Jan. 13th, 2017

crossover_chick: Doc snoozing on his couch (BTTF: exhausted)
Granted, earlier today I ended up with a wicked-bad headache and what felt like some congestion, and the former isn't quite gone (I can't bounce around too much or ow), so there's a small possibility I'm sick. So, uh, built-in excuse to be lazy? :p Seriously hoping it goes away after some sleep, though, because the pain is genuinely not fun.

Not much to actually say about the day anyway -- work was all about catching up on obituary maintenance. Wrote some more on Chapter 10 of "Remembering You" -- finally got up to the Jack Splatter memory! Should finish it off this weekend. Been bumming around on the net ever since -- went to TV Tropes to look up Skyrim's page, in fact. Or, well, section, as IT HUGE. And kinda makes me want to play the game. . .easy, Vic, you still have all three Bioshocks and Fallout 4 to get through. You're not even done with Vampire yet! *sigh* Too many good games, WAY too little time. . .

Okay, I REALLY should do something about catching up on tumblr, especially since there will be ADVENTURE tomorrow in the form of finding new boots for me. And I want to get to bed a little earlier, because, well, semi-persistent headache. So yeah. Night all, and keep your fingers crossed I don't have a cold!
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