Mar. 14th, 2017

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That's what most of these extra days off feel like, honestly, depending on placement. I'm cool with it -- free time is free time. I'm also cool with the storm ending up shifting its path a little north of us, so we ended up getting more rain than snow -- it was already changing over by the time I woke up this morning at about 10. Things are very slushy outside currently -- and unfortunately will probably freeze overnight. Happily I do have an hour's delay in the morning, so I can sleep in a bit and take a later bus in, when things hopefully will have melted slightly.

Things I have done today:

-->Gotten a couple more pages written on "Fixing You" -- Alice and Lizzie have reunited, awww. And Bonejangles has had his first name outed officially. XD Poor guy.

-->Played Sims 4 -- Victor had a quiet day at home with Emma, writing another song (which is again taking forever, cripes. . .tempted to look for a mod to speed up the process), while Alice managed to max out her painting skill and got a promotion at her job which got her a new easel. I also aged up Emma -- I WAS going to do so via birthday cake, but then it turned out I couldn't. O.o WTF, Sims 4? Alice went through all that effort for nothing? Fortunately birthday candles are just something you add to regular cakes now, and you can remove them if you want -- I had Alice do so so she could actually enjoy the fruits of her labor. Emma was instead aged up via her bassinet, and she turned out to be the most curly-haired toddler ever. XD I made her Silly, since that promotes Imagination skill, and I figure any kid of Victor and Alice's is going to have that in droves. I've remodeled her bedroom a bit to be more toddlery, and have already had a family dance party with the lot of them XD

-->Watched Helloween's latest RE7 set. . .which actually featured less gross stuff than before. Yes, there were some disturbing bits of rotting meat hanging around, but Lucas's thing seems to be more tripwire bombs and pendulum traps. It's a nice break, even if he is a crazed psychopath. Helloween being accidentally competent one moment and getting himself blown up the next is great too. XD

-->Watched the second half of Linkara's "Exile's" retrospective. More good multiversal stuff, including the big plot twist. . .and then Chris Claremont came along and kind of ruined it all. Meh. :( Still, it was good to listen to Linkara sum up what made the book great, and what made it less-great in its final years, and why he thinks the premise itself is awesome. Good stuff. Even if it did lead me to another TV Tropes binge. XD What can I say, I like multiverses. (If my penchant for AUs hasn't tipped you off already.)

-->And then it was the usual catching up with tumblr (Linkara had a HUGE stream of updates after all his international fans decided to say hello at once; I chimed in once people from different American states started joining in and said how his NFL Superpro review once reduced me to helpless laughter XD) and doing my Valice Multiverse queue. Usual nightly stuff.

And now, I should see about getting to bed -- though at least I have a larger cushion of time to work with tomorrow morning. And can get up a smidge later too. :) Night all!
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