Feb. 16th, 2017

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Got my exercise at work today -- we had a "housekeeping" afternoon where we spent time cleaning out old files that could be shredded, and moving tons of old paperwork either down to the basement or to the back room. I helped out mainly with boxing up and moving the Letter Concepts bundles -- surprising amount of work! But we got it all done, and that's the main thing. Certainly a change from doing obituaries and the like, I suppose. :P

Been a pretty quiet day overall, otherwise. Lots of comments on the final chapter of "Remembering You" -- got to reply to some thanking me for writing such a nice series with, "Thanks! Now I just have to write the ACTUAL final story. Of the main arc, anyway." One of my upcoming Forgotten Vows Fridays on my tumblr should be a round-up of the stories I have left. . . Caught up on tumblr and the replies for The Valice Multiverse, which is good. Wrote the rest of a scene from my Changeling AU (Marty and Emmett's first meeting with Victor and Alice). Visited the Sims Wiki and started thinking about stuff I'd like to do in my game (thinking of plopping a restaurant lot in Newcrest so my Sims have somewhere else to go -- and I want to find a place to fit in a spa lot too). Got a little more of my main tumblr queue done. Nothing major, but it was nice.

So yeah -- gonna answer the final comment I have, reblog a couple of things, and hit the sheets. One more day of work tomorrow! And then a three-day weekend, yay~ (Yeah, I know, I just had a random day off last week -- it's still nice!) Night all!
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