Jan. 23rd, 2017

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As in REALLY windy -- we're under an advisory, if not a warning. It was also off and on snowing in Providence for a good chunk of the day. Pretty raw conditions out there -- but it could be worse. We're mainly getting rain tonight -- it could be snow, like they're getting further north. Ah, winter. . .

Highlights of my day:

-->Getting a random loaf of potato bread from a coworker because she made a bunch and decided to give some away, om nom~

-->Lots of phone calls at work, including one old lady who called all three of us in the office asking about her latest pledge

-->Got another couple of pages done on Chapter 12 of "Remembering You" -- Alice took a brief detour to Looking-Glass Land before heading to Queensland, mostly because I wanted to show that both sets of chess royalty are back. Referenced a lot of things from the original book, and managed to work in my headcanon that Gryphon takes over the Looking-Glass Line while Mock refurbishes his ship and offers sailing tours around Tundraful and the Deluded Depths. Good stuff!

-->Got a nice review on "Remembering You" from someone else who has fallen for my Valice stuff. Even years on, I still get a little thrill when other people say they like the pairing. :D

And -- that's about it, really. Time to hit the sheets -- got a full week ahead of me, after all. Night all!

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