments' in the paper and thought one might be a nice gift for me. . .I don't know if I ever would have gotten a 'traditional' dog at all."

"Mmmm." Lisa gave Lightning one last scratch around the ears, then put him back down on the floor. "Happy that things turned out the way they did?"

Victor watched as Lightning promptly resumed his speedy circuit around the kitchen, tongue hanging out and perfectly content with life. He smiled brightly. "Very."

Hey, Lisa's gotta meet the newest animal member of the Van Dorts too, doesn't she? Especially since she'll probably be treating him in the future. Besides, I like writing about hyperactive little Lightning. XD

This story also allows me to explain why it took so long (and a nudge from an RP partner on tumblr) for the Secundus Victor to get a dog -- technically, he already had one. I'd always imagined Ferdy with dog DNA to allow for his enormous size and general resilience, and -- well, a giant butterfly who could both take Victor on rides and play fetch seemed enough of a pet for him. It wasn't until my friend Britt had her Alice give Butterfly Boy a puppy for Christmas that I fell in love with him having an a dog -- and this corgi in particular. :) Happily everyone else seems to love him too. :) I hope you do as well, Gigs!

Rest of the day has been all right, for the most part. I've had to deal with the first day of my period, of course, and dealing with the insurance for the house continues to fill me with rage. But work itself wasn't too bad, and I finally got to see The Lego Batman Movie with the family tonight. Funny stuff! "Oblivious Jerk Man-Child Who Really Does Care Deep Down" Batman is my favorite Batman. XD And I liked the more heartfelt moments too. For a loving parody, it does a good job of showing just how badly his parents' deaths screwed Bruce up. And Robin was adorable XD I can recommend it as a worthy spin-off of The Lego Movie.

As you might guess, movie time means TV Tropes time afterward -- I'm currently chowing down on the movie's page set. Hey, it's Friday night, and my period means I'm not really in a talky/writey mood. Might as well embrace the lazy. It's gonna get busy next weekend, after all. . . Night all!
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Well in my defense I read it late at night so I only had time for a very quick reply, lol. So Ferdy can bark, eh? *makes mental note* XD
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