Mar. 4th, 2017

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The high was in the 20s, technically, but there was such a wind blowing it felt like single digits. Fortunately I didn't have to go out in it -- my parents ended up taking a drive when they went out to the library, and after they came back, I admitted I really didn't want go out in this weather and so my driving lesson was postponed until tomorrow. Works for me! Dunno if it's supposed to be significantly warmer, but so long as the wind dies down it won't be so bad.

Sum up of my Saturday:

-->One of our local grocery stores is running a Monopoly game where you collect little tickets and stick them to a game board, and if you collect a full set, you can claim a prize. There's also mini-coupons for stuff, or codes you can put in at a website to see if you've instantly won anything. A lot of ours have yielded Fandango tokens -- we're almost to the point where we can redeem those for a prize on the website. Mom accidentally threw away a bunch of tickets from a shopping trip the other day -- she managed to retrieve them, and I spent a decent chunk of time after getting up helping her stick them on. We're actually decently close on a few of the smaller prizes -- keep your fingers crossed!

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- poor Victor got mud thrown on him. His angry face managed to intimidate the villagers a bit in response, though, so nothing worse happened. Of course, now he, Alice, and Fixxler have to survive a tea with his parents. . .looking like they're not actually getting down to the Land of the Dead until Chapter 4 now. At least it's something for them to look forward to?

-->Played Sims -- got Nikal her new, more-like-her-actual-Spellfall-game-sprite hairstyle, and found a cool new one for her formal outfits as a bonus. Followed her to work again as Eric had the day off -- she and Emmett are getting along a lot better now, and she got to invent the SimRay, so that was cool. :) And Eric advanced another level in his Renaissance Sim aspiration -- I believe he's almost maxed it out. Just needs to get some skills to level 5 -- and reach level 3 in two different careers. As I don't want him to quit the Detective career until I've actually maxed it, I'm guessing he's going to be stuck for a bit. Ah well, he's happy enough.

-->Had lunch, catching up on my webcomics, Comics Curmudgeon, and Cake Wrecks.

-->Watched Linkara talk about the Batman/Superman: World's Finest crossover movie, which was amusing and pretty awesome. Nice to see him talk about good stuff every once in a while. Good palate cleanser between Youngbloods and Marvilles.

-->Listened to Helloween and two friends read aloud the famously awful story "The Eye of Argon." Much mockery was made of the purple prose, as is to be expected. XD And they're only up to Part 4 of the story! Looking forward to the next bit -- it reminds me of the hilarity of their Goldhawk stuff. XD

-->Then it was onto Helloween's RE7 set of the week, which -- um -- look, I know the game's set in a swamp. I know that creepy-crawlies are good horror fodder. I know it's more than logical to have enemies that are spiders and -- wasps? Mosquitoes? Flies? Something like that.


Fucking HELL, RE7 is NOT playing around! As Helloween himself put it (though I am paraphrasing), evil cannibal hillbillies are okay, swamp monsters from the black lagoon are okay, but FLYING BUNDLES OF EVIL ARE NOT OKAY. Hells actually DIED from a swarm of the horrible things, ugh. . . I can only imagine how much worse it is with that stupid VR headset. Gaaaaaaah. . . Hells being just as horrified as me was a comfort, at least. Yeesh.

-->Fortunately I was able to follow it up with a pretty good palate cleanser -- Helloween talking about the new Zelda game! It was just a happy ramble of how much he's enjoying it and how big and open the world is now, so that was nice. And I watched another video on it right afterward (Outside Xtra, 7 "rules" the new Zelda breaks in regards to usual Zelda game design) so I was able to enjoy my dinner despite RE7 (damn, they really ARE getting serious about this horror business).

-->And after dinner was Simmy stuff! Starting off with another of Sim Supply's Vampires sets, this time focusing on building relationships between the captives so he could get some babies made and thus have a steady blood supply. Vladistraus and Sookie Stackhouse (yes, he made a Sim of her -- there's also a Buffy Sim wandering around) happily complied -- Sookie's already pregnant! -- but he's having trouble with the other lady Sim, Ira, and her chosen paramour. He also realized that the basement cell is really not suited for five Sims as they're constantly getting in each other's way, so next set is going to feature some renovation. Then it was two sets of a Sims 1 LP he's doing -- going back to the classics! And finding it very stressful. I'd forgotten just how hard it could be to keep up with needs in Sims 1! So far he's kind of handling it, but his family has very little in the way of entertainment or comfort, and James himself sounds like he's starting to crack from the pressure. XD And then it was a pretty fun comparison video between the vampires of Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4. I personally like S4 style best, as they seem the most complex and cool, but I do kinda miss the old "bleh!" interaction from S2. Ah, memories. . .

-->And now it's tumblr time -- caught up on my main tumblr, and am doing a bit of RPing on Valice Multiverse. Will probably do my Nikal post simply because I've got the pictures all ready and I might as well keep my lead up while I have the time to do so. May try to do some other stuff, but -- I know late-night me. At least I got most of my queue done last night before binging on the end of Deceased Crab's "Paper's Please" run (he actually did three different endings for our edification -- good times!).

So yeah, better get back on that. Night all!
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