Feb. 20th, 2017

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Well other things happened too, but the big adventure of the day was me driving up to Cranston (again on the highway) so Mom and I could check out a house up there. Went pretty well, though I had a few moments where I was going a bit too slow (including one embarrassing "shit that's the BRAKE not the GAS" moment when I was getting ready to switch lanes -- in my defense I had my foot on the brake because I was trying to keep a safe distance from the asshole in front of me who was going insanely slow). But nothing happened, I completed some successful merges from one lane to another, and the house itself looked okay! Small backyard and a bit close to the neighbors on one side, but Mom was still happy to arrange with our realtor guy Joe to see the inside with Dad tomorrow. I let her take on driving home part of the way, but she had us switch back after a stop at the grocery store. The route out of there is one I know pretty well, though, so no worries. Except for the jerk who cut right in front of me getting out of the parking lot. -.- I think that's what I REALLY hate about driving -- even if I manage not to make any mistakes, somebody else making one can completely ruin my day, and there's very little I can do about it. Still, what can you do except just do your best. . .

Other things of note today:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- added a new beginning paragraph and redid some of what I wrote yesterday to make it all flow better. Yeah, I know, first draft, shouldn't worry about that. . .but I feel now I've got a stronger base to work from for the rest of the story. That's important.

-->Did a little Bloodlines -- after two failed attempts where I was seen by a guard, I managed to successfully set up the Nocturne Theater hub of the Schreknet. Nightwisp Ravens came in handy for sneaking back across the catwalks. Got the next hub location after a visit to my haven -- as expected, it was in Hollywood, so I went back there to start clearing off some of those quests. Took a look inside a local video store to see if I could find a tape for one of Gary's side quests -- no dice (but then, I guess I shouldn't have been looking in a porno shop for a classic Nosferatu's old movies...), then went ahead and snuck into the next hub location and promptly had to sneak around some guards. Harry's currently parked in a safe place while I make my plans.

-->Watched both last week's and this week's Linkara episodes -- "Youngblood #9" (which was a 10th anniversary of him reviewing comics in general" episode -- he had a text blog before the show, which he started 2/19/2007) and "The A-Team #2." Neither were particularly good, though Linkara noted they both at least had good elements ("Youngblood" in particular benefited from an issue away from Rob Liefeld). Good stuff, and congrats on the 10 years, Lewis! You're still my favorite Internet Reviewer. :)

-->Watched Helloween's latest Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow set -- full of epic win and epic fail regarding the Magic Seals (drew two right on the first try, had to try like three times with the third), lots of castle exploration, and gaining lots of neat souls. Also, the Demon Dyson has been leveled up so it has its own maid XD Good times. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch his other video (Co-Op Dead Space 3) -- ran out of time because I wanted to get my tumblr queue done. Have to wait for next weekend!

-->Did tumblr queue up to Thursday and caught up with my dash -- prepped for the upcoming week, hoorah!

And cripes it's almost 11:40 -- gotta get to bed! Night all!

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