Feb. 1st, 2017

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Started off cold and still kinda icy/slushy, but by the time I got out of work, things had thawed out pretty well. Still some slick and snowy areas, but most of the paths and roads were clear. Glad of it, let me tell you. I even got to do my usual 8 to 4 instead of the 8:30 to 4:30 I was expecting. Glad of that too!

Not that much to say about the day -- work was mostly updating people's e-mails and working on imports and suchlike. Home was watching Christopher Walken SNL clips with the parents after "Whose Line?" (I have finally seen the famous cowbell sketch!), making muffins, and then editing Chapter 12 with a view to just uploading it today so I could start clean on Chapter 13 tomorrow. Didn't QUITE turn out that way, since I didn't realize the damn chapter is 21 pages long. Even with it being a pretty low-edit chapter, it took a while. Was briefly tempted to split it, but I feel very strongly about the thematic elements behind Chapter 13 being the chapter where Victor finally defeats Bumby's wall, so... (Besides, I do have one other 20-pager -- Nanny, Nell, William, Victoria, Christopher, Victor, and Alice all having lunch together.) I did actually manage to upload it to FF.net and AO3 -- I just haven't done Weebly yet. I'll do that tomorrow and do the actual tumblr queue post then.

And now, I have a PM to answer and a few last things to take care of -- night all!

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