Jan. 9th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc looking very sarcastically over his shoulder (BTTF: in a sarcastic mood)
So after work the parents and I went out to see a house (after stopping at a nearby Dunkin Donuts for coffees (them) and Oreo hot chocolate (me) to kill some time, as the showing was at six and I got out at 4:30). We got there a little early and settled in to wait. . .

-->First off, the house's driveway was not plowed, nor were the steps shoveled after the recent snow -- and supposedly the guy had shown this same house at ten this morning

-->As we were waiting, three VERY LOUD planes passed overhead in less than a ten-minute span

-->Guy shows up just after six with a truck with a plow and a mysterious lady -- mysterious lady comes over to us, confirms we're here to see the place, and asks us to move so he can plow the driveway

-->Guy proceeds to incompetently plow driveway (never coming near the spot we were) and get in an argument with mysterious lady

-->We wait over ten minutes while they disappear from view

-->When we pull up in front of the house, mysterious lady returns and reports that she apparently has the wrong keys and that she's now looking for a window they can open and break into

-->Apparent realtor guy never even comes near our car, just wades around in the snow, messing with the front door

-->Dad finally called out to the guy to tell him we'd reschedule, which he said "fine" to, and we left

Yeah, we'll be rescheduling when all this snow ends up in the Land of the Dead. Dad was pissed off, and I wasn't much happier -- I'm giving up precious writing time to do this! Good thing today was shortfic day for Moose's birthday tomorrow, and I already knew what I wanted to write. . . Mom's going to leave the guy a bad review and start looking elsewhere again.

Other things which have been less-than-pleasant this Monday:

-->Heavy traffic this morning -- I heard later there had been an accident on Thurber's Ave curve. My bus actually got off the highway and cut through another street, making me the sole person to actually get in on time this morning.

-->My "snowboots" (in the loosest sense of the word) had one of the heels coming off, as I discovered on the bus. Fortunately we had superglue at work, so I was able to glue it back into place, but it appears part of the weekend's activities will include going up to DSW to see what we can find for new ones.

-->Spent a good half an hour on the phone with a donor who was frustrated by our website, walking him through how to actually get to the giving page and then how to fill it out. Dude was very vocal about the flaws of the website (to be fair, it IS kind of a mess), and it was frustrating trying to make sure he understood everything. But he was nice to me, at least -- said I'd been very helpful. So yay there, at least.

-->Supervisor being in Florida + Fort Lauderdale airport shooting = her having to take an extra day to reschedule her flight. Just glad she didn't get caught up IN said shooting.

-->Learning that the long weekend is going to include more cold temps (after a week of warm up) and more snow on Sunday. Look, if you're gonna snow, snow MONDAY -- preferably the evening so I might at least get a little delay.

-->DragonVale is STILL a crashy little shit, but whatever at this point -- there's little I can do about it without upgrading my tablet, and given getting the house is likely to wipe out a lot of my savings. . .better to go for essentials, like the shoes, and cheap fun things, like BTTF comics.

So yeah. Not exactly the best start to my first full week back after the holidays. Gonna answer some stuff and then hit the sack. Night all!

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