Jan. 21st, 2017

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On the Productive Side:

-->I had a HUGE burst of creativity and managed to finish, in a three-page rush (interrupted briefly by lunch and by research on whether or not Alice would have anything under her nightie) Chapter 11 of "Remembering You!" There wasn't that much left to say, admittedly -- just Dr. Wilson checking them for injuries and them settling in for the night -- but still. Talk about progress! And this gives me plenty of time to work on Chapter 12 now. :)

-->Had a good solid day at the lab with Nikal in Sims 4 -- they actually had a special mini-challenge of finding collectibles to "restock the lab inventory" (paraphrased). Nikal got all the necessary stuff through chipping open rocks, harvesting plants, and sticking her hand into alien hidey-holes. She also did a lot of good analysis and tinkering, and even a little light flirting with Emmett. Good times!

-->Caught up on most of my Helloween -- he's finished the B-movie fun that was ObsCure (complete with a ridiculous boss with its own spooky choir and a cliffhanger ending), and did some fun assassinations in Hitman (2016), a couple of which involved an explosive rubber duck. XD There was also a Fun With Shorts about three idiots who set off a super stink bomb in their school -- oh 40s/50s educational films.

On the Lazy Side:

-->Got distracted for a while before the Helloween stuff with researching the new game pack for Sims 4 coming out next week -- vampires! I haven't been buying any of the latest expansions or packs out of a lack of interest and lingering annoyance over the whole "game will randomly delete Sims even if they know yours and were about to become somebody's girlfriend" -- but this one I might actually spring for. I like vampires, and the way they've set them up in this new game pack actually looks pretty cool. Though I do feel like once again they're splitting up what was once its own expansion (or at least folded into a larger expansion in the past) to milk more money out of the fanbase. . .but darn it, this one looks fun. . .

-->And after the Helloween videos, I ended up binging on Outside Xbox vids, which are typically amusing lists about weird things in (Xbox, naturally) games. That channel can be as bad as TV Tropes or Cracked sometimes, I swear. So it really hasn't been the most productive of evenings.

-->No driving today. For some reason the parents never pushed, and I never said anything about it, so -- yeah. Maybe they figured I could use a little break after what happened on Monday. I'm going to be responsible for the drive to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get some game-day food though (Pats vs Steelers!) -- no biggie, I've done that before. Don't even have to get on the highway if I don't want.

So yeah, it's been a rather -- balanced day, I suppose? But hell, it was nice. And those productive parts were VERY productive. *thumbs up* Now to try and swing the pendulum back toward productivity by finishing up a catch-up on tumblr and working on The Valice Multiverse. Night!
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