Feb. 13th, 2017

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Ride in was pretty smooth -- hit a really slow patch thanks to some cops on one of the curves, but other than that it was good. Definitely better than if all that rain had stayed snow, that's for darn sure. Still glad I have my new boots thought -- while most of my path to work from the bus stop and vice-versa is adequately cleared, there's still plenty of slushy and icy patches, and some climbing around snowdrifts. Bleh.

Work itself was all right -- nothing too special. Did GL, did obituaries, that sort of thing. We're kind of in "calm before the storm" mode, as soon we'll be running parish reports and churches will be actively asking for money and around that time it ALWAYS gets busy. Trying to keep down our roster maintenance and such while we can. We'll see how it all goes this year. Already some people are getting pissy about the mailings, often for reasons we can't control. . . Always something!

Not much to say about the evening either. Came home, wrote a snippet from my "Born From Thorn" Changeling AU (since that's been on my mind AND I saw a comic about a Fae-infested university on tumblr), played some Fruit Ninja (they've changed the event now to a Valentine's Day-themed one. . .but made it harder to collect the hearts you get for winning, which kind of annoys me), caught up on my various websites, answered PMs, all that. So, uh, quiet night, but I guess a productive one. Good to be caught up, at least.

So yeah. I think I'll watch a CB or Alice clip (or maybe both, if I get some short ones), answer one last thing or two, and then hit the sheets at a semi-decent hour for a change. Night all!

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