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2017-01-08 10:53 pm

It Was 8 to 10 Inches Of Snow

So I was close in my estimation! Yeah, it was definitely a snowy one yesterday -- and with the roads still kinda shit for most of the day, it was another one where we all stayed inside. Fine by me -- I'm not one to venture out much during winter. I had stuff to do inside:

-->More on Chapter 10 of "Remembering You" -- Victor and Alice finally got upstairs, and Victor's parents finally made it back! So things are progressing. They're progressing slower than anticipated, though -- and between an evening house viewing I have going on tomorrow (well, me and Mom, possibly Dad) and the fact I have to write a quick fic for Moose for her upcoming birthday, it's now unlikely that this'll be ready for Friday. Probably I'll get it done on Saturday. . .ah well. Better to be a little delayed and put out a better product.

-->More Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines, and more of those freaking sewers. Found out how to get past the part that was stumping me -- it's basically "turn on the reservoirs and RUN LIKE HELL," which is -- stupid. There should be a way to BLOCK the fan that's pushing you back! Ugh. . . Well, got Harry past that point, and past the new monstrosities patrolling the area. Nearly died to the mini-boss of a woman-flesh-spider (eugh), but managed to get through. am now parked in what should be the final freaking combat zone before actually reaching the Warrens proper. Will be SO GLAD to be done with this level, seriously. Troika, I love you, but you dun fucked up here.

-->More Helloween:
1. ObsCure, which featured more poor cutscenes, more gribbly monsters, and some character death after Mr. Shotty failed Helloween! :O Turns out it was an enemy you were supposed to run from at first, but man. This game is equal parts narmy and creepy -- it's kind of a classic that way.

2. Aria of Sorrow, which took us all the way to the end boss. Got some pretty awesome weapons and souls near the end, and had some truly freaky boss fights. Turns out Dracula draws his power from Chaos, which is probably why his final forms always look so WEIRD. But it all ended happily, which is good.

3. Mother Russia Bleeds, which is a beat-em-up with a freaky story of mafia-driven drugs and lots of violence, gore, and NSFW imagery. Helloween showed off the first stage (in an evil laboratory) and the fifth (in a BDSM club). Not exactly my kind of game, and even he qualified that you should really love the genre before picking it up (he enjoyed it, but found it got less interesting as time went on). Still, interesting to see it, at least.

-->More "watching random videos on video game stuff even though I really should be doing other things as I am easily distracted especially on weekends" ^^;

-->More tumblr stuff, including drafting my two Thursday posts, so that's good. Didn't get on The Valice Multiverse, though, but I'm hoping to correct that sometime tomorrow. Guess it depends on how late the house thing runs. . .

Right now, though, I really need to hit the sheets. Argh, five-day week. . .but on the plus side, it's followed up by a three-day weekend. Small mercies. Night all!