Jan. 4th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor leaning over to look at a blue butterfly in a glass jar (CB: i has a happy thing)
As in, one of my coworkers was kind enough to bake me a belated birthday cake! Well, birthday and thank-you cake -- I think I mentioned that two of my coworkers have had foot issues recently, so for a while I was doing a lot of running around and fetching things for them because they couldn't really walk. (I've actually gotten into the habit of now just opening everybody's office door when I get in because of it.) So the cake was for that as well as my conveniently-recent birthday. Nice cake -- a bit crumbly, but a tasty chocolate with vanilla cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. :) And I got a nice card from them too -- I might write my own back. Gotta say, having nice coworkers really does make the job a lot easier. Especially on days like today, where all I did basically was maintenance. Tomorrow I've got a little more on my plate though -- gotta do a gift sync, and direct debits. Still, it'll make the day go by.

The night certainly went by -- after yesterday's kinda "meh" performance, I got hit with the creativity bug tonight with Chapter 10 of "Remembering You." Introduced what is more or less the main conflict of the chapter -- basically, Nell Does Not Approve of Victor being in love with Alice -- and managed to throw in a reference not only to Tim Burton's Alice, but one of my own AUs as well. At least this means the chapter's going places! And it got me to a good break point -- the chapter is about half-AlicePOV, half-Victor POV, and I just finished the Alice bit. So I'm in a good place to pause for a moment to post Chapter 9 tomorrow evening. Yay. :) And then I got caught up in rereading a few chapters of "Forgetting You" after that, so -- yeah. Not the most productive of evenings. Or, well, I guess it was a VERY productive evening followed by a very unproductive night. . .

Well, I got what I needed to get done done, so that's the good part. Now to finish off messages and hit the sheets. Night all!

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