Feb. 18th, 2017

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Still a little tense on the highways, but we made it up Rt 4 and onto 95 without any major issues beyond a few idiots weaving into and out of traffic nearby. Getting into the city itself wasn't too bad either -- a lot of stop and go traffic, and having to take things slow, but I'm used to that from driving down here. We did have an annoying chunk of time stuck behind a large truck where I had to keep guessing at stop lights, and there was one turn where Mom kept telling me to both "go" and "wait," and I'm like ????!?! -- turns out she meant I had to pull up farther so I could make the turn after the other cars had gone. And then we missed our turn-off and I had to make a sudden turn into a parking lot -- again, though, nothing happened, and we made it to the house in one piece.

Said house -- well, it would have been okay, but it needed a fair amount of work. . .and it stunk of cat pee. Like, really stunk. After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that it probably wasn't worth it on the basis of A) we'd be stuck where we were for at least a month, having to pay rent, renovation costs on the house, and mortgage payments while we waited for the house to become liveable and B) what if the damn pee smell never went away? So yeah, still hoping to see something better. Kind of a shame, though -- I liked the bedrooms, and I think it could have worked out. Just that smell. . .

Let Mom drive home (I didn't feel like dealing any more with the North Providence traffic -- good thing too, because we got stuck behind a bus at one point) and had another late lunch -- yeah, I was hoping it wouldn't be that way, but we couldn't stop on the way up, and there wasn't anywhere TO stop on the way home. Still, had a nice turkey sandwich when we did get back. And watched Helloween's latest Dead Space sets, which featured lots and lots of necromorphs ganging up on Helloween and making him blow through a lot of heavy-duty health kits. Also a sliding-walls puzzle that reminded me of the one in BTTF: The Game, only with rather more deadly consequences for getting stuck. Oh, and PENG, which is a little statuette that's apparently worth major moolah. Everyone was insisting Helloween grab it, since he apparently didn't in the first LP, and both he and I were rather underwhelmed when he did find it. *shrug*

After that -- Sims 4! Visited Marty and Jennifer and sent them off for a day at the Casbah Gallery. Marty played on the guitar and chatted to people while Jennifer FINALLY got someone to dislike her enough to push forward in her aspiration, painted part of a mural, and played with some clay. Then it was back home just in time for Marty to go to work --

and a festival to pop up. Grr. I ended up skipping it as I wanted Jennifer and Marty to go TOGETHER, and I'd just been in the city. Jennifer instead painted and did some mischievous stuff on the computer to advance her aspiration further. Marty came home from work, they woohooed since Jennifer had a want for it. . .

And then, in the middle of the night, Vladislaus Straud came stalking in and chomped down -- on MARTY. Yup, skip the girl in her underwear, go for the boy in the rather goofy-looking pajamas. Uh -- at least he said Marty was tasty? XD Poor guy ended up face-down on the floor for a bit afterwards, at least until he recovered enough energy to go to bed again. At least now I know what happens to Sims chewed on by a vampire?

Now, normally I'd proceed on to Emmett. . .but Alice happened to be at the Gallery (so was Victor, actually -- he played some more keyboard), and when I had Marty chat with her, she looked rather more pregnant than when I left the Van Dort lot. While my gameplay settings have it so only the active household ages, it looks like pregnancies DON'T freeze when you stop playing that house. So, in the interest of Alice not giving birth OFF-SCREEN, I'll be heading back to the Van Dort household during my next play session and not leaving until she has the kid. Well, they are my OTP -- I'm sure I can handle more of them. XD

After that, it was Sim Supply time (he had another set of his Vampire LP -- Finn is getting into frog breeding for Plasma Pack purposes), Fun With Shorts time (a silly 50s short on manners and how "simple" they are), and catching-up-on-tumblr time. Including setting up the next fic for Secundus Sunday (the very recent Greeting The Newest Van Dort) and catching up with replies on The Valice Multiverse. Between all that and doing some more with a "Londerland Bloodlines" scene snippet, I think it's been a very productive day!

However, I do still have a few things waiting in the e-mail inbox, so I'd better get to them now, before heading back over to the Multiverse. Night all!
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