Jan. 22nd, 2017

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So it was all about the football downstairs -- and during my drive today! Went up to Wal-Mart and back for vittles and some other things, as foretold by prophecy (or, well, as we agreed upon yesterday). Mainly it was for getting lunch meat and carrots and stuff that could be put on plates and dipped into sauces for a simple but filling dinner. Good times. And the drive wasn't bad -- I know the route pretty well by now, and there were no major incidents (despite having to pull over for fire trucks and an ambulance TWICE). Getting back into the groove of things, so that's nice. And the Pats won their game, which is even nicer. w000, we're going to the Super Bowl!

On the non-football and driving side of things, I have:

-->Started edits on Chapter 12 of "Remembering You" -- into my favorite bit of the story, so I genuinely expect this to go pretty fast and smooth. Of course, I thought that of Chapter 10 too. . .so we'll see what happens. Got a good start, though, with Victor and Alice taking another run-up at that wall in his head. Next up is a visit to Wonderland, and then I FINALLY get to introduce Dr. Fixxler to the story! About time. . .

-->Played Vampire -- got my present from Isaac for completing the Andrei quest, then talked to him again to grab the Gargoyle quest. As that requires a trip Downtown to complete properly, though (aka get Max's good stuff), I've got that one on hold for the moment. Instead I headed down to Romero's and got him a prostitute! . . .What, I needed the XP and the Firearms skill boost. I'm currently working on the Tawni quest for Imalia, which is -- tricky. I've got to sneak around Tawni's apartment to plant webcams, and being seen at ALL is an automatic failure. I managed to plant one, but screwed up the others, so I've restarted with hopefully better sneakage. Ugh, times I wish I had Obfuscate. . .

-->Watched Helloween's latest Castlevania Saturday -- Dawn of Sorrow! The sequel to the recent Aria of Sorrow. I am pleased for more adventures of the soul-sucking (well, sort of) Soma Cruz, reincarnation of Dracula who refuses to be a shithead (except in the bad endings). Hells has got a split screen going on so he can still see the map as he plays and records -- it's a bit weird, but whatever makes his life easier. I know all too well how easy it is to get lost in unfamiliar places. Also watched a bunch of Outside Xbox videos, because it's my weekend and I do what I want. :P

-->Caught up on my tumblr and decided to take advantage of the fact that DragonVale isn't doing anything particularly new at the moment to load up my queue all the way through Thursday! (Actually, I have a post for Friday too, but I'll still need to put up the main event of "Remembering You" Chapter 11 later.) A fair amount of work, but worth it, I think, to have one less thing to worry about most of this week. :)

-->Updated my Spare Prompts and Gift Fics page to reflect all of the various Secundus gift fic I've written. (Good thing I have sort of a "master document" of gift fics!) Also put up Please Don't Leave Me -- now there's a blast from the past, eh Gigs?

. . .And I just realized I still have to fix that other typo you found, so let me get on that real quick before bedtime. ^^; Night all!

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