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Was tired most of the day today -- I blame it being kind of muggy last night, coupled with the usual "stressed out about moving" stuff and my usual penchant for going to bed later than I ought to. Fortunately, today was Parish Weekly Reports day, so I could take it a little easy during the exports. Got all my comments drafted, and even did some reply drafts for when I get back into the tumblr RP scene (because it pays to plan ahead some with that). So that's a good thing. Hoping to be a little more awake tomorrow, though -- got cash gifts to investigate and rug-shopping for my new room after work.

Not much else to note, really. Weather was miserable this morning, but managed to clear up this afternoon (which is good, as I had to walk home from the bus stop -- parents were ripping up the old carpet at the house all day. Hence the rug-buying tomorrow). Bus driver in the morning was annoyingly slow at times; one in the afternoon was a speed demon that genuinely worried me at times. Got another chunk written on "First Time," in which I got to reference some new knowledge on how shit early "modern" condoms were. (The things I look up for this fic. . .and Victor and Alice tend to keep going off into tangents instead of doing any do. Which, I guess makes sense, as I headcanon Alice as pretty much asexual and this particular Victor is a trauma victim and I don't see him as having a crazy-busy libido anyway.) Caught up on the tumblr and -- yeah, that's about it. Not a very exciting life. Which I suppose is a good thing when you're on the verge of moving. . .

Well, anyway. Got two things to answer to clear out my inbox, then I should try to hit the sheets and hope tonight is a better sleeping night. See ya!
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