Mar. 19th, 2017

crossover_chick: Victor on the ground with one hand up with the text "Nooo! Anything but the fangirls!" (CB: save Victor from the fangirls!)
If I didn't do everything I had in mind, it's all Helloween's fault -- two videos just over an hour, and one just over forty minutes! On the other hand, those videos were more reading "The Eye of Argon" with Rufert and Kikoskia (which remains hilarious -- they keep claiming all the various misspellings and jammed-together words are new characters, and they're taking the absolute piss out of the main character); more Chrono Trigger (we have seen the future and it kind of sucks, but we've gotten a robot companion out of it), and A NEW GOLDHAWK BOOK WAHOOO! For those not in the know, Goldhawk is one of those "choose your own adventure"-type dealies, and Helloween and his friend Kiko MOCK IT MERCILESSLY. It's hilarious-awesome, even if the schedule is -- erratic. (Most of the opening jokes of this segment was them making fun of their inability to figure out what a "week" means for this series. XD) Seriously, stuff like this is the reason I love Hells so much. You can't help but feel like he's having a blast with just about everything he does. (Except the bad games, but his anger over them tends to be pretty hilarious too.)

Other things that happened today:

-->Wrote more on "Fixing You" -- they're talking a bit about what the Liddells and BJ know and don't know about Victor and Alice's situation Upstairs. Time to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge! Also, Arthur is still pissed off at Radcliffe for saying his daughter might have started the fire. No surprises there.

-->Played some Bloodlines -- advanced the main storyline by talking to Zhao and survived the resultant Tong ambush -- after about four tries. Look, I'm still getting used to the gunplay! Wasn't able to save Zhao, obviously -- I think you can if you're quick enough, but that's sure as hell not me and Harry. Eventually managed to slaughter them all and get out of there. Headed back into the main drag and decided to knock off Mr. Ox's side quests, as they get you good items and are pretty easy to complete. Harry's currently in the Glaze club, ready to advance the main storyline some more (though I'll probably make a detour before the next bit to see if I can set up the final Nosferatu hub).

-->Watched a bunch more WhatCulture video game videos, which -- yeah, okay, getting distracted there is all on me. They were funny, what can I say.

-->Learned there are other offers on the house we may want -- after some discussion, we're sticking with our original offer and just letting the dice fall where they may. If he accepts, great, I'll see the place and we'll see how things roll from there. If not, there are other houses in the world.

-->Did some queuing, both on The Valice Multiverse and my main tumblr.

So yeah, not the world's most productive day, but as I said, Helloween's fault. Mostly. Now I've got to get to bed -- another workweek ahead! Night all!

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