Jan. 28th, 2017

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Before anyone panics, no, we didn't have another accident today -- though it felt like we came close a couple of times! Mom and I went up to Cranston to see another house today, and. . .the first part of the trip went okay -- I got on the highway without issue (though I still have to work on my braking distance a bit) and we got on 95 and made it to the first exit without issue.

And then I missed the second exit because I was trying to keep up with traffic and keep clear of a white van merging into my lane and didn't get over in time. So we got off at the next exit. . .only to go the wrong way AGAIN because Mom thought the road split differently than it did (two lanes one way, two lanes another -- it was actually three lanes one way, one lane another). We ended up having to go through Garden City, make a turn at what looked like the most dangerous intersection in the world (no stoplight, just a stop sign at the intersection of a VERY BUSY street and a VERY BUSY parking lot) -- and then, because I was concentrating on getting out of the damn thing in one piece, I ended up in another turning lane, and we had to turn around in a parking lot. Uuugh. But we eventually got to the house, which is -- okay (doesn't look like it has any yard, but it's near a nice park). Mom and Dad are gonna see if they can get a look at the inside. We drive around that neighborhood for a while, then decide to go the back way home because traffic's been pretty crazy-busy everywhere and we're hoping for a smoother ride back.

Nope! Traffic is even worse past the Warwick Mall. And unfortunately there's a bit of a moment where I get briefly stuck under a light (I was trying to stop early to keep the intersection clear, Mom told me to keep going -- again, nothing happened and I got out of there before anything could) and then Mom freaks a bit when I get a little close to the person in front of us and -- well, upshot of it is the stress got us both crying. Mom admitted that the heavy traffic made her nervous about having another accident (because we were in a pretty nasty merge situation on the 16th when that guy hit me), and I can't blame her. Fortunately, traffic lightened up -- unfortunately some asshole kept acting like he was going to pull into the side of me for a bit, so that was scary. And the guy in front of us was apparently on his phone and doing a lot of weaving, and there was one guy earlier who cut across three lanes of traffic to take an exit onto the highway in front of me. . . Just -- not a pleasant experience. We got home safe and sound, but days like these are why I don't think I'll ever truly LIKE driving.

So yeah, I was pretty worn out emotionally when we finally got back home. (And hungry -- I didn't have lunch until 3:30!) But we made it back, and I got a few things done:

-->Finished up the Alice POV section of Chapter 12, with Alice's visit to Fixxler. Next up is Victor's dream with Emily, and then Alice coming back and drawing her weapons, and then I get to Victor versus the wall, eeee~

-->Played some Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines -- got back to that "spying on Tawni" quest I failed the first time. Remembered this time that Harry has a distraction Discipline, Nightwisp Ravens, so I used that a couple of times to safely plant the kitchen camera in Tawni's apartment, then managed to successfully sneak around to plant the bedroom and bathroom cameras. Got the cameras up and running via the laptop, then snuck out to great success. I still have to report back, but the quest itself is pretty much done. After that, I headed off to Downtown to check up on my ghoul, Heather -- who'd brought a guy home as a snack for me! Oh Heather, you're sweet but you're dangerous and a bit dumb. Fortunately my persuade was high enough to get the guy to leave without me having to nom him. Also checked my e-mails and got a bunch of side quests -- a number of which involved going to Santa Monica. So after consulting with Max on Gargoyles for that quest (and getting him to admit he made the one bothering Isaac for an XP bonus) and visiting the Last Round for a little conversation with the anarchs (Skelter is pissed at me for the Nines thing, but Damsel just wanted to know what was up -- okay then?), I took the taxi thataway. Have parked Harry outside Megahertz Computing for the first side quest. :)

-->Watched Linkara take on more "Trouble" (this awful romance comic featuring Peter Parker's parents and aunt and uncle -- May was a pretty terrible person in her youth!) and Helloween fight necromorphs, launch asteroids, and slog his way through a turret section in Dead Space. Good times on both! I still need to watch his new LP of The Last of Us, but I'll have time for that tomorrow.

And that's about it. Time to catch up with some other things now, I think, now that I'm feeling better. Night all! Stay safe out there!

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