Feb. 5th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
I didn't watch most of the game, since I'm not that into football and the Pats weren't playing all that hot for most of it, but I did come down and see the game-tying and game-winning touchdowns. Wooo, what a rush! This was a night of firsts, folks -- did you know the Super Bowl has NEVER had an overtime game before? Wild. . . And everyone booing Goodell was hilarious. XD Deflate THIS, jerk.

Was a pretty quiet Sunday other than that -- parents gave me the option of not going out driving today, so I took it -- nice to just have a day at home, you know? And besides, I didn't have any specific destinations in mind, so. . . Did more writing on Chapter 13 (Victor's using the Hobby Horse to great effect), did a little more early tumblr queueing (because why not -- up to Friday! And I already know what I want to put up Saturday if I get Chapter 13 ready for Friday, which shouldn't be an issue), and then played Sims 4. I was expecting a really good game -- got my mods all loaded in, checked out the new unlocked worlds, then fired up Victor and Alice's house. Alice I saw on the toilet --

Victor I couldn't find. Even when I clicked on his portrait. Baffled, since he clearly wasn't dead, I checked out his queue: "Eat Cake."

Victor was growing a cowplant outside his house.


The damn thing horked him up, fortunately (Sims don't automatically die like in Sims 2 -- you have to be eaten twice in rapid succession for that to happen), but THEN I ran into a bug where Victor's bladder need just wouldn't fulfill. Pissed off, I quit the game without saving and Googled it -- looks like it's just a bug that happens occasionally. Restarting brought him back to normal (beyond having to be horked up by the cowplant again), but I was sufficiently annoyed as to not actually do anything with my new expansion pack stuff beyond buy them an ice cream machine when Victor got a whim for one. I also removed the cowplant from their yard -- it's currently in household inventory, and will likely be sold the next time I visit them because FUCK THE DAMN THING EATING SIMS WHEN I'M NOT THERE TO HELP THEM. (Funny thing, I thought ALICE would be the one nommed by the damn thing, considering how obsessed she was with playing with it -- but I also expected that to happen during a time I was actively controlling them.) Another reason to hate that stupid continuous clock they've got in this game -- I LIKED time freezing when I moved from lot to lot in Sims 2! At least then I could be reasonably sure everybody would be in the same state I left them! Ugh. . .

Also, Victor and Alice's first try for baby was a failure. It made Alice Very Sad for a while. (Yes, just like that -- she was already feeling gloomy from having the Gloomy trait.) Fortunately Victor masterfully (and glitchily -- they got stuck in an odd position in the bathroom) cheered her up, and they've already given it another go. We'll see next time I play them if it worked or not. Maybe I'll send Marty and Jennifer to the city for a little fun next weekend. . .

Well, anyway. After that was catching up on Helloween videos (The Last of Us, featuring super-creepy mushroom zombies that use echolocation; Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, which featured the continued adventures of Mr. Sucky Blow, the most awesome vacuum ever; and a surprise early set of Dead Space, where Isaac got set on fire a lot but also got himself a spiffy new suit and played Zero-G basketball. That's a legit minigame, people. In your space horror. *shakehead, amused*). And then I did some drafting for another Valice Multiverse post that was interrupted by the Super Bowl comeback, and now --

Oh cripes, it's 11:34, I have to get to bed. Another five-day week looms! At least I've already brushed my teeth. . .night all, sleep tight!
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