Feb. 14th, 2017

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Guess who got their period today? :D Fortunately I'd had an inkling it was coming and already had a pad in, but still. . .hasn't been the best day, what with some mild cramps and a general feeling of malaise thanks to this time of the month. Meeh.

Can't really complain, though -- Dad surprised me this morning with a card and a necklace he got at a local shop. Pink and purple beads and shorter than what I'm used to, but it's nice. And later there was a small box of chocolates (three pieces, but big ones) waiting for me at home. So that was nice too. Managed to find a cute e-card online to send in return.

Work was worky -- got in at 8:15 due to traffic, so it was an 8:30-4:30 day. Not my favorite schedule, but I'll take it. Got a bunch of roster maintenance and other suchlike done, so that's good. Wrote another short Changeling scene when I got home -- Victor and Alice's first meeting with Doc and Marty (and their guide, a currently-unnamed female Changeling whose durance was spent as a ram. I figure Fae don't give a shit about your gender identity when they take you and mold you into what they want you to be). Rest of the night has mostly been about catching up on my websites (mostly tumblr), answering messages, and getting some things queued on The Valice Multiverse. Not the worst night for someone suffering from the period blahs, even if I did almost get caught up in reading some comic archives for both Girl Genius and Sluggy Freelance.

Valentine's-Themed Content Of Possible Interest:

-->A Valentine's Day Party at the Inkwell! After forgetting the Turrets' birthday at the beginning of the year and not remembering until Gigs pointed it out, I made the executive decision to just do holiday parties this year. They're fewer in number and less cookie-cutter than the birthday parties have become. And I felt I ought to do something for Valentine's given I do have a happily-married couple in my regular RP group. :)

-->Sims 4-themed Valicetines! Three funny ones and a sweet one. Because I love my OTP, especially in Sim form.

-->Actually I love all my Newcrest couples, let's have a greatest hits photoset Even if Emmett and Nikal never really go anywhere, they've had a cute moment or two. And the other ones are all going strong, even when the game glitches them out. :P

Okay, I have a few last things to post/queue, and then it's bedtime. Night all, sleep tight!
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