Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Well, mostly normal -- it is a shorter week. But it's the end of the major long weekends for a while, and the beginning of the ramp-up of shit happening at work. This probably contributes to me being done with winter after Christmas, since the next four-day weekend to look forward to is Easter in spring, and then we move onto the half-day Fridays in July and August. . . I mean, we do have another three-day weekend in January, and a three-day in February, but if I want extra days off, I'll either have to use vacation time or pray for snowstorms -- and snowstorms come with their own disadvantages, like possibly knocking out the internet. Bleh. All right, come on summer!

Anyway, quick sum-up of my day:

-->Another long drive to look at houses -- went on I-95 for the first time! Wasn't too scary, or at least no scarier than being on any other highway. I always get a bit nervous about that simply because you have to go fast and -- well, RI has a lot of curvy roads and I'm always super-aware that fucking up at this speed is a big pile of NO. But it actually went very well! One small incident with a curb, but that barely even warrants mentioning. One house was pending for sale, but the other seemed okay -- though the backyard was very small. Mom and Dad will be checking out other possibilities tomorrow.

-->Wrote some more on Chapter 10 -- awkward meeting time between the Whites, the Van Dorts, and Nanny! It is kinda glorious. XD This should be a more light-hearted chapter to help balance out some of the darker ones. And should involve Victor finally remembering the famous Jack Splatter punch. Which is always a good thing.

-->Played some Vampire -- got Harry past a monster ambush and deeper into the sewer warrens. Have killed many beasts, but find myself stuck at a pumping station. I think I have to flood a certain area, but I can't do that without also activating a fan that pushes me back so I can't actually swim to where I need to go. Walkthroughs will probably be necessary! Also, I am extremely glad I have Fortitude, as it is the best for keeping one alive, I gotta say. Need to put more points into that, I think.

-->Watched Linkara take on a Digimon comic. It seemed okay, though the designs of the Digimon seem kind of -- meh compared to a lot of the designs I've seen for Pokemon. And their evolved forms don't seem to match their pre-evolution forms very well. . . Still, it was a decent issue 1, and as always, it was fun to listen to Linkara take the piss out of something. XD

-->Got started on my first "okay so here's a better explanation of this AU" post for The Valice Multiverse. I'd hoped to get it up tonight, but I kind of ran out of time thanks to needing to get to bed earlier. . .plus it looks like I'm going to have to tweak the tag page a little more. (Just add one or two tags to the bottom, though, that I forgot.) It's almost done, though, and once I have the format down I should be able to get the other ones up quicker. It's getting there, slowly but surely!

And speaking of getting to bed -- I should do that. Like, now. ^^; Too used to being able to stay up as late as I want. . . Night all, sleep tight!
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