Mar. 1st, 2017

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-->Work was mostly getting more addresses for the CAP mailing and trying to figure out an issue with a donor's credit card. Nothing too crazy. (Well, okay, the credit card thing was crazy, but I probably can't talk about that too much. Just a pledge wasn't working when it really should have.)

-->Spent my lunch break tracking down lost Forgotten Vows fics for later posting on my website. I think I've got them all now! Though a lot of them require a new category -- "RP AU Shorts." Welp, fic's fic, and it'll be interesting to see how far I've come from the very early days of the verse (as one fic chain is from before I ever started WRITING the official fanfics).

-->Brief thunderstorm during said lunch break -- blew over fast, but that was some spooky thunder and lightning, let me tell you.

-->Wrapped up Chapter 2 of "Fixing You," with some Fixxler backstory and the gang chatting about where they're going to go to head Downstairs. Surprisingly, it looks like they might be heading to BURTONSVILLE instead of Oxford, as Fixxler has expressed an interest in meeting Elder Gutknecht and I figured I should show that on-screen. It's not really a problem, as I can have the Liddells there visiting Bonejangles's friends, and I actually wasn't planning on showing Oxford itself that much. . .though I may now do either another chapter or a short of Victor and Alice visiting the Liddell family vault. We'll see.

-->Got my Sims pictures settled and did my personal tumblr queue up through part of Saturday. Nice and productive! Helps that there are like no updates at all on my dash at the moment -- kind of weird, but I know one person has the flu, and a lot of the other people I follow are in college, so. . .

-->Also added the summary of a story I forgot to my Forgotten Vows Verse document, because organization is good. (And the story should be good too, as it's basically an excuse for me to put all my favorite Discworld characters into my verse. XD)

Aaand -- that's about it! I think I'm gonna watch one of Helloween's Steep vids really quick (he's been doing short videos showcasing some favorite runs and scenery), then hit the sheets. Night all!
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